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  1. Sage in the Brush
    June 8, 2021 @ 1:37 am

    We stumble into this world and have people scream their religion, fears,perversions, bigotry, and agendas at us. They have not been this way before. Their advice is only THEIR opinion. We live by the fads of our generation, and then the screaming parade goes on with the next new souls thinking that THEY have the answers. The only thing that has changed in a million years is that
    women moved the bone from their nose to a bauble in their bellybutton, and that we can slaughter on a bigger scale. We went from monkeys poking at ant piles with a stick, to pushing buttons on a smart phone. We went from tribes formed to survive to tribes wearing football jerseys. From Kings that favored nobility to politicians that favor lobbyists. Maybe America’s gun madness is due to centuries of ruthless rulers, and we won’t ever let that happen to us. Too damned many guns for anyone to ever
    confiscate, and politicians know it. They are still finding swords that the Scots buried when the English disarmed them. They would never dig up all of the guns buried in America, We may destroy ourselves, but no outsider will!

    Biology and money still make most decisions in the jungle of life. The average poor bastard tries to get the best fuck he can get at the gene pool without being eaten. We still have those who would kill the last beast and chop down the last tree. We still use our respective gods to justify our greed and aggression. We still have village idiots, just on a bigger scale on social media. We may all be in this together, but we are ALL still as tribal as ever. We fear and envy those outside OUR tribe.

    It’s too bad. At six years old we are who we are. We still know the awe and curiosity of life. Then society tries to stomp it out of you until you reach adulthood, and then you spend the rest of your life trying to get back to that kid before religion and tribalism wrapped you in barbed-wire. In this brutal world you have to keep your swords handy, but billions have suffered lives of misery because the awe and joy of life was taken from them just because they were the wrong color or religion. WHO gets to decide that?

    Read the newspaper and it makes you think that six year old’s could run the world better. I’m starting to doubt that earth has time for it’s infestation of humanity to evolve out of this tribal crap. We may be perfumed and plucked, but we still act like troops of apes flinging our poo.

Watchman, what of the night?