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  1. That Guy
    April 17, 2024 @ 2:19 am

    If this is the future, then I am glad that I won’t be there. People standing in line to be offended.
    I grew up in the real cowboy culture, not Beyonce’s financial, theatrical, militant version.
    The advice an old cowboy gave me was, “If you treat a man dirty, you will find him dirty”,
    meaning we respond to how we are approached. I’ve had a few experiences with this sexual,
    racial word war. EVERY woman that ever knew me, called me a gentleman. I had a woman Doctor
    ask me how I was, and I told her “the last doctor I had seen was 50 years ago and they had
    gotten better looking.” She told me that she could file sexual harassment charges against me for that.

    A feminist editor in L.A. told me that cowboys offended her and she refused to use the historical
    term in a period piece that referred to a “half-breed” saddle, that meant it had characteristics of both Texas
    and California’s very distinct styles.( A VERY common word of the period)
    I was polite to both of these examples and I LEFT. I could have called them drama heifers, but I didn’t.
    Neither woman was offended, they were asserting power over words and not accepting the background
    of who said them OR the historical truth of words from the past.

    I feel bad for people in regular jobs today. Life is hard enough without word police. My answer to it, is the
    same that I gave to one of my bosses, who told me, “When I motion like this, it means come here.”
    I replied, “When I shake my head,it means I ain’t coming.”

    There is a positive side to dying. You get away from the petty absurdity of humanity.
    Evolved biology with smart phones, thinks much too highly of itself.

Watchman, what of the night?