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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 28, 2021 @ 2:36 pm

    A tidbit to add on beside what the fine article is talking about concerning the “inner voice.” Many years ago in my miss-spent and totally enjoyed youth I looked in on the realms of the psychic. I didn’t stay long, but one of the more interesting things I learned was that if one proposes to seriously study in the realms of “magic” among the first skills to master is to “think without words.” In other words, voluntarily shut down the inner dialog (and equally critical the ability to restart it at will!).

    Please note, I DO NOT embrace “magic” as a force impacting the outer reality, the one we all share. But I do hold with the idea that the realms of “magic” were and are mankind’s first forays into the structures of the mind, the ability to influence that inner reality everyone carries in parallel with the outer. From that perspective truth is truth, and what has come to pass in the last couple of decades has created a situation where the two realities may well be overlapping to the point what was learned from “magic” has become viable to consider solidly within the realms of the second and common reality.

    The psychic realms are founded on the idea that information can pass between individuals by other than the five physical senses. It is also a common thought that that which arrives by other than the five senses is not always perceived immediately, that it can take a bit to surface to where the mind can engage with it. In other words, more modern and scientific words, it arrives subliminally and often manifests it’s content by way of that “inner dialog.” The trick, of course, is to know what was just your own subconscious talking to you and what arrived “over the ether.” It is a survival skill one must master to endure the realms of “magic.” All kinds of ugly things can happen in the lives of those who do not command that skill.

    FOLKS, HEADS UP AND BEWARE!!! When the focus is how the human mind processes information that arrives subliminally, how it influences that inner dialog that has so very much to do with our quality of life, what is the difference between information that arrives via subliminal psychic forces and information that arrives subliminally by way of technology* perverted to serve the needs of incipient tyranny?
    Answer? ABSOLUTELY NONE. Am I the only one who sees massive comparisons between modern society and Micky Mouse’s roll as “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” in that Disney masterpiece Fantasia?

    *(and yes, please feel free to substitute “social media platforms” where I said “technology”)