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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 14, 2021 @ 11:32 am

    I’m seeing something here I really, really don’t like. The prosecution is trying to insinuate that computers, digital voting technology, is bulletproof and cannot be corrupted. Anyone who works with computers in any form knows better. The fact they are focusing scorn rather than considered thought on the one point where Trump’s claims have a potential to be valid is as red a flag as there is.

    In a murder trial it is on the prosecution to prove guilt “beyond a possibility of a doubt.” Such a proof is not possible in digital realms where evidence literally expires when a system is shut off or gets rebooted. There is no evidence to be recovered, and again anyone who works with computers knows this. There is absolutely no way to prove that the system asserted to have been in use is actually the system that was booted and running during the election being challenged. The situation goes totally circular… the level of system surveillance needed to even attempt such a proof is in and of itself a security breach of the system in service.

    Donald Trump did not convince me that the election was stolen. That said, those prosecuting him just might, and they’ll have accomplished that feat using facts of reality from beyond their sphere of influence to do it.

    Permanent paper ballots people, the answer is permanent paper ballots. We can’t afford to do this twice. The integrity of Anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, who says otherwise is totally suspect.

  2. Jedd Clampett
    December 14, 2021 @ 7:37 pm

    Dear Mr Thornton:

    Your should read Detrich Bonhoffer’s comments on stupity. (His remarks are on-line) Stupidity he says is not an intellectual failure; it is a moral failure. Stupid people see the facts, they understand the facts, but they’ll either ignore the facts or they will conjure an awkward rexcuse to deny them. By example, I got my credit card bill. Yes, I use a credit card, and all my purchases are recorded electronically. I can now refuse to pay my bills by claiming that what is done electronically is unreliable.

  3. Fred Thornton
    December 15, 2021 @ 8:40 am

    Jed, I appreciate your debt avoidance tactic, but there’s a problem with it… called human witnesses… the clerk who rang you out, the delivery driver who dropped a package on your door, all available to be subpoenaed by the credit card company when they come looking for their coin. IF there were that many witnesses to be had in the case of computerized voter fraud we’d be home free, but there’s not, can’t be, and that’s the whole point I’m putting forward.

    The potential is there, that much is square up and down. Did someone utilize that potential? I do not know (thank God). IF you know the answer to that one I don’t know what to advise except be ready to run, have your will and life insurance in order, and unless you taught Jason Bourne how it’s done resign yourself to maybe a two week life expectancy if you run hard and run well.