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  1. Fred Thornton
    August 2, 2022 @ 11:21 am

    A fine and thoughtfully written piece, well worth a read. Pondering on the dilemma it presents popped a thought. Just a thought, but a horrible thought and one I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere by either side, or the middle, of the gun debate. Let me run it by you for your take.

    Perhaps assuming that the driving cause of the (sic) mass shootings is something within the shooters lifetime and experiences has us looking at the wrong point in time to discern the actual cause of these tragedies. Many forces show a delayed effect, witness the relationship between airborne lead (from the days of leaded gasoline) and the overall rate of violence where the smog was thickest, witness the decline in violence as the concentrations declined… offset by a decade. Witness the fact that the birth rate shows a tight correlation to the stock market’s Dow index… when the graphs are shifted thirty years to allow those babies to grow up and enter the economy. Common sense relationships, just spread far enough apart in time to obscure the causality involved.

    Then there are the truly hidden forces that produce terribly public consequences. Take for example the solid relationship between the all but ubiquitous glyphosate herbicides (best known by the defunct brand name RoundUp) and the epidemic rise of Autism in America, but not nearly so bad in other parts of the world. The most modern findings have shown the actual mechanism of the herbicide’s damage is a multi-generational phenomenon where the first stage involves the mother’s biochemistry rather than the autistic child’s!

    Has anyone ever thrown a chart to display the chronological and regional onset of the mass shootings versus some common saturation level of glyphosate usage in that region? Not that I’ve ever seen, but… working by memory the “wave front” as it were of the mass shootings (by both time and location) does indeed look very similar to a geographic, region by region, representation of America’s commercial agriculture switching over to a glyphosate based herbicides, with the time scale offset twenty years.

    Folks, it is entirely possible the underlying cause of the totally irrational “mass shootings” inflicted upon innocent strangers are actually the statistical outlier points representing the most extreme, and lethal, potentials of the Autistic Spectrum of psychiatric disorders. Asperger syndrome, on steriods, caused by the government allowing commercial greed to rationalize using a known to be mutagenic chemical as an herbicide.

    IF there be any truth to this thought then heads up world… it will start happening in your part of the world about twenty years after the glyphosates were introduced into your food production chain.

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