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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 3, 2021 @ 1:51 pm

    A good and thought provoking read, thanks for linking to it.

    It is, of course, intended to present Trumpism (as it is called) as an aberration of what is ideal and it does, of course, attempt to analyze to understand that which it opposes. Fair enough, I’ve been analyzing what is called the Liberal camp for decades to the same motive.

    There is however a point both polarities really do need to incorporate into their reasoning if they wish to remain rational thinkers rather than reactionary pawns.

    To illuminate that point is easiest accomplished by quoting what I would call the author’s thesis statement found five paragraphs into the article “Simply put, Trump’s words worked because enough people believed them, making Trumpism — a movement uniquely lubricated by language — a deception of the American people.” and pointing out that that statement is quite circular, very reflexive, and still quite true regardless of which name occupies the same position as “Trumpism.”

    Lord knows the Liberal elements have used the exact same tactic of redefining the English language to suit some agenda… and then justified that modification by using the exactly opposite sources of “authority”… the Liberal’s like to use Academia where the Conservatives like to use the, pardon the pun, “social security” found in “Patriotism”… but, to a critical analysis those differences are not really differences at all. Setting aside the obvious and overarching question of WHY the people choose to believe as they do what remains is just a shrug and “Ford does it this way, Chevy goes the other… and they both go down the road just fine.” Where that road ends is another question entirely.