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  1. Fred Thornton
    January 25, 2022 @ 10:31 am

    This one is an interesting offering, one of the better of its kind that I’ve seen go by. More than interesting, there is an effort at legitimate enquiry to be seen, it doesn’t reek of political confirmation bias. Well worth a read, and more than a few thoughts to follow.

    If my life overlapped the lofty realms where these researchers work there is a concept I’d offer them, its one I’ve used with moderate to good success for many years. Refined by their data it might even allow these issues to be quantified (beyond the “seat of the pants” approximations my version produces) in a meaningful manner. More than quantified, if adopted as a standardized unit of measure (even if at less than perfect accuracy) it would most certainly prohibit a flat two dimensional approach into these subjects where Nth dimensional geometry is the required range of thought… unless of course political propaganda was the motive for the study in the first place. IF that were the case then those doing the study would very much want to avoid this concept like the plague.

    I’ve dubbed this concept the “Sphere of Empathy” and it is quite literally adapted from the rules of orbital mechanics. Each individual is centered within the sphere of empathy they generate, and the individual spheres of empathy interact with each other according to the inverse square law which defines the orbits of mass in motion. By defining a multi-dimensional state space to represent the various interpersonal forces observed within a society, and placing any given SoE at a particular point within that state space relative to some fixed coordinate system, it then becomes possible to apply the concepts of vector math as the engineers use it when analyzing the degree of force imparted to some specific point in a system by an force operating in a singular direction.

    I am not a mathematician, I’ve never attempted to do more than apply the broad concepts and intuition to this system. But even at such low resolution as intuition it has proven to produce rather accurate results. Refined? Who knows. But… there is one point I must put forward along with this idea. IF it should prove out that this concept is workable, and, allowing for the fact that NO element of psychology/sociology is ignored by those whose ultimate objective is tyranny THEN should this concept be developed and employed as a weapon of covert cultural warfare it will be the second or third major force vector to adopt it that must be the focus of the patriot’s hunt. The first or second would be most likely to be legitimate researchers while the third or fourth will be those of ignoble intent who learned how to use it (from the first or second) to further their dark designs. Just fair warning.