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  1. Fred Thornton
    November 10, 2021 @ 2:52 pm

    The job-seeker/employer situation stands as solid proof of several things.

    First, that no one should ever work as a hiring manager who has not personally worked the sort of job(s) they’ll be in charge of hiring for. Why? So the person who is doing the hiring knows what it takes to do the job and is therefore not dependent upon remote, usually academic, credentials alone. They should be both capable and empowered to judge the individual’s competence measured against the load demand of the job (pre-employment testing fully logical and acceptable), not how the individual is reported by a mechanism that individual might not be represented within. One of those places where you’ll never hear the Liberal phrase “systemic bias” even though it is a perfect descriptor of the dynamic in play. Thank you (NOT!) Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Business Management… and thank you for not pointing out (as you knew and know full well) that depending on a judgement parameter removed from the point of decision creates the same sort of control system lag that killed the Soviet Union.

    Second point? The mistake of remaining passive when we first heard rumors of a spider big enough to spin a web around the entire world. We should have cried Foul! and let fly the birds of war, every strike fighter on the planet in the air with orders to find that spider and cook her where she sits, tactical nuke authorized if napalm and thermite don’t burn hot enough. We’ll bulldoze the mess later. But no… we waited, we trusted that the tech heads had wisdom to match their electronic savvy (fools we!) and that spider hatched out a clutch of eggs. Now the spiders run the world… draining the very life blood from one element of society after another… getting a job just one of so many drained dry. Oh, well. There goes the neighborhood.

Watchman, what of the night?