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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 8, 2021 @ 12:58 pm

    I’ve read some well crafted propaganda in my day, it really should be considered a literary genre in its’ own right. This article would attract the attention of any critic (of that genre) for both the quality of the writing and a most glaring oversight in the content. If… if… the author had had the good sense to point out that the majority of the transgressions that legitimately lay at the feet of the USA (alongside its’ many legitimate and fine works of wisdom on behalf of mankind) were the consequence of the war weary intel operatives of those vintages not understanding the subtle truth that the absence of War is not the same thing as Peace he might have made some serious headway. Sadly, no.

    I should think that promoting that understanding would be high in the hierarchy of those who legitimately desire to build a sustainable peace. But, and yes, you knew there was going to be a …BUT… without that understanding what comes across here is simply one more example of fauxLiberal self loathing expressed as an attack on the very system and structure that by its’ inherent freedoms allows self loathing to be transferred… sublimated, as the shrinks might say… onto the prevailing politics of the day.

Watchman, what of the night?