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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 4, 2022 @ 8:29 pm

    Well, that answers that question. The majority of the Republican Party leadership just proved to my satisfaction that they are as ‘tarded as the most desperate of the Trumpites, which is to say totally manipulated by way of quite covert channels. As usual though, one answer just sparks the next question… who is pulling the strings? No sane politician of any polarity would pee on that third rail. So who is the puppeteer? Somehow I seriously doubt that entity is an American citizen.

    I for one think Representatives Cheney and Kinzinger should steal their thunder and resign from the Republican Party… loudly, publicly, naming names and publishing their notes. I’m thinking it would be solid strategy for the Libertarian folk to throw what they’ve got behind those two conservative incumbents to keep them in office. This iteration of the Republican Party just demonstrated that any sane and legitimate Conservative would find a better and far more honorable base building from the Libertarian’s form of pragmatic idealism rather than wasting effort attempting to reform what is left of the Republicans. And anyway, the Libertarian’s would most certainly have a lot more access to the national dialog working within that alliance. That… would scare the Democrat’s into repenting their last run to Vegas, but they’d get over it and the country would be the better for the change.