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  1. Fred Thornton
    September 5, 2022 @ 6:58 pm

    Ok, I got it. Yes, I am American. No, I’m not an idiot, and no, my long hair just can’t quite cover up the red on my neck or the blue of my collar. Yes, I can see the big picture. No, I don’t know how some folks escape seeing the big picture. But… ya’ll (meaning Esquire etc et al) put this problem in front of me, and like any REAL AMERICAN if you see the problem you validate your national identity by going to work on the problem. It’s kind of what we do, or used to do in the pre-EAKP days, to prove our cultural identity to the world, ya’ know? So…

    Blame it on Mercator, the cartographer, and correct the error as close to the source as you can. Have some very rich person collect a minor tax credit by commissioning the production of fifty million sixteen inch globes representing the energy flows seen on Planet Earth and give them to the school system, the public libraries… krikey, dump half a million of ’em on the resale thrift shops to sell at a buck apiece… and put the big picture where the people who need to see that picture just might bump into it. Show the ocean currents, show the trade winds, show the heat sink of the waters and the land, give the gross numbers involved in very fine print, and then color code the whole thing to show how temperature works. AND do not tell me it can’t be done, it has been done. It won’t be any more of an ad campaign than America Online mailing discs to every address in the book.

    Now that you’ve got a fighting chance of one of these energy-environmental maps being part of someone’s world you can have the weather folks on the television start showing what they really know by rather light-heartedly speaking about how things conspired (yes, use that word!) for a very heavy heat wave over the ocean just east of the Bahama’s causing a three foot thump down of snow over Montana.

    Fix the problem, and leave the *bleeeeep* sack cloth and ashes for them who live or die on convincing the rest of America that CRT justifies taking up recreational pain as an acceptable penance for the sins of your ancestors.