History in Pictures

By SierraKiloBravo 2-2 minutes

August 1871: A mechanical crawling doll is patented, and people never sleep the same again.

July 1878: Astronomers in Fort Worth prepare for an eclipse.

1895: A rare snowfall in Texas on Valentine’s Day.

1896: Women and girls wading in the water, Coney Island.

September 1908: Invited guests on their way to Roosevelt House.

1910: Two girls and a snow fort. Photo by Jeanette Bernard.

c1916: Three French soldiers pose in front of a sign in a trench near Verdun. The sign says "If I advance, follow me. If I fall back, kill me. If I die, avenge me."

1916: A Suffragette showing off her “marching costume”, Chicago.

September 1916: Shrapnel bursts over Canadian troops sheltering in a reserve trench during the Battle of Flers Courcelette.

September 1916: Silhouette of a British cavalry soldier, Ovillers.

1917: A taxi driver and his cab. The balloon on the roof is a container for gas, which was used instead of petrol during The Great War and for some time later.

1917: Anna Pavlova’s international passport.

May 1918: The entrance to a canvas and steel tree observation post, near Souchez.

August 1918: After an attack on Moyenneville, a Scots Guardsman gives a wounded German prisoner a drink.