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  1. Fred Thornton
    September 18, 2022 @ 11:49 am

    I must begin by saying a fine and fair response indeed! Kudos, Fred… you’re the first in a very long time to challenge my philosophy at the level where it plays.

    As for the article? Two points, one in full support and one in total rebuttal to the contents. First, (almost a post script extension of my earlier comment on the article posing the possibility of AI destroying the human race): would a sane immortal risk their existence by putting all of their eggs in one basket labeled “Humans?” Not hardly, not even. It’s pretty obvious that humans do not have the capacity to be endlessly diverse. Doesn’t take very long at all to realize that. So yes, of course all self aware* creatures are, by the nature of their original conception, entitled to the status of “personhood” with all attendant rights to freedom and dignity according to the template of their existence.

    On the other hand, in direct rebuttal to the statements found in the paragraph third from the end? I am very much one who will make a stand, by force of arms live or die (insert sound effect here: bolt on an automatic rifle falling closed on the first of fifty rounds of hot loaded 7.62 spider core), in defense of the statement “I AM NOT an animal!”

    Of course what is never defined, by those who attempt to degrade humanity into animals to suit their political motives and agendas, is EXACTLY what is an “animal?”

    I maintain that the break-line between a person and an animal *_ is the capacity for enough abstract thought to sustain a second and third person perspective concerning the environments of our existence, and because of that ability the capacity for empathy, compassion and compersion equally, with all the other creatures with whom we share Planet Earth!

    An animal lives an exclusively instinct driven first person perspective without the capacity to recognize others of like kind, and therefore cannot mount any ethical or moral defense against those instincts degrading into any level of self serving barbarism or pervasion imaginable! Convince enough people that they are, by the definition above, an animal and those deceived will inevitably and in short order provide plenty of justification for establishing total tyranny over the entire damn lot of ’em! I… AM NOT AN ANIMAL.

    Anyhow (lemme get the metaphorical live ammo back in the locker where it belongs), thanks for publishing this. Pro or con, articles like this one go a long way towards preventing your brains from turning into mashed potatoes as a result of excess domesticity.