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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 19, 2022 @ 9:14 am

    Hmmm… there’s something distinctly missing here. Yup, not seen at all. What might the politicians (both sides guilty, just some more guilty than others, others more visible than guilty) not be wanting thought about? Umm… like how about how to accomplish these noble sounding wise ideas without totally trashing an ever more impoverished society to the point of civil rebellion and bloodshed? Right. Empty air and blank pages on that point.

    I was raised to never throw a gripe n’ complain if I didn’t think I had an idea that might fix whatever I was griping about. In due honor and respect to my parents here goes nothing on the subject of medical care here in the states, a great deal of which is provided by the social safety nets of the US government.

    I would propose an operational strategy constructed from the absolute finest of political double-speak. I think the Federal Government should adopt the parameters of Capitalistic Socialism. Yup. Black and white, white and black and red and yellow and rainbow popsicle where appropriate. How? Have the Treasury Department commission a cadre of very, very secret agents whose ultimate command and control are the officers of the social security trust fund (yes, please do roll that magnificent bass guitar riff that means “James Bond” and follow it with Moby’s powerful theme for the Bourne trilogy), their victory or death mission on behalf of the American people to go under deep cover on Wall Street and using money from the military budget slush fund (never really accounted anyway) BUY INTO both the health/malpractice insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Nothing else changes, it’s just that with the mission made the legal owner of 50 plus percent of said industries infamous for price gouging to the point of inflicting humanitarian rape on the nation (and it’s doctors) would then be owned by the American people as a whole rather than some one or two percent representing only the wealthiest of the population.

    The top line numbers might stay the same but the dynamic fiscal load on the government changes radically. With an income stream of that size the government doesn’t need to worry about funding appropriate health care for everyone. From where I sit it looks like that would compel the politicians of a repressive nature, they who desire a rebellion to cement their authoritarianism, would have to find a new way to aggravate and enrage the electorate, no?