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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 24, 2022 @ 11:09 am

    Sorry, Rueters. Bad call on your part. Very bad call. You don’t have to be pro-Trump to be totally anti-digitalVoting.

    The answer is paper ballots, preferably a non acidic 70lb tag stock, hand marked and read by analog scantron technology. Said ballot stock should be produced under tight security by the same people who produce the paper for paper currency and incorporate sufficient unique mineral compounds whose relative concentrations are sufficient to identify the paper as authentic ballot stock. Each election cycle should have a mixture unique to that election cycle, any left over stock publicly burned after the election in question.

    The ballots, surface printed by the local election authorities to facilitate the state and regional questions of each election, should be marked by the voters own hand, and the voter should be the one who places that ballot into a scantron device to read and report the vote. Said device should assemble the counted ballots into numbered, sealed packets for transfer to a secure repository. From the point that ballot leaves the voter’s hands it should not be touched by human hands again unless there is a call for a recount, and if such a recount is called fifty years after that election those ballots should be available and still in sealed packets.

    For my money any individual or group, of any public political persuasion possible, who promotes or implements the use of digital voting systems is now and always will be considered a potential traitor seeking to corrupt and corrode the foundation concept of democracy… an election process above and beyond any form of tampering.

    NO digital device can do that. No more of a programmer than I am I can see several ways to corrupt a digital vote. Start with the fact that there is no way to prove that the system up and running on any given voting machine on election day is actually one and the identical same system sold to the election officials!!! ANYTHING that LOOKS like the official system could deceive both the election officials and the public! And once that machine is powered down THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO BE RECOVERED.

    Paper ballots people, the one and only acceptable answer is paper ballots. IF there is no permanent physical representation of the vote cast then there was no vote cast, and any Democracy so afflicted is left sitting on a foundation of quicksand.