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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 16, 2021 @ 11:54 am

    From what I saw and what I later heard this is a fine and fair accounting of both the events and the rationalizations employed attempting (quite unsuccessfully) to justify said events. Not a pretty picture at all, but… a picture quite accurate enough to serve as a set of rough “as delivered” field blueprints concerning several social weapons systems employed in the ongoing Covert Cultural Warfare attack on the foundation principles of The United States of America.

    The weapons of Covert Cultural Warfare are crafted from understanding the individual psychological biases and limitations created by the strengths and the fears, the taboos and the must-do’s inherent to any given cultural demographic and then with malice both systematic and systemic exploiting those parameters to produce some desired damage to the system under attack. The events of January 6 are proof positive of such weapons being deployed by party or parties unknown against the United States of America.

    The weapons of Covert Cultural Warfare are the domain of the psychologists, and it is in that domain where the defense must be mounted. The enemy must be denied any further line of supply. It is time, high and critical time, that Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology be held accountable for what their total lack of stewardship over the knowledge they’ve acquired has enabled and empowered to the totalitarian and tyrannical elements of the modern political.

    The United States of America is a nation under attack. The attack is not of the same nature as has been seen in the past, but it is an attack of malice nonetheless. The events of January 6, 2021 actually compare quite well to the events of another day framed to live in infamy… the events of Dec 7, 1941.

    How do those two dates compare? Easy answer. They are both a case of an enemy enjoying a tactical victory while suffering a strategic defeat. On Jan 6 a once hidden enemy lost control of his weaponry, their minions acted beyond the parameters where such weapons are effective and destroyed their own secrecy, they blew their cover, revealed their presence in an undeniable manner and awakened the sleeping giant.

    Folks, the fight is on. As was said to the aerial warriors of that earlier conflict as they departed for battle: God’s Speed and Good Hunting, America.