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  1. Mark Nedelman
    January 11, 2020 @ 6:55 pm

    God condemns nobody to hell and never has. My understanding of the Gospel is not that hell doesn’t exist, but that as free moral agents we can and should avoid it. Many individuals in our society reject the idea of hell because it offends their perverse sense of egalitarianism. As I aged and developed some wisdom, I came to realize that egalitarianism is the most pernicious lie to ever come out of the Enlightenment. Out of that one single idea came the notion of man-made heaven on earth, which paradoxically became (for the West) an unbelievable hell. Perhaps David Bently Hart should visit Auschwitz, or the Muslim “re-education” camps in the Peoples Republic of China. He’ll find hell there.

    Hell ultimately is a confirmation of God’s love, because the pain of damnation is rooted in regret, a regret of not having loved as Christ commanded us, and in doing so refusing relationship with Him who is the Source of all love.

    What is initially an infant’s need for physical survival eventually becomes voluntary and consensual; a moral statement about the meaning and purpose of our lives. If we deny God’s presence in this life, God will not inflict Himself on us in the next. That’s our greatest existential choice, but it is ours, not His to make.

    My understanding is that David Bently Hart is an Eastern Orthodox Christian. You could have definitely fooled me on that one.