Saying Goodbye To April -

Chloe Alice Balkin 7-9 minutes 5/18/2021

She’s always been more than just my personal assistant, and it’s time for me to show her how much more.

Chloe Alice Balkin

She’s the best assistant I’ve ever had, and it’s her last day.

Everyone at the office loves April. She’s a hard worker, but she’s found time to make friends with everyone. She’s always pleasant, even when the job gets stressful. She has a smile for everyone, and she truly listens. Birthdays are easy to remember, but April knows whose mother is sick, whose sister just had a baby, who’s bought a new house and who’s just had a first date.

But her dream job isn’t personal assistant, it’s politics, and she’s just been offered the position of campaign manager for a senate hopeful. I’m not getting in the way of that.

It’s four o’clock. The team has already had her farewell party. Her personal items have already been packed up. There’s a couple loose ends left, and then she’ll be gone.

It’s time for me to say goodbye.

I call her into my office to do this properly. The cadence of her high heels on the hardwood floor signals her approach. And then she’s at the doorway, leaning against it and smiling at me.

She’s wearing the brooch I gave her, a bold but tasteful stargazer lily, pink enamel with gold and diamond accents.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Warren?” she asks, her voice a husky purr.

“I have a present for you, April.”

“Another?” she coos as she walks in and closes the door behind her. “Do I get to guess what it is?”

I nod, knowing she’ll guess incorrectly, but it will be worth it.

She shimmies out of her panties as she approaches me, nudges her way between me and my desk, and moves my paperwork out of the way before she hikes up her skirt and leans over.

Flashing me her pretty, puffy pussy.

“Not like that,” I murmur, but I can’t resist taking just a taste. Just a lick. Just a nibble at her clit that has her moaning and squirming for me.

“You never do this!” she laughs as I slip my tongue inside her, savoring her. And she’s right. Usually we don’t have a lot of time to waste on foreplay.

This isn’t what we’re doing now, either. I push away from my desk and unfasten my pants, pulling out my cock. It’s been hard all afternoon waiting for this.

Waiting for something different.

She looks back at me, confusion crossing her brow as I gesture for her to come here. “Mr. Warren?”

“I want you here, April.”

She’s genuinely flabbergasted. “Your pants. Your shirt. My shirt.”

I grin at her. She’s always been patient with me, even when things have gotten heated and what she wants breaks those rules.

Pants off. No stains. Not too much contact, or our shirts could wrinkle, making us look disheveled.

The rules are made to be broken on trips and after hours, but here in the office? My pants are off, she’s leaning over my desk.

Absolutely no kissing. Her make-up must be flawless. I don’t expect her to wear it, but she always does anyway, and it needs to stay in its place and not on me.

“Here, April,” I say again. “I want you to sit on my lap.”

She makes a soft squeak of excitement before she hikes her skirt up more. She eases herself onto me slowly enough that I steal the chance to pet her round, firm rear before guiding my cock into her pussy.

I give her time to stretch for me, to warm herself up, to ride at her slow, careful pace while I unbutton her jacket and her shirt and thank the fates that today’s bra clasps in the front. I never get to touch her warm, silky breasts, not beyond those playful moments when she leans into me deliberately while she’s helping me with actual work, and that’s through so many layers of fabric.

Now I can massage and caress, feel the weight of them in my hands, feel her go rigid on my shaft when I pluck at her nipples.

“Mr. Warren!” she gasps breathlessly.

I lean forward into her, letting my breath tickle against her earlobe as I whisper, “Sit down, April. Take all of me in your pussy.”

She moans as her weight eases down on my thighs and my cock bottoms out deep within her.

“Now touch yourself. Stay right there and make yourself come.”

She nods. Her body loosens up as she loses herself to her own caresses — not that I’m not helping. I pull the layers of her top back to kiss along her shoulders, sussing out the most sensitive spots that make her pussy go crazy around my cock when I tease them. I hold her close, doing my best to keep myself still even as her hips swivel and tug me back and forth.

It takes all my effort to keep myself quiet so I can listen to every note of her moans as they go higher, higher, higher.

And her pussy gets tighter, tighter, tighter.

Until her back bends and her head flops over my shoulder. Her pussy spasms around me.

And then it’s my turn.

I lean back, and my chair suddenly flips into the recline that I usually hate. April has gotten me at least half a dozen other chairs, but I always end up back in this one despite all the times I’ve stupidly scared myself leaning too far.

But it’s perfect now for me to take her weight on my chest and curl her legs over my arms, giving me enough space to pound into her from below. She’s keyed up enough that a few rough thrusts have her coming again, and then I slow down, feel her melt to putty over me, her head sinking down next to mine.

She’s already come twice. She’s lost the sense of propriety we usually maintain in my office, even when we are fucking. She forgets herself and nuzzles my cheek.

I haven’t come yet. I do know where we are. So I let her kiss my jaw, scrape her tongue along it, just to savor it.

Before I break all the rules.

I turn to her, and our lips are already together. I feel her body light up over mine, a delightful shiver that has her wiggling joyously over me as she kisses me right back. She reaches across herself to dig a hand into my hair — undoubtedly making a mess of it — while the other hand digs into my hip.

I thrust in tempo with my kisses, losing myself to her touch as much as she’s lost herself to mine.

Her body goes rigid once more, and she breaks the kiss only to moan, “Oh, Ben!” as she comes again.

I don’t say anything, only hold her close, as I finish inside her.

I savor her weight and her absent touches for a long time. We kiss lazily. She eventually rolls around just enough that she can touch my chest, smooth out my rumpled shirt with a silly grin.

“That was a really nice present, Mr. Warren.”

“Oh, that wasn’t the present.” I hold onto her as I lean back up, flipping the chair right, and wheel us back in. Thankfully, she gave me enough time to recover before saying anything. I’m already getting hard again as I dig into one of my drawers. “I want you back here when Mitchell’s campaign is over.”

She frowns. “I thought you liked your new assistant. You told her she’d replace me permanently. If you tricked that woman — ”

I kiss her to silence her as I pull a box from the drawer and toss it to the far side of the desk.

A small jewelry box.

“That’s your present.”

A goofy smile teases at the corner of her lips. She knows what it is, but she’s not jumping the gun. She gets up, leaning over the desk, putting herself in just the right position that as she opens the box, I get my chance to take her how I usually do in the office.

But I wait within her folds for her to see the ring, to know what I’m offering.

“Say yes, April. Come back to me when that job is done.”

She says yes by pushing back, welcoming me within her.