Getting Some Medieval Ass -

BunsesTedses 4-5 minutes 8/1/2021

Her story from his perspective.


Read her perspective here:

Bunny has always liked castles. I guess it is partly the fairytale fantasy, and partly her love of history. So, when I suggested going to the castle on the hill when her family visited, she agreed right away. Little did I know that by the time of said castle visit we would be in a dry spell that had me searching for ways to relieve it. In other words, I was horny as hell.

And of course, it did not help that Bunny decided to wear that new, tiny, black summer dress that made her look angelic and devilish at the same time. The tight fit and the big bows on her straps showed her figure in an extremely seductive way, while her beautiful long hair framed her smile of innocence.

I knew we had to keep to protocol, yet the castle gave us plenty of opportunities to make up. The narrow winding corridors and the plentiful low light rooms meant we were able to sneak kisses and hugs often enough. It was giving me such a hard on and I was happy that the lack of light helped me hide the rising tent under my shorts.

As we walked into a room where visitors could dress up as knights and princesses, queens and courtesans, I saw a small door half hidden in a corner. I checked it out and knew this was our opportunity. After mumbling a phrase or two about how her sister could try on some of the medieval dresses, I used eye contact to communicate my intentions to Bunny.

“You, Me, There, Quick!”

Is what I said with my eyes. Bunny followed me and when we walked into the tiny circular room we saw the steep spiral steps going to a small room at the top. I could imagine a watchman in the past checking the horizons for vandals from that spot. But this was no time for reminiscing but for action. As Bunny walked in front of me all I could see were her beautiful long legs, and that black piece of fabric covering my paradise.

We were still walking upstairs as I was caressing the soft skin of her legs. As we got upstairs I held Bunny in my arms and we kissed furiously. It was desperation, lust, summer heat, greed, and sexiness all combined. She moved her hand down to grab my erect rod and I could see the expression of positive surprise in her eyes as she tasted what she found.

She turned around and presented that fabulous ass of hers to me while removing her panties. My shorts and underwear went down in a jiffy and my dick sprang into action, already pointing in the right direction. I lifted her dress up, held her by her waist and in no time we had made wet contact.

And wet she was. I did not have to push hard, for it was the smoothest gliding in. I don’t know if it was the place, or all the making up, or just the plain effect of Bunny’s pheromones on me, but all of a sudden I knew that I had to take her hard.

I moved my hands under her arms and then placed my palms on her back, locking her in position. I started slowly, moving all of my length all the way in and then back so the tip was just at her entrance. Her hair was bouncing in that wavy rhythm that frames her gracious figure when we do doggy.

She bent over a bit more, presenting a new angle that made her pussy feel so tight around me. Her body just wanted to extract all my vital fluids and knew exactly what to do. She looked back at me to check how was I pounding her. The look in her eyes, and her loving smile of pleasure just did for me.

I felt how my dick twitched inside of her and from her muffled gasps I knew she could also feel it. It was a desperate bouncing race. Suddenly I felt how she was arching her back. Her legs started shaking. Usually I would stop for an instant to let her get her footing back, but not today. Today I kept pumping all my love into her and my brain blinded me as I came inside of her.

She grabbed my ass and pumped the last drops of my offering into her. She did not want anything to go to waste. I could feel how her body was still shaking. I kissed her back and held her in my arms.

We cuddled in place as calm and peace descended upon us behind those thick walls. I could hear her laughing as she usually does when she does me. I knew at that moment that ours was a communion of souls. That it was the deepest expression of our love and our caring for each other that resulted in this coming together in the literal sense.