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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 23, 2022 @ 11:49 am

    And… the fauxLiberal are obviously opening their heavy campaign to duck responsibility for their attitudes enacted into reality by setting a fauxLiberal Technocracy as mankind’s new messiah become blameless master and commander.

    In the last few weeks I’ve heard everything from stories of a Google AI becoming sentient to this article, Academia bemoaning the humanitarian gap between those who actually understand the science and those who know how to sell the science without provoking a “Matrix/Terminator” type response from those home to a bit of “Human Chauvinism.” This isn’t a tail wagging a dog, it’s a tale wagging the tiger.

    The timing is the tell… the odds of these things happening by accident in such close proximity to each other go down exponentially with each high impact event presented within an inverse-square range of the event prior. On the other hand, propaganda lives and dies on the public’s short term memory which is equally governed by that same inverse square function. One of Sauron’s minor problems. But we plebeians aren’t supposed to be intellectually competent enough to understand such things, we’re supposed to blindly follow the experts right over a cliff if that’s where the lemming fools lead us.

    I might have a bit of sympathy for their problem if I didn’t believe their problem is the result of attempting to work an utterly epic work of massive evil on the human race. Reference the novel “This Perfect Day” by that master story teller Ira Levin (yes, one and the same who wrote “Rosemary’s Baby”).


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