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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 29, 2022 @ 1:06 am

    IF one allows that Psychology is a science then there is a great deal in the Bible that science has validated… particularly approaching the subject from a perspective derived from causal reasoning applied not just to the mortal side of the equation but considering the entity “God” as well.

    Two points of faith, belief, to frame the environment of the reasoning: first, that the Almighty is the ultimately benign entity; and second, that as a part of that mercy and compassion the Almighty defends our absolute free will as an absolute necessity for our growth and evolution as independent entities.

    From those two points it is an easily defended position that the Almighty will not answer a question we have not asked. To do so would be unfair, it would compromise our evolution and limit the scope of our free will, which is to say effectively destroy free will (to choose the righteous over that which is not) by way of a premature knowledge unsupported by the remainder of our existence. To answer before we asked would mean we did not choose to know, we were told.

    From that (almost) obvious position it then must follow that scripture, to be the Word of God, CANNOT be a book of answers. To be accorded the status of God’s words to man it MUST be approached as writings intended to seed and inspire the deep questions which comprise the lessons that need learning now in our current state of mortal ignorance, questions that we must form and formulate of our own thought to allow God to answer them without breaking his own commitments to his creations.

    Read the Bible as a book of questions and there are few courses of study in Human Nature that can begin to compare to it… but read it, or anyone’s scriptures for that matter, as a book of answers and what you’ll get is what you’ve already seen… 2000+ years of blood, misery and confusion.