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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 4, 2021 @ 12:51 pm

    What prompted the issue? If you must ask you probably don’t really want to know the answer, but… if you really want to give it a go then think of it this way. (Parables are so much fun.)

    The children should never see the grown-ups disagree and argue about something after the grown-ups have put down a decision about that something.

    In this case who are the kids and who the grown-ups? Well, the ones who think they’re playing grown-ups would be the government and one of the government’s main operatives: to wit, education. They are worried that if the rest of us, the kids, ever caught a clue that when one grown-up lies the other grown-up pretty well has to swear to it then the kids (the rest of us) are probably going to start dissecting everything trying to figure out which one of the “parental authority figures” involved in any given scenario was actually lying, and why. Having THAT MUCH independent critical thinking going on is hard on any propaganda based social control scheme, not something the “parental authority figures” are fond of dealing with.

    In essence, this article then resolves as a window, and through that window the kids witnessed daddy put the slap down on mommy for mommy telling them they could go play in the back yard which how they happened to be outside that window in the first place.

Watchman, what of the night?