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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 11, 2021 @ 1:17 pm

    Once upon a happier time there was a man named Walter, and Walter did not lie… once upon a long time ago.

    Several statements apply to the folks who wrote this article. They are clearly (and justifiably!) frightened while doing their best to understand a dangerous situation they’d never even considered possible before.

    To my reading of what is published here they are either hopelessly lost, prohibited by political conventions from speaking to what they might actually know, or most likely some mixture of both. Their lenses, the output of their “networked interpretive filters”, totally prohibited them from seeing this one coming even though it has been an approaching super-cell thunderstorm on the horizon for over thirty years.

    That’s the official story… (and yes, feel free to use that statement to try and place me somewhere on their demographic scales). To my (GM-PCTi investigative) reading they’re hoping, desperately hoping, that they can convince the world the first condition… hopelessly lost… is the case in play and the world will believe (yes, there’s that word… again!) one more time long enough to buy them enough time to get a grip on what they themselves created… and then in a classic case of negligent weapons management… lost control of.

    How do I justify such a conclusion? Quoting the third paragraph of the conclusion section of the article: “We do not believe, however, that conservative distrust of the media can be explained as a spontaneous or inevitable reaction to this news environment.”

    Of course not, and who better to make that statement into an academic environment than those responsible for the unnatural influences which negated the word “spontaneous” in the first place??? Who better to use the negated word “inevitable” than those whose Masters, Bosses, call them what you will are challenging their ability to fulfill the promises, the contracts, laid and made back in the days when Walter and his peers in integrity were still the defacto standard?

    Looks to me, simple minded country boy they think I am, that Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology is starting to worry that the Corporate Neo-Fascist might be thinking of dropping them as a prime vendor of crowd control technology… and EAKP is going OH MY DIPLOMAS… we might, we might have to eat nine miles of crow with no ketchup and end up siding with the conservative camp just to survive! Just my take on things.