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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 21, 2021 @ 11:59 am

    I’ll join the author in scolding Texas for attempting to operate a society while suffering acute shortsightedness. I’ll also scold the author for scolding Texas while maintaining the mandate that everything, no matter how removed from the issue, be blamed on racial bigotries. I won’t scold severely though, he did say “poor” before “black.” Nice to see a tidbit of reality creeping into fauxLiberal attack rhetoric. But still, the situation in Texas is a fair bit more complicated than the author wanted folks to know, and it is a point where just a touch of common sense Federal intervention could be a very good thing coming and going.

    In point of fact and contrary to the author’s denial the freezedown was precipitated by the green energy advances, but as usual it wasn’t the technology involved but rather the economic going on political ramifications that follow the technology. I am deep into GreenMachine and altEnergy thought, and the Texas Freezedown is an object lesson in when and how and how much of such technology to deploy so as not to put the non-tech folks at risk to what they really don’t understand.

    As the green energy stepped up to carry significant loading in Texas the conventional sources, the older and less eco-friendly sources, were of course taken off-line. As time passed the companies that owned those sources outright got tired of paying taxes on assets that were not even earning enough to pay those taxes. They began deconstructing the old plants to change their tax burdens… deconstructing the very facilities that guaranteed their ability to meet load demand when the weather was not amenable to supporting the altEnergy sources!

    Folks, green energy is totally weather dependent, and the weather will never be stable enough (over any given region) to create 100% reliable power generation. What Texas was guilty of was letting the eco-freak contingent put the public at risk by overselling the abilities of their offering! The Texas State government, with the Federal government following suit, should have provided tax relief to those companies to allow the old plants to remain intact and available when they were needed.

    It doesn’t take much energy at all (comparatively speaking) to keep those old plants on a warm standby through the winter months. Starting from dead cold it might take a week to bring them back up, even with all the hot air the fauxLiberal generate and waste it’s still a week… the guys who actually know those facilities can only push old metal just so hard. But from a minimum output idle they’re back up and pulling in a few hours.

    I am all about protecting the life support systems of Planet Earth. My thing is turning the sunlight that hits your roof into electricity without trading the geo-politics of petroleum for the geo-politics of the rare earth minerals, one will be just as bad as the other. It can be done, and anyone who says it can’t doesn’t know their rump from a rolling donut, or, they have ulterior motives involving their stock portfolio.

    But, that said, when the weatherman says “folks, get ready, there’s a cold one coming our way…” and it turns out to be colder than they thought, when the sky goes slate gray and the wind quits blowing the power company should be able to call the semi-retired foremen babysitting those old plants and they should be able to say “call a crew in and pour the coal to her, we’re going back to work until this one blows over.”

    You’d think the Texicans, who are famous for being fully independent folks, would have realized this. But, they didn’t, and that’s what they deserve to be scolded for. Has nothing to do with race or social status and everything to do with what happens when political elements are allowed to have a say in what they don’t understand at all. The Great Texas Freezedown is just proof of how much damage the fauxLiberal have done to what used to be reliable.