As India sets a record for covid-19 deaths, variant worries grow globally

The spread of the variant B.1.617.2 outside of India is leading to fresh concern about vaccine efficacy and lifting restrictions

Josh Harris Steps Down From Apollo

Josh Harris said he would focus on being an “investor and entrepreneur” away from the private equity firm he helped build.

Apollo announces that cofounder Josh Harris is stepping down, 2 months after former CEO Leon Black quit

Summary List PlacementInvestment firm Apollo Global Management on Thursday announced that cofounder Josh Harris would step down as managing director. He would step down once Apollo merges with its...

Srishti Behl Arya, Director of International Original Film at Netflix India, Quits After Three Years

Srishti Behl Arya, director, international original film at Netflix India, is leaving the streamer after more than three years. She reported into Netflix VP of content for India, Monika Shergill....

Will There Be Another Housing Bubble Burst?

Is today’s market the same as 2008?

Demystifying Category Creation

Anytime you’re creating something that the market has never seen before, you need to define it and elevate the category.

China’s Tencent Increases Profits to $7.39 Billion in First Quarter

China’s largest company, the social media, games and entertainment giant Tencent achieved net profits of RMB47.7 billion ($7.39 billion) in the first three months of the year. That was an increase...

Ex-cops face charges in rough arrest of woman with dementia

The family of Karen Garner says other officers involved need to face charges as well.

Fortive upgraded to overweight from neutral at J.P. Morgan

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit or the quote page for more information about this...

Prince William gets first dose of coronavirus vaccine

Prince William received his first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Thursday in London.

PGA Championship: 'Hit it long or it will be a tough week.'

The bad news for the golf business heading into this week’s PGA Championship is that it’s definitely running out of real estate. The good news might be that it will never run out of wind.

AP PHOTOS: A return to the 'joie de vivre' in France

Nibbling a butter croissant on a sunlit cafe terrace became the norm again in Paris this week as France reopened its outdoor dining economy. After seven months of closures, residents could once...

Teacher Disarms Sixth-Grade School Shooter, Hugs Her Until Police Arrive

Parents said the actions of Krista Gneiting, a math teacher at Rigby Middle School in Idaho, saved lives.

Mask Dependency: The Social Reason Some People Want to Keep Their Masks On

Some people are hanging on to masks, and not always because they’re being cautious.


Today I learned that the Ingenuity drone copter twirling about on Mars communicates with the Perseverance rover using 900MHz Zigbee radios. Not Wi-Fi, GSM, or something exotic like fission-powered...

Warren Buffett dumped Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and other bank stocks last year. They've now...

Summary List Placement Warren Buffett might regret dumping bank stocks given their positive outlook. Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway sold Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and most of Wells Fargo. Bank stocks...

Juvenile court judge back in jail on child porn charge

Milwaukee County Children's Court judge Brett Blomme spent a night in jail on child porn charges earlier this year and will be spending more there after his court appearance Wednesday. Blomme did...

42% of Americans can't name a single prominent Asian American. Pollster gave up after the...

Thousands of breast implant victims will get payouts after court ruling

Case in Paris was brought by 2,700 women over implants made by French company and certified as safe by German firmThousands of victims of the Pip breast implant scandal, including 540 British...

People Shocked After Realizing Vans Shoes Always Land the Right Way Up

The iconic skate shoes always land sole downward, making for a slightly easier tidy-up at the end of the day.

Exploited for decades, wrongfully convicted brothers are now ready for a fresh start

After Henry McCollum and Leon Brown get $75 million judgment, they will depend on guardians and the courts to offer protection from those who might try to target them.

I visited that rare blooming corpse flower at the abandoned gas station in Alameda, California

The Alameda corpse flower is trending and I actually got to see it on the day it bloomed! On Monday morning, my pal Jone Stebbins posted this to her Facebook friends, accompanied by photos,...

Why Many Japanese People Wear Glasses, and 14 Other Jaw-Dropping Facts About This Country

It’s no secret that Japan is already living in the future. And although it’s home to robot waiters and bullet trains with speeds up to 200 miles per hour, it’s the little things in its...

Vrbo Isn't Airbnb's Problem

Airbnb has a host problem, but not because of Vrbo.

Clene started at buy with $18 stock price target at Maxim Group

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US, Russia at odds over military activity in the Arctic

The Biden administration is leading a campaign against Russian attempts to assert authority over Arctic shipping lanes and reintroduce a military dimension to discussions over international...

The Morning After: The new M1-powered iPad Pro, reviewed

Today’s headlines: Apple exec Craig Federighi calls the state of Mac malware 'not acceptable', Nintendo’s Switch Online service reaches 100 games, and PornHub used AI to remaster the oldest erotic...

US, Russia at odds over military activity in the Arctic

The Biden administration is leading a campaign against Russian attempts to assert authority over Arctic shipping and reintroduce a military dimension to discussions over international activity in...

Deb Haaland Staffer Inadvertently Steals The Show During Seth Meyers Interview

It's "the greatest thing I’ve ever seen," said the "Late Night" host.

How to Invest in Dogecoin During the Bear Market

Is there any safe way to invest in the Doge during a bear market?

Prince William receives first dose of COVID-19 vaccine

The 38-year-old prince contracted COVID-19​ last year.

Bernie Sanders to introduce resolution opposing $735 million arms sale to Israel

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will introduce a resolution on Thursday opposing the U.S. sale of $735 million in precision-guided weapons to the Israeli government, the Washington Post reports. Why...

Slack adds a gender pronoun option to profiles

Slack has officially launched a dedicated field for gender pronouns, so you can display them on your profile.

Warriors vs. Lakers score: LeBron James clinches 7-seed with clutch 3-pointer; Golden State to...

Warriors vs. Lakers score: LeBron James clinches 7-seed with clutch 3-pointer; Golden State to host Grizzlies  CBSSports.comLeBron James delivers in clutch as Los Angeles Lakers take 7th seed in...

Kohl's sales jump nearly 70%, soaring past estimates, retailer hikes full-year outlook

Kohl's on Thursday reported first-quarter earnings and sales that topped analysts' estimates, and raised its outlook for the full year.

Crypto Crash: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin Are Plunging. Here's Why

Investors are suffering gruesome losses -- and more pain could lie ahead.

Ulmo E-Commerce UI Kit: High-quality kit to help create a beautiful e-commerce app

“ Hey, Guys! I'm Roman, and I want to share with you my first UI kit. I am open to all comments, so post here or at UI8. Cheers! ” – Roman Belyaev ...

Pacers vs. Wizards Play-In Game Odds, Daily Fantasy Tips and Live Stream

The three regular-season meetings between the Indiana Pacers and Washington Wizards averaged 272 points. On May 3, the two Eastern Conference play-in game foes combined to score 295 points in a...

The 27-year-old behind ethereum isn't surprised by the crypto crash

The crypto crash of the past few days has shocked investors around the world. Vitalik Buterin isn't among them -- even though the meltdown wiped out a huge chunk of his personal wealth.

IHOP is finally ready to debut its new restaurant concept

IHOP is finally ready to debut its new restaurant concept, Flip'd, in New York City this July. Think of it as a bit like IHOP to go.

IHOP is finally ready to debut its new restaurant concept

IHOP is finally ready to debut its new restaurant concept  CNN IHOP to launch new restaurant, Flip'd by IHOP, after rethinking pilot during pandemic  CNBCIHOP Is Finally Opening Its New Fast...

Apollo Global Co-Founder Josh Harris to Leave Day-to-Day Role

Apollo Global Management said co-founder Josh Harris plans to step down from his day-to-day role at the investment giant to focus on his personal investments.

Kohl's sales jump nearly 70%, soaring past estimates, retailer hikes full-year outlook

Kohl's sales jump nearly 70%, soaring past estimates, retailer hikes full-year outlook  CNBC

PGA Championship 2021: Daily Fantasy Picks and Tips for Thursday

Much has been made about the conditions and length at the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island. The host course of the 2021 PGA Championship could force golfers into some high totals, especially if...

Dogecoin jumps on Elon Musk tweet as wild cryptocurrency trading continues

Dogecoin jumps on Elon Musk tweet as wild cryptocurrency trading continues  CNBCBitcoin price swings continue as Musk tweet sparks rebound  FRANCE 24 EnglishThe crypto collapse: Here's what's...

Dogecoin jumps on Elon Musk tweet as wild cryptocurrency trading continues

"How much is that Doge in the window?," the Tesla CEO wrote on Twitter.

Elon Musk UK visit drives Tesla factory rumours

A two-day stop in the UK has ignited speculation that the tech mogul is looking for factory sites.

Drug Industry Money Quietly Backs Media Voices Against Sharing Vaccine Patents

Doctors, economists, lawmakers, and civil society groups fighting the WTO waiver are funded by the pharmaceutical lobby. The post Drug Industry Money Quietly Backs Media Voices Against Sharing...

6 takeaways from the IEA’s net-zero scenario

Plus, what a renewed Iran deal would mean for oil markets and uranium supply depresses prices

Politics, Race, Religion: What Really Divides Americans? Take Our Exclusive Quiz

America is divided—but by what? Race, religion, political party, education level: all are sources of significant social disunity these days, as people increasingly have trouble understanding or...

Covid: Test and Trace failure helped Indian variant spread, report says

Several councils did not have access to all the latest data for almost three weeks, the BBC learns.

Nina Turner on Bernie Sanders, Running for Congress, and Progressive Power

The Ohio Congressional candidate and former Bernie surrogate speaks with Rolling Stone for the latest installment of “The Next Wave,” a series on the new leaders who will shape America’s future

How to Date During Horny Vax Summer if You're Looking for a Relationship

It can be hard to believe you’ll find someone when hedonism seems to be the collective mood, but a lot of people want to lock it down after lockdown.

The Abortion Fight Has Never Been About Just Roe v. Wade

This week, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could result in the overruling of Roe v. Wade. The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, involves a Mississippi law that bans...

Hiakai in Wellington, New Zealand

Hiakai means “hungry” or “having a craving to eat” in te reo Māori, the Māori language. At Hiakai, a restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand, chef Monica Fiso's seeks to feed the Māori hunger to...

All Those Electric Vehicles Pose a Problem for Building Roads

Gas taxes are the largest source of funding for highway construction and maintenance. As more cars plug in, that revenue is shrinking.

Coder Dee Tuck Is on a Mission to Help Diversify Hollywood

At Ava DuVernay’s Array film collective, Tuck is making it easy for showbiz types to hire a more inclusive workforce.

PIP breast implant victims should receive compensation, rules Paris court

A French court has ruled that hundreds of victims of a breast implant scandal are entitled to compensation.

Unexpected 'Black Swan' defect discovered in soft matter for first time

Berlin-based Trade Republic, a zero-commission “neo-broker” app, raises $900M Series C led by...

Consumers are moving into investing to complement — or in some cases, offset — less good returns from things like traditional savings accounts with low interest rates or pensions, and today one of...

Wormhole Tunnels in Spacetime May Be Possible, New Research Suggests

There may be realistic ways to create cosmic bridges predicted by general relativity-- Read more on

Clashes as Morocco forces block access to Ceuta

Moroccan migrants scuffle with police in Fnideq, on the Moroccan side of the border with Spain, in the hope of a new opening towards the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, where thousands of would-be...

The Myth of Labor Shortages

Is the U.S. suffering from a labor shortage? If so, capitalism has an answer.

Idaho teacher halts a school shooting by: a. puling out her own gun and shooting the student; b....

Michael Cohen says Donald Trump will flip on his own children

Trump's former lawyer says Trump will likely sell out his own flesh and blood — even Ivanka

Not all corporations are "woke": In Big Tech, the boss wants you to shut up about politics

Execs at tech firms want to end workplace political discussion — but employees say it's a tactic to silence dissent

Apollo co-founder Josh Harris to step down after Athene deal

Harris will ‘return to his roots as an investor and entrepreneur’ but remain on the Apollo board

We will pursue you for life, Hong Kong warns wanted activists abroad

Hong Kong’s top security official has vowed to pursue self-exiled activists for the rest of their lives, warning that China’s adversaries ...

Kentaro Miura, creator of bestselling manga Berserk, dies aged 54

Thousands of fans gather in online games to hold memorials for the artist and writer, who had been working on the series since 1989Kentaro Miura, creator of the long-running dark fantasy manga...

36 Adorable Pieces Of Decor To Help Liven Up Your Space

Little touches to make your house a home.

Stephen Colbert Was Rejected For A Part In ‘Friends'

“And... I didn’t get it,” the comedian told "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow.

Google rediscovers RSS: tests new feature to ‘follow’ sites in Chrome on Android

Google is testing a new feature for its Chrome browser on Android that lets users “follow” sites to create an updating list of new content they publish. The feature is based on RSS, an open web...

Update: crypto crash..

Op-Ed: The traffic ticket from hell

California adds fees onto traffic citations that have nothing to do with the violation, making our tickets among the most expensive in the nation.

As Aquifers Run Low, Mexico City Is Sinking Fast

This story was originally published by Wired and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  When Darío Solano‐Rojas moved from his hometown of Cuernavaca to Mexico City to...

Elizabeth Warren Wants Joe Biden to Go Bigger on Child Care

When Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) ran for president, one of the first policies she unveiled to establish herself as the wonk candidate was a proposal for universal child care and pre-K. Warren...

Netanyahu and Biden: A History

The complicated relationship and delicate diplomacy between President Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

The Pandemic’s Trauma Won’t Just Go Away

This time last year, the United States seemed stuck on a COVID-19 plateau. Although 1,300 Americans were dying from the disease every day, states had begun to reopen in a patchwork fashion, and an...

Only 11 House Members Have Said They’re Not Running Again. Here’s Why That’s Important For 2022

We’re still more than a year away from the 2022 midterms, but we’re already monitoring which incumbents in the House of Representatives plan to seek reelection next November. That’s because a...

Help! Do I Tell My Boss I’m the One Who Hasn’t Been Flushing the Toilet?

The Waves Is Back

In your podcast feeds every Thursday.

Ford debuts electric f-150..

36 Products That’ll Help You Clean So Much Faster

Stop feeling like Cinderella and get your hands on these.

The problem with Free Software is capitalism

EXPLAINER: How did Hamas grow its arsenal to strike Israel?

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — In this fourth war between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers, the Islamic militant group has fired more than 4,000 rockets at Israel, some hitting deeper in Israeli...

Top U.S., Russian Diplomats Meet Ahead Of Possible Putin-Biden Summit

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov huddled on the sidelines of Arctic Council meetings in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Democrats launching early 2022 AAPI ad buy

The Democratic National Committee is launching its first minority-focused ad buy of the 2022 midterm cycle, targeting the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in battleground states,...

7 Indoor Plants That Can Be Dangerous to Keep at Home

It is estimated that over 450,000 plant species exist in the world, and some of them have become one of the best ways to add some color and life to our homes. However, some of these plants can...

“Today we are Nazis,” says member of Israeli Jewish extremist group

Extremist mobs attacking Palestinians are organized, Adalah says.

Cloud-based construction software company Procore prices its NYSE IPO at $67 per share, above...

Sick But Hate Hospitals? In-Home Medical Care Is A Growing Option

COVID-19 and dozens of other acute illnesses now qualify for home treatment thanks to a new federal effort aimed at freeing up hospital beds.

Is It Time to Panic About Inflation? Ask These 5 Questions First

Focus on exactly how and why prices are changing over time, and how these shifts might affect you.

These Lululemon Shorts Are My New Favorite Piece of Clothing

Scouting Report: These shorts aren’t exercise shorts, but they are the one’s I’ll be wearing the rest of Summer.The weather is heating up, and for me, that means one thing: time to break out the...

Christopher Kimball & the Grateful Dead School of Bartending

Nobody has ever accused Milk Street founder Christopher Kimball of being indifferent.Viewers of his acclaimed PBS television show and readers of his newsletter and books are accustomed to his...

Virtual Background Images: Free virtual background images for online meetings

“ We discovered a real need we could address when we saw the statistics that most people keep their camera off when doing online conference calls because they don’t want colleagues to see...

China Says It Will Provide COVID-19 Vaccines to Almost 40 African States

The vaccines have been donated or sold at “favorable prices,” a Foreign Ministry official said

Fansubbing BookStory

A Japanese bookstore simulator is collaboratively translated into English after 24 years.

Stimulus check update: 4th payments could be back on the table if supporters get their way

On Monday, six members of the House Ways and Means Committee sent a letter to President Joe Biden encouraging recurring direct payments. If you’d lost hope of another stimulus payment coming your...

TikTok owner ByteDance’s CEO stepping down to spend more time “listening to music and daydreaming”

In the years since Zhang cofounded ByteDance, the company has achieved what was once viewed as impossible: dethroning Facebook as the king of social media. The CEO of ByteDance, the owner of the...

Olympian Torah Bright Says Breastfeeding Pic Wasn't Meant to Shame Moms

Torah Bright says her handstand breastfeeding wasn't meant to bring anyone down -- and despite some mothers apparently feeling that way ... there were even more who were supportive. The Olympic...

Killed by police in Colombia

An analysis of video evidence in four cases of protester deaths shows the extent to which police appear to have overstepped their rules of engagement.

Peyton Manning Rooting For Packers In Rodgers Drama, I'm Hoping They Work It Out

The man who bleeds Denver orange and Colts blue is now throwing his support behind Green Bay ... with Peyton Manning telling TMZ Sports he'd REALLY like to see the Packers resolve the drama with...

SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Justice Thomas remembers 'rapid' RBG

WASHINGTON (AP) — In her last years on the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg moved slowly. She was always the last justice to exit the courtroom, with Justice Clarence Thomas helping her...

Garcetti's wife has to give a deposition. Could it happen from India?

"They have computers there," a city attorney writes in a legal tussle over when Amy Elaine Wakeland could be deposed if Mayor Eric Garcetti becomes U.S. ambassador to India.

BATW Travel Stories Submission Guidelines

Member guidelines for submitting stories to the BATW Travel Stories magazine.Continue reading on BATW Travel Stories »

BTS Launch New Casetify Collection Inspired by Hit Song ‘Dynamite’

The limited-edition collection includes phone cases, chargers and AirPod accessories inspired by the lyrics and themes of their hit single

Mess, with Texas

Is Phil Collins's legendary Texana collection everything it's cracked up to be? A Texas Monthly longread on the ructions and scheming around the renovation of the Alamo.

How J.D. Vance Learned to Play Trump’s Twitter Game

The author and Senate hopeful has a special knack at getting under liberals’ skin and getting everyone to talk about him.

Biden’s old Senate colleagues don’t recognize his current economics. They’re cool with that

The White House says there’s no change to his core principles even as he adapts to meet the crises he inherited.

Former officers criminally charged over arrest of 73-year-old dementia patient

Two former Colorado police officers have been criminally charged in connection with the arrest of a 73-year-old dementia patient last year, which landed the elderly woman in a hospital.The woman,...

NYC Dept of Education features drag queen for show aimed at 3 to 8-year-olds, aired on PBS

The New York City Department of Education featured a drag queen known as Little Miss Hot Mess in a show aimed at 3 to 8-year-olds — aired on PBS — wherein the performer and author declared, "I...

The $10 Clear Makeup Bags Travelers & Flight Attendants Swear By

As a beauty writer, I consider myself somewhat of an expert when it comes to packing my routine on the go. While I’ve said my fair share of teary goodbyes to full-size bottles that didn’t make it...

A Famed Folk Singer Won A Presidential Pardon After Molesting A Child. Did He Prey On Others?

No one from the government notified Barbara Winter about the pardon. Not the White House, not the Justice Department's Office of the Pardon Attorney, not the prosecutor who handled her case.

Colonial Pipeline confirms it paid $4.4 million to hackers

Colonial Pipeline's CEO Joseph Blount told The Wall Street Journal that he authorized the payment after the ransomware attack because the company didn't know the extent of the damage.

Bob Dylan’s Distillery, Heaven’s Door, Announced A Limited-Edition 10-Year Aged Bourbon Whiskey

The Master Blenders' Edition is a collaboration with Redbreast Irish Whiskey.

House votes to create panel to probe Jan. 6 insurrection

Democrats say the commission is crucial to reckoning what happened that day, when a violent mob of Trump's supporters broke into the Capitol to try and overturn President Joe Biden's victory.

Wait, Jennifer Aniston’s Idea For What Rachel Green Would Be Doing Now Is Actually Perfect

When we bid farewell to Friends back in 2004, the future of Rachel Green’s (played by Jennifer Aniston) career was uncertain. Did she move to Paris to pursue her dream job at Louis Vuitton? Did...

Capitol Police Officers Called On Republicans In Congress To Investigate the Insurrection In An...

"It is inconceivable that some of the Members we protect, would downplay the events of January 6th," members of the force said in a statement.

'Madman ... Racist, Sexist Pig': New Book Details Obama's Real Thoughts On Trump

The Democratic ex-president was candid in remarks to donors and advisers, according to Battle for the Soul by Edward-Isaac Dovere

Basically Everyone Is Mad At The CDC For Being So Confusing About Masks

“We spent a year trying very hard to get people to wear masks,” said one expert. “This kind of sudden abrupt change, without any kind of signaling that it’s coming, will leave people feeling blindsided.”

French Polynesia's Teti'aroa Has Been an A-Lister Retreat for Centuries

When you live on a tropical island paradise already, where do you go to escape it all? In the 18th century, the ultimate vacation destination for the chiefs of Tahiti was a teeny atoll a...

What banning abortion at 6 weeks really means

So-called heartbeat bills ban nearly all abortions. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday signed a bill that would ban abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat can be detected. That’s as early as six...

Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza Is Coming To ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’

The trailer for this event looks like a blast -- and is filled with 'em.

Amazon hit by five more lawsuits from employees who allege race and gender discrimination

Five women allege that managers retaliated against them for complaining internally about harassment or discrimination. Five women who have worked at Amazon in corporate roles or in warehouse...

How to Make Your Home Less Welcoming to Spiders

Spiders offer plenty of benefits in terms of pest control, but that doesn’t mean they’re always welcome guests in your home. Here are some easy ways to keep your home from becoming a spider’s...

What to Know About Twitter's New Verification Process

Twitter’s verification process may soon change. The social media company announced plans to update its verification process last year, and recent evidence indicates the new process could go into...

Chuck Schumer Rejects Joe Manchin’s Voting Rights Strategy

The Senate majority leader continues to push the all-encompassing For the People Act, while the West Virginia senator is narrowly focused on reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act. The post Chuck...

The History of LeBron James and Stephen Curry’s Rivalrous Friendship

As the two best basketball players of the last ten years go head-to-head in the NBA’s new play-in game format, a look back at every beat of their long, complex relationship.

Statement of Protest to the UNC Board of Trustees

We, the undersigned journalism faculty from across the United States, write to protest the action of the University of North Carolina…Continue reading on Whither news? »

Biden Touts Electric Vehicles Amid Negotiations on Infrastructure Spending

US President Joe Biden drives the new electric Ford F-150 Lightning at the Ford Dearborn Development Center in Dearborn, Michigan on May 18, 2021.

The Best Hair Dye for Men Will Keep the Grays Away

Maybe it's not time to enter your silver fox phase.

Supreme Court To Hear Abortion Rights Challenge

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case concerning a Mississippi law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, giving the majority conservative court an opportunity to pare back constitutional...

Ask ‘The Onion’: How To Score The Best Deal On Travel

With airlines and hotels beginning to open up at full capacity, there’s never been a better time to get major discounts on vacations. You asked The Onion your most pressing questions on travel...

Longform Podcast #440: Donovan X. Ramsey

Donovan X. Ramsey is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. His work has appeared in GQ, WSJ Magazine, The Atlantic, and many other publications. “I actually got into writing about criminal...

11 Unmissable Books From the Last Five Years

From a powerful retelling of ancient Greek mythology to a dystopian take on modern America, these are some recent reads you need on your list.

The Naked Gun: When Larry Flynt Allegedly Tried to Put a Hit Out On Hugh Hefner

Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner—two titans of titillation—were never close. But a paper trail shows that Flynt may have wanted to see the 'Playboy' founder suffer a case of lead poisoning.

The Strange Story of Dagobert, the “DuckTales” Bandit

In the ’90s, a frustrated artist in Berlin went on a crime spree—building bombs, extorting high-end stores, and styling his persona after Scrooge McDuck. He soon became a German folk hero.

Why Did NASA Test a Helicopter on Mars?

You've got question. We've got experts

How the Inca Discovered a Prized Pigment

The centuries-old history of titanium white

Which Pizza Oven Is Right for You?

You can run these off of gas, pellets, or wood. We tested each kind to see which worked best.

The Bruins Took A Bet On Their Young Defensemen

When the Boston Bruins let longtime captain Zdeno Chára walk to a division rival in free agency, the team touted its young defensemen. For Jérémy Lauzon and Jakub Zbořil to develop, Boston’s front...

Sebastian Junger on Walking America’s Railroads

In an excerpt from his latest book, ‘Freedom,’ the celebrated nonfiction writer describes a journey along Pennsylvania’s train tracks with friends he met while reporting on the war in Afghanistan

The Warner-Discovery deal and the future of streaming

To survive online, media firms are merging

China’s Communist Party chips away at Hong Kong business houses

The territory’s tycoons are falling out of favour