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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 12, 2022 @ 11:49 am

    The social scientists are getting there. Slowly, but traveling in the right direction. I’m very sure and certain there are those who are raging about the progress they’re making, raging… and flying many and a many a false flag in their efforts to impede that progress. If there is a bright side to the Covid pandemic it will be found in the ultimate consequences of the understandings being built, in total desperation and totally against the desires of the established power brokers, concerning the real motivations of the American Resistance Movement (let’s call it what it is, folks… the whole condescending “hesitancy” thing is such a totally transparent bullscat euphemism).

    Those who are raging are those who know the progress puts a rather old and very large scale plot and plan at serious risk of being exposed, and with exposure puts those who initiated said plot and plan not only defeated but wide open to being counterattacked by dark of night with full lethal intent. Those who are raging know that the threat of civil violence is very real, and they more than any also know the ultimate target of that violence is anything but determined. How do I know that? Because they’re doing everything they can to maintain and advance the quite obsolete idea that violence will break out along racial lines. They (and yes, I’ll get to who “they” are here in a bit) know full well that if they can’t orchestrate a race war to cinch their victory they’ll be both defeated and the next most likely targets.

    So who are “they” and what is their agenda that is being so bitterly contested around the tipping point of fighting the Covid bug? The what is a plot and plan, two parts social evolution ala Democratic Socialism and five parts lust for power ala Joe Stalin/TailGunner Joe McCarthy, is to install an Indian dot Dot caste and class system to conquer the once free people of the United States of America. The idea and ideal of an egalitarian Democracy is totally impossible in a culture ruled by caste, and class. Doubt this factoid? Just look at how Democracy is being treated on the Indian sub-continent.

    The “who” are those I name “Empire Academia” operating through and out of the American higher education system executing a multi-generational plan of cultural manipulation in support of a truly massive socio-political power grab. Theirs is a bold plan, bold indeed… and I for one consider the Covid pandemic an act of God on behalf of the good guys… Covid, and the controversy around it, is hanging like a very bright flare over a midnight battlefield to reveal who is actually shooting at whom. The fight was supposed to go down in the dark with the combatants ignorant of who picked the fight and why they’re actually shooting at their own troops and allies… before all is said and done hopefully Covid will have deprived the enemy of that tactic.

    Semper Fi, SoulMarine. We stand and fight because there is nowhere to retreat in the cause of peace… and the fight is not lost yet, not even.