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20 men share the most brutal way they’ve ever been rejected by a crush. | Someecards dating

may wilkerson 1-2 minutes 5/11/2021

Thanks to patriarchal dating standards, men are often expected to make the "first move" in heterosexual dating situations (and sometimes the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc). This means they are often more likely to put themselves out there for possible romantic rejection. But how bad can that be, right? When trying to encourage someone to take a romantic risk, people like to offer these words of encouragement: "the worst they can say is 'no'!" But, like so many things people say to help us overcome our fears, this is not entirely true.

Someone asked men of Reddit: "what was the most brutal rejection you ever received from a woman?"

These 20 stories from lovelorn dudes prove that rejection can get a whole lot worse than just a "no":

1.) From CatsOnTheKeyboard:

Back in school, I asked a girl to one of the dances and six of her friends took turns telling me she didn't want to go with me throughout the rest of the day. Some of them seemed to enjoy it.

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