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  1. Fred Thornton
    April 6, 2022 @ 9:00 am

    A fine and thought provoking read. Still, I disagree with the title of this article. I would say that war was delayed until after Trump was out of office, although not for the reasons most might expect. I’ll make my case in the following manner.

    It was, and is, frustrated and frightened people being psychologically compressed by social and media manipulation which form the basis of the demographic symbolized by the Trump presidency. Where it is unlikely that all of the compressive propaganda being inflicted on the American people is the work of the Russian Republic… aka, Mr. Putin’s intent… it is ever more obvious that portion aimed at the Conservative, aka Republican, orientations is indeed heavily sponsored by operatives and allies of the Russian government.

    If it is held as truth that the Populist Movement which produced the Trump Presidency was indeed the work of Russian inspired propaganda impacting on the Conservative core culture of the United States then it must equally be acknowledged that they, the Russians, would have to maintain a very, very accurate understanding of the forces both historical and current being tapped to effect their manipulations of the American mindset. In short, they more than anyone else would know just how dangerously overloaded and unstable that segment of the American population really is. They more than anyone else would know how much anger is compressed into those people awaiting a focus upon which to act.

    I would argue the very last thing the Russians would want to risk while their boy Trump was in power would be to provoke that… manufactured… segment of the United States mindset (which was and still is Trump’s power base) into totally over-reacting in an uncontrollable manner by compromising any of the several “fulcrum” concepts their current propaganda had tapped… concepts which are effectively left-overs lingering from the old “cold war” propaganda days! The Russians are not fools, Mr. Putin is certainly no fool, and no one wants to live with what would happen if The United States were to over-react on an international level as a consequence of an American Commander in Chief misusing his military power to pacify the internal demands of his (full known to be!) psychologically imbalanced voter base!

    I’ll anchor my argument by pointing to the militaristic response of the LIBERAL contingents of the American government, the doves, the anti-war folk. The Biden administration is walking a thin line to control their rage at the betrayal of civility which is the Russian attack on Ukraine. Does anyone really believe that the Trump administration would have even tried to contain that rage? Or would the United States of America have in one loud and fully unified voice cried FOUL! LET FLY THE BIRDS OF WAR!… quite possibly to the utter destruction of the human race? Think about it.

  2. Fred Thornton
    April 6, 2022 @ 9:41 am

    And in postscript, to argue the other potential: Mr. Putin is, in point of fact, doing Mr. Biden a favor with his war on Ukraine… the residual cold war propaganda that the Russians tapped to create the Trumpite Conservative was that it was Communism that had produced the Liberal elements of America… one and the same Liberal elements (now fauxLiberal, but that factoid of little consequence to the Trumpites) which are undeniably the source of the social forces which are the prime, visible and quite real threat vector powering the anger and angst of the Conservative set! The cold war propaganda was that the godless soulless perverted Liberals were the work of COMMUNISM. Russia is no longer COMMUNIST, they’re now CAPITALIST so Russia must be Ok. But… those dratted d*mn Liberals are still around and still ruining everything.
    Long and short of it all is that Mr. Putin has provided the spin point to break that association in the minds of the Conservative set… it wasn’t the Communists after all, it was… it is… and maybe we’ll be lucky and Hunter Biden’s notebook will provide the actual answer to that one. Who knows. Conspiracy Theory is so much more entertaining than Brazilian Soap Operas, just not as much skin.