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  1. Fred Thornton
    April 29, 2022 @ 12:32 am

    One element of this issue that the article does not adequately address is the affiliations formed around the singular name of a university attached to a very wide variety of subjects. So and So from Harvard (just to grab a convenient name) thinks that it is quite alright to be a transexual lesbian with an electra complex… so of course if Harvard tolerates their name being affiliated with THAT line of hooey then there’s not much point in putting any credence in anything that has the name “Harvard” affiliated… Harvard is obviously a pervert, so calling yourself a scientist who hails from Harvard translates to means your kind of science has most likely been suborned and corrupted by whatever it is at “Harvard” that causes them to try and sell perversion as a product.

    The fix? Totally destroy the mythos of the university, make them non entities, make their names vanish and then infiltrate their organizations with as many spies as possible (amazing what a savvy janitor can discern by what’s in a trashcan) to make sure they stay not only non-entities but non-players as well and the scientists might, maybe in twenty years of so be able to get free of the horrible reputation the humanities have hung around their neck pushing the sort of public idiocracy that has been seen for the last thirty or forty years while the fiefdoms of Empire Academia, the Universities, were mustering their fauxLiberal shock troops to barter as mercenaries on the American political scene.