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  1. Jeff Taylor
    January 23, 2020 @ 6:46 am


    The fertility rate of a species declines when it reaches the natural limitations of its habitat. Humankind has used technology, rape of the planet and sheer greed, forcing massive declines, even extinction, in most other species, to artificially extend its population growth way beyond what the planet can sustain. Anyone that refuses to see this now, with the evidence all around us, is being obstinately, perversely blind. Trump stands before us, making the loud noises that only an empty vessel can, bellowing out climate change denial as the front man of the rapists and pillagers.

    The ‘world economy’ is the blindfold that prevents Tartar, Recht, and Yue from seeing the destruction that the rampant scramble for profits has caused/is causing. More people = more destruction of the environment of this beautiful planet as cities spread their filth and oceans continue to turn into dead cess pits. It is time to REDUCE our populations before the environment goes into critical and unstoppable collapse and Mother Nature imposes such famine, disease and wildly inclement weather that populations are violently decimated willy-nilly.

    Even the final clause, accepting population decline: ‘Governments will have to…find their own path to sustainable economic growth with ever fewer native-born workers, consumers, and entrepreneurs.’, assumes that growth is still possible in a world of decimated resources and finite boundaries.

  2. Michael Shores
    January 23, 2020 @ 8:05 am

    Nice to hear that behaviors that have the potential to doom us within decades will benefit The Economy. The Economy feels nothing, loves nothing and cares about nothing but itself. The Economy is largely responsible for our dysfunctional relationship with the real world as defined by physics, chemistry and biology.