A Look Into The Past...At The Way Things Used To Be

A Party in 1966

Crossing America in a 1964 stationwagon

Listening to the radio on the beach, circa 1940s

Teenage Meet-Up on Main Street, Caldwell Idaho, July 1941

New car shopping, 1950s

High school students, 1981

Staff at a Burger Chef circa 1975

The American Look in 1945 according to the department store, Lord & Taylor

Dairy Queen – Austin, Texas, 1963

Sea Breeze Sandwich Bar, 1964

Big Hair of the 1960’s

Three Tough Cowboys. July 1955

Safeway Grocery Store 1970s

Route 66, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1969

4th of July picnic – 1951

A library in the 1970s

Couple on a date in New York City 1963