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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 9, 2022 @ 12:55 pm

    Most interesting thing I’ve seen out of TheAtlantic in a while, a decidedly nuanced thought that reaches in many directions. Worth a read, and then thrice the reading time spent dissecting the nuances.

    They popped a memory for me of an observation made by a fellow who orbited in the same coffee club with me. A fine fellow he was, who just happened to be a devout pagan who knew the Bible better than most Christians. Among his thoughts was the idea that there was a genetic bias to be found between those who were drawn to Christianity as opposed to those who held an equally deep faith in the Pagan traditions. He maintained that breakline revolved around a genetic predisposition to the emotional become visceral experience of shame He maintained those most strongly attracted to Christianity were those who carried the highest degree of propensity to experience shame.

    An interesting thought, and very much pertinent to this article, being as how shame is one of several deep emotional drivers behind the physical manifestation of cringe. An interesting potential, and a potential that plays deep in the current cultural transition going on covert cultural warfare of modern society.

    Among the educated and enlightened side of things Christianity is a fading tradition at this point. Many and a many whose heritage is Christian have transferred their faith from Christianity to Society and Science. They are called…. liberals. Time and tide, that is, but… what if there is truth to my friend’s thought? IF so then those who now revere society and science will be carrying the same propensity, and from that propensity the same cultural conventions, for SHAME to be a common driving factor in their responses!

    OF COURSE TheAtlantic, long a bastion of contemporary liberal political thought, would be promoting the idea that The Internet is where it’s denizens should go to get their “shame fix” to satiate what several millennia (of what would resolve as shame… INBRED and REINFORCED) has done to whatever psychological tendencies might be created from a genetic predisposition! And, OF COURSE, the conservative Christians would be able to see as a driving factor on the Liberal’s, much to the increase of the enmity between, the exact same thing they CANNOT see on themselves… even though the driving cause is identical.

    A most interesting article. Thanks for posting it