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  1. Fred Thornton
    September 19, 2022 @ 3:42 pm

    Hmmm… call me what you’d like (you might use more colorful language but me describing me I’d say totally distrusting of any and all public media and reasonably rationally suspicious of all prevailing powers and principalities currently playing the American political scene), and I’ll still say the scenario spoken of here is an absolutely golden opportunity for BOTH sides to make their point, and improve our democracy in the process.

    First, and without reservation, kudos and a salute to Governor Baker and the people of Massachusetts for doing the right thing and helping those folks. You have honored the inscription on the Statue of Liberty. You know, the bit about give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… thing. Not only that, they have also done a fine job of demonstrating what it is to be a genuine American Liberal from the tradition that initiated a great many good things back in the day.

    And it is for Governor DeSantis’ cause I say ‘back in the day’ meaning from before the reputation of the American Liberal was co-opted and corrupted to the point that now, to be fair, one must add the prefix “faux” to the word “liberal.” The fauxLiberal, the collectivist millennial bunch engineered by EAKP* via the public schools to lock America up in impotent gridlock by being the political balance opposite the bunch they engineered to become the MAGA crew.

    *(EAKP… Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology… the indiscriminant weapons merchants of the current covert cultural warfare defacing America and power players in their own right with their own agenda in the mix)

    By rights the folks in Massachusetts should get a kickback into their state treasury from the bunch who market anti-anxiety medications, because about the time the crew running the fauxLiberal figure out the potentials of what just happened their anxiety levels are going to be going through the roof. They’re already suffering scared by the fact that their MAGA adversaries actually outnumber them, the MAGA bunch escaped EAKP’s control mechanisms (likely enough with a bit of foreign help, yes, please do read Russian) to expand and run wild through the population. But, they didn’t, they don’t have that line of supply, and they know it.

    The last, the very last thing they want to see happen is for the MAGA leadership to have something that shows beyond any shadow of a doubt the difference between them and the American Liberal from back when an American Liberal… right, wrong or just starry eyed naïve idealist… would stand up for what they thought was right based on nothing more than courage and their own personal ethics with nary a social media platform in existence. That… would be to them what Waterloo was to Napoleon.


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