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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 6, 2021 @ 11:46 am

    And then, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story…”

    For at least two, probably closer to three, full generations American’s have been raised within the sphere of influence thrown by faux-liberal collectivist influences integrated into the fabric of society, influences that begin with public education and continued unbroken and enhanced into the evolving digital realms of social media.

    For most folks the overarching and ubiquitous message arriving cradle on from all directions has been that anything individual is bad, defective and dangerous, you must comply, huddle and flock, you are only really safe embedded within the most mindless herd mentality you can tolerate.

    And then BOOM… Covid is loose on the scene and those same forces were compelled, to keep their herd of minions alive, to suddenly and totally reverse their message… Ooooh… people bad, people scary, be close to people and you get sick and die… keep your distance, stand back, mask up and isolate yourself… as perfect a 180 as could be imagined.

    Of course “the Blues” are going to hang around, riding one sentiment or the other. Some are going to rise up in anger saying “diiyammm, turns out I didn’t need them after all… how could I have let myself be deceived by the likes of that?” while others, more deeply afflicted by the propaganda and mental conditioning, will retreat into silent desperation waiting for someone of believable authority to resolve the conflict for them.

    The working shrinks (as differing from those who engineered the conundrum in the first place) are going to be pulling overtime and cussing (very privately) at the short sighted arrogance of the psychoWeapon merchants of their profession for not leaving an escape and bail clause in the brainwashing they sold and helped install.

    And that? IF that were to happen I’d call that the silver lining around the COVID cloud… the first serious crack in the ongoing faux-Liberal campaign to destroy freedom from the inside working out.

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