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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 8, 2021 @ 11:34 am

    And a coup de tootie to you too. I can see how the election could have been stolen, I do not know that it was stolen, and the way both sides are carrying on it’s looking more and more likely that both sides tried to steal it and neither side knows who actually pulled off the job!

    How to Save American Democracy:

    Step One: Hand marked Printed Permanent Ballot, 70lb non acidic tag stock.

    Step Two: Said ballot read by Analog Scantron technology.

    Step Three: Scantron readers report totals into multiple random land-line based receiving stations arranged as a defensive redundant blockchain scheme.

    Step Four: all Scantron readers discharge counted ballots directly into hands-off shrink-wrap packaging printed at point of use with forge proof random ID number, said sealed packages to be transported under proctored armed guard to storage repository.

    Step Five: As appropriate, prosecute or persecute with great prejudice any and all who object to tamper-proofing America’s election process. If they yell or yelp assume they’re part of someone’s crew of villains.

    Let’s not do this again.

    And on a side note? TheAtlantic really should not advertise their terror of the American’s their usual readership has ignored with such total contempt for so many years. Really doesn’t do their bargaining position any good.