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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 13, 2022 @ 2:39 pm

    A good read, but it really should be displayed full double-spaced to make it easier to read between the lines. No, what has happened to Donald Trump is not funny. What has happened to America is not funny. I think there is a LOT in common between what happened to Donald Trump and what happened to America. Allow me to illuminate the situation with a light of a different frequency and explain what I mean.

    I don’t think it was Covid got Donald’s sense of humor. Certainly not from a biological angle of attack. Humor is a very, very nuanced skill, the understanding of what people will find funny. It is the art of understanding the secret fears and biases that will trigger a laugh in defense of self, those things that so often are the tipping point between a good natured grin and a grimace of serious anger. There was a time when Donald was very, very good at that. To good at it to believe it would just evaporate for no reason. Frankly, I don’t think the culprit was some Cheech and Chong of a Chinese Beer Bug. So, if it wasn’t Covid got him then what did?

    I think he was a victim of the subliminal propaganda campaigns (yes, plural, there were and are several in operation) that were being inflicted on the American people during the closing days of his run, campaigns that are still underway two years later under President Joe. Humor, and subliminal propaganda, share several points in common in the human psyche: they both leverage off those secret fears and biases. They both tap those as leverage to effect a change in perspective, a change in attitude… and with a change in attitude a change in abilities.

    Any one subliminal propaganda campaign crafted by skilled psychologists will run fairly clean, enough is known of the human psyche to craft such a weapon and keep it concealed from the vast majority. Very few people are actually self aware enough to even suspect that they’re being tampered with. But, that is just one campaign. When there are several, and the several are in direct contradiction of each other they DO NOT run clean, not at all. As a matter of fact they run as dirty as the terribly confused and conflicted attitudes and beliefs of today’s American people.

    Think about it. The pundits talk about “dog whistle” issues… what happens when there are six identical whistles all attempting to pull the dog in a different direction, eh? All the whistles are using the same set of instincts, the same base line control and conditioning regimens of false authority the public schools so graciously installed over the last fifty some years on behalf of Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology, and as a consequence all of the whistles hit the poor doggy with approximately equal force. Is it any wonder the poor doggy just sits down, hangs his head and whines? He’s hurting, and has no defense against the pain.

    I think Donald Trump wasn’t the victim of any one propaganda campaign, his machine was just as guilty of launching them as was/is the Democrats as full willing operatives of the Empire. No. I think he, like the American people, was the victim of being hit by all of them at the same time. As I said earlier, humor is a very nuanced skill, and the sort of conflicted inputs I’m talking about will utterly destroy any and every sense of nuance to be found. But go figure… humor is a uniquely and intimately individual thing, a personal thing, while a subliminal propaganda campaign is always (because it must) be operating in the realms of the collective subconscious. That’s the kind of thing that can utterly destroy a sense of humor, and leave the bitterness and confusion to be seen on Donald Trump. Perhaps in his case it is justice, a punishment to fit the crime… but what did the American people do to deserve such treatment? Answer? Be the mission objective of a foreign campaign of Covert Cultural Warfare intended to destroy The United States of America as a world power, that’s what!

    Semper Fi, SoulMarine. They are not invincible, and every word published by either side gives clue as to the weaponry they’ll be using against you.