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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 19, 2021 @ 9:45 pm

    An interesting read, and one that demands a thank you. This is one is a thought I’d not considered in my ponderings, an oversight I’ll remedy in future evolutions of my theory.

    I would postulate that “ambiguous loss” (as I understood how Boss defines it) is a loss within the realms of social expectation rather than a loss impacting the personal sphere of empathy. It would be a real thing, but not a thing actually of the individual. I would speculate that “ambiguous loss” is actually the grief felt by any one of the collective entities with which an individual is affiliated, a grief the individual experiences vicariously by way of that portion of the individual’s self which is/was defined by the social element perceived as missing, dead, changed beyond recognition or changed beyond providing the defining element that drew that particular individual into a relationship with that particular collective entity in the first place.

    I’d considered the law of the jungle within which the CE’s compete for survival within their realm of a transverse reality mounted on the reality of the human (nodes) wherein they dwell, but I’d never considered the idea of such entities grieving the consequences of their competitions. Setting that emotional potential onto the scales of investigation? As me old mentor Ambassador Spock would say? Fascinating…