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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 21, 2021 @ 12:57 pm

    Until and unless folks come to realize that money is not a marker of social status or permissions but rather a unit of measurement used in an energy circuit, the energy of productive human effort, these issues will persist and get nothing but worse. When you can look at money in the same manner you look at volts and amps and load demand a lot of things that seem impossibly contradictory start making sense.

    What is bemoaned as the injustices involving money actually resolve as the places where the energy system (which is a working economy) is not running in phase balance. But it is a total mistake to try and balance said system using social, aka emotional, thought. That has never worked and never will work because social thought, humanitarian thought, is not very amenable to working in the realms of hard reality which is an energy system. The cross point is that the energy is generated by human lives, but, that does not mean that the system which uses that energy is or can be governed by the same ethics as a human life. Totally different beast more akin to a massively distributed generation scheme than any social order ever conceived.

    See it for what it is, fix whats wrong by working with the reality of what it is, or… crack open another beer and be prepared to keep whining about how it just isn’t fair.