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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 11, 2021 @ 8:58 pm

    For myself I do not like CRT, but not for the same reasons most preservative/conservative folks might quote. I’ve read enough of that thought to recognize that it has a degree of validity in a historical context, although far from a conclusive proof of villainy in the present. I don’t like it for the same reasons the authors were quoting. I don’t like it because as long as the Conservative going on ConTarded set allow said “dog whistle” to lead them around on a leash they’ll never engage with the very real and very dangerous flaws in the philosophy governing the contemporary left, flaws that IMO make the modern left the most dangerous thing to happen to the USA since the British invasion in the War of 1812.

    Being PI (pragmatic idealist) as well as a grand master in the realms of conspiracy theory thought what I smell, suspect, is that at least half of that propaganda leash keeping the Conservative set snarling at the wrong tree is actually of Liberal origins. It is totally in the strategic interests of the Liberals to make sure their adversaries are focused on a straw man decoy rather than risk them spending their time and resources to build a countering argument against the points where the high command of the Liberal machine is full well aware they’re more than a little vulnerable.

    The Liberals are, as was the American Army in the winter of 1944, badly overextended. Any of several lines of thought might break into the public’s awareness and, to stay in analogy, punch through their lines the way the Panzers punched through in the Battle of the Bulge. I think the Liberals are doing everything they can to keep the CRT based Conservatives counterattack alive gambling that a counterattack based on CRT will, as did the German armor in the Battle of the Bulge, run out fuel short of its’ objectives.

    How could that be true? Because they have to worry about controlling their own dogs and they more than anyone else know that CRT isn’t much more than a stale old dog biscuit in its’ own right. Leash laws and all that jazz, you know?

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