Eliud Kipchoge Is the GOAT. What Makes Him So Good?

Endurance-science experts explain the world record holder’s incredible marathon dominance The post Eliud Kipchoge Is the GOAT. What Makes Him So Good? appeared first on Outside Online.

The Atlantic’s Hurricane Grace Could Redevelop In The Pacific Next Week

Hurricane Grace hit Mexico on Saturday with 125 mph winds. The storm could redevelop in the Pacific Ocean early next week.

Henri expected to strengthen and head for Northeast

Officials in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York cautioned that people could lose power for a week or even longer.

Biden expected to spend weekend in Delaware, away from White House amid Afghanistan crisis

President Biden is once again scheduled to head home to Delaware Saturday, as thousands of Americans and Afghan allies remain stranded in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover last weekend.

Pentagon takes heat for evacuating only 'a couple hundred' Americans out of 6K total people from Kabul

The Pentagon is taking heat for saying that a "couple hundred American citizens" were boarded onto planes out of Afghanistan, while the the flights overall carried nearly 6,000 passengers.

2 Cheap Tech Stocks to Buy Right Now

These companies have been facing some setbacks, but they could bounce back and crush expectations.

A customer left a $10,000 tip for staff at a Florida restaurant to say thanks to them for...

Summary List PlacementA diner left a $10,000 tip at a seafood restaurant in Gainesville, northern Florida, CBS4 first reported. Shawn Shepherd, the owner of Wahoo Seafood, told Newsweek that the...

How the Federal Reserve's Tapering of Bond Purchases Could Help Bank Stocks

If the Federal Reserve begins winding down its bond purchases, it could push up longer-term rates, which is helpful for most banks.

Shocking video reportedly shows the Taliban executing a blindfolded Afghan police chief

Summary List PlacementA harrowing video appears to show the Taliban executing an Afghan police chief, days after the group promised not to seek revenge against former opponents following their...

Diving among ancient ruins where Romans used to party

Fish dart across mosaic floors and into the ruined villas, where holidaying Romans once drank, plotted and flirted in the party town of Baiae, now an underwater archaeological park near Naples

How To Regain Momentum After A Protracted Job Search

This Billing Manager wants to know if she should give up on her job search, now 16 months and counting. When you’re in a long job search, it can be tough to figure out what you can do to turn...

Liverpool v Burnley: Premier League

Live updates from the 12.30pm (BST) kick-off at AnfieldKeep up with all the goals as they go in around EuropeDrop Barry an email | Tweet @bglendenning 12.12pm BST | Burnley's line-up for today's...

Fathom’ Director on Having Important Conversations About Women in STEM and Showing How Whale...

Documentary filmmaker Drew Xanthopoulos started reading about whale cognition, culture and communication around four years ago, and was blown away by what he found. “It was stranger than any...

I Teach Sex Ed to Millions on Tik Tok

My platform allows me to show people that there is no shame in saying the words vagina and vulva on social media. We have commercials for erectile dysfunction so why can't we talk about...

1st Black Trans Woman On Presidential HIV/AIDS Panel Seeks To Focus On Equality

As the first Black transgender woman to serve in this capacity, Tori Cooper says she is eager to advocate on behalf of all transgender and non-binary people living with HIV.

How Valuable Are The U.S. Weapons The Taliban Just Captured?

In a scene repeated across Afghanistan, retreating government forces ditched billions of dollars worth of U.S.-supplied military hardware, ranging from assault rifles to Black Hawk helicopters.

The International Response to the Taliban’s Ascent Will Shape Afghans’ Fate

Experts warn that cutting off international aid to Afghanistan would have dire consequences for ordinary people. The post The International Response to the Taliban’s Ascent Will Shape Afghans’...

Axios-Ipsos poll: 51% of Black people say they’re disadvantaged in U.S. higher education

Data: Axios/Ipsos Poll; Chart: Thomas Oide/AxiosAsian, Black and Hispanic Americans are more likely to say colleges and universities reflect white people's views, while white Americans —...

The 20 Most Expensive Toys on eBay

Toys as collectable as these are available for astonishing sums at the online auction site.

15 Best Weekend Deals on iPads, Fitness Trackers, and More

Need a new laptop? Now is the time to buy. There’s also plenty of great sales on everything from photo frames to Apple’s latest iPad.

Henri to have dangerous impacts as hurricane over Northeast

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — Parts of the Northeast could begin to experience impacts from Tropical Storm Henri as soon as late Saturday, as the system that is expected to become a hurricane by the end...

Storm surge warnings issued as Henri is on track to hit the northeast. Woody Boyd unavailable...

Covid: Australian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters

Hundreds of people are arrested after rallies against lockdown measures in Melbourne and Sydney.

Hundreds arrested, fined during Australia lockdown protests

Authorities in Australia say more than 250 people have been arrested while protesting coronavirus lockdowns in the country

The Incarcerated Women Risking Their Lives to Fight Wildfires

‘Breathing Fire,’ a new book by Jaime Lowe, delves into the personal stories behind California’s inmate firefighter program The post The Incarcerated Women Risking Their Lives to Fight Wildfires...

13 Pairs of Actors and Actresses Who Played Parents and Kids Despite Their Small Age Gap

Experienced actors and actresses don’t find it difficult to play a character of any age and movie producers and directors know this and use it to their advantage. All because the presence...

New Englanders brace for what could be the first hurricane in 30 years

New Englanders brace for what could be the first hurricane in 30 years  CNNHudson Valley Forecast: Henris Track Trends Slightly Westward  Patch.comFriday 4 PM Tropical Update: Hurricane Henri to...

Google's Secret Initiative

First cross-river railway bridge between China and Russia completed

The first railway bridge connecting Russia and China was finished on August 17.

Don’t go down without a fight’: Texas Democrats’ effort to block voting restrictions sputters

Some Texas Democrats dismayed their colleagues returned to make a quorum, but others hope their protest has drawn attention to voting rights A last-ditch effort to stall Texas Republicans from...

WNBA Trade Deadline 2021: End Time, Latest News and Predictions

As the WNBA enters the home stretch of the regular season, which ends in less than a month on Sept. 19, the next major date on the calendar is the trade deadline. The league's 12 teams have...

Germany’s hidden hunger: On the breadline in Europe’s richest country (2017)

Madden 22: Expert Review Scores and Fan Reaction

When details of Madden NFL 21 were released a year ago, longtime fans of the football video game series were disappointed. Franchise mode was mostly being ignored, and there weren't enough...


Twitter user @politic_animal set out at 3:00 am on Friday morning to answer the question "How far can you travel by local buses from London in twenty-four hours?" Here's a ThreadReader compilation...

Fighting breaks out over aid distribution after Haiti earthquake

Hunger and destitution ends in fighting over aid distribution after last week's deadly earthquake in Haiti.

42 Products To Help Make A Few Problems Around The House *Poof* Disappear

These products will fix common household issues faster than you can say abracadabra.

Taliban fighters dressed as US troops to mock America in propaganda videos

Images of the fighters have emerged amid a report that billions of dollars of American weapons have fallen into the hands of the Taliban after the collapse of Afghan security forces, which had been…

Baggy-flared men's pants are the next big fashion for when guys are allowed to go to fancy...

Anger and despair rise in Haiti, one week after devastating quake

Tensions in Haiti were rising on Saturday, one week after a devastating earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people, as scant aid has arrived in the remote regions of the impoverished Caribbean...

The Southwest's most important river is drying up

Anand Gopal And Richard Ojeda On Afghanistan

A writer and a former soldier discuss what their experience in Afghanistan taught them about the war. The post Anand Gopal And Richard Ojeda On Afghanistan appeared first on The Intercept.

How Religious Exemptions for Vaccines Work

Religion is a powerful thing to wield, but it’s not necessarily a magic bullet.

Scientists Blindsided by Rain at the Summit of Greenland’s Ice Cap

This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Rain has fallen on the summit of Greenland’s huge ice cap for the first time...

The Perils of Magical Environmental Thinking

This story was originally published by Undark and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. There has been much coverage in recent media of citizens who fail to acknowledge the...

Henri to have dangerous impacts as hurricane over Northeast

Parts of the Northeast could begin to experience impacts from Tropical Storm Henri as soon as late Saturday, as the system that is expected to become a hurricane by the end of the day barrels...

Some Americans were right all along on Afghanistan. Will their voices still be ignored?

America's establishment plunged into a disastrous war after 9/11. But other voices warned us what would happen

One Woman’s Chaotic Scramble to Get Her Colleagues Out of Kabul

“Absolutely every decision I make all day long matters.”

When My Satire Becomes Popular, I Must Ask, What Is the Problem?’

Few observers of global discourse range as widely as Elnathan John, the novelist, satirist, and lawyer who frequently participates online and off in conversations about art, politics, and culture...

Six Miles From Freedom in Afghanistan

Six miles isn’t a great distance, but for one Afghan man and his family, it could be the difference between life and death. Habib, whose full identity I won’t disclose for his own safety, served...

45 Products That Deserve An Award For How Much Money They'll Save You

Here's to this itty bitty hair removal tool to spare you from spending money on face waxing ever again.

Biden Says Afghanistan Evacuations Aren’t Open-Ended

President Biden offered no guarantees of escape for Afghans. A child handed over to a U.S. soldier was reunited with his family. Here’s the latest.

NATO is 'working 24/7' to get as many people out of Afghanistan as possible, its chief says

NATO is working "24/7" to evacuate people from Afghanistan, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said as reports of violence and repression continue to emerge.

Hey, Bézier Curves (SLYT)

The Beauty of Bézier Curves - YouTube. Earlier this year, 3blue1brown put out a video Why arent you making math videos? (Also, a 3b1b podcast) - YouTube encouraging mathy people to take the...

Malaysia new PM faces tall task in uniting polarized society

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia's new Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob was sworn in Saturday, bringing back the rule of the country's longest-governing political party, but he faces a...

Moderna Stock Heads to the Moon

The Covid-19 vaccine maker’s shares are the top performer in the S&P 500 so far this year.

Would Odell Beckham have thrived if Joe Judge were his Giants coach?

Would Odell Beckham have thrived if Joe Judge were his Giants coach?  New York Post Browns, Giants have testy joint practice, fight afterward  Yahoo SportsGiants WR Kadarius Toney to miss 2nd...

New Englanders brace for what could be the first hurricane in 30 years

Severe weather warnings have been issued across the Northeast as millions of people prepare for what could be the first hurricane to hit New England in 30 years.

5 good reasons for the FDA to give full approval to COVID-19 vaccines: Analysis

The FDA's full approval of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine, expected as early as this coming week, could make a marked difference in improving health care and saving lives.

New "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" YA books will focus on Willow's kid being Chosen

Earlier this month, Polygon revealed that Disney had announced plans for a new Buffy-spinoff series of YA novels, with the first one — titled In Every Generation — coming as soon as January 2022....

America’s Afghan War: A Defeat Foretold?

Recent history suggests that it is foolish for Western powers to fight wars in other people’s lands and that the U.S. intervention was almost certainly doomed from the start.

Epomaker NT68: 65% Wireless Magic Mechanical Keyboard

Discussion | Link

How Trump tax law created a loophole that lets top execs net millions by slashing their own salaries

The 2017 tax cuts made it more attractive for certain company owners to be paid in profits instead of wages

Methods of Personality and Personality Disorder Classification

The classification of personality, and subsequently personality disorders, is a problematic and controversial area that has not been…Continue reading on Psych Pstuff »

Michael Caine Honored at Opening of Fully-Live Karlovy Vary Film Festival

The 55th edition of the Karlovy Vary Intl. Film Festival returned to life in a fully live format Friday after a year-long COVID-forced break, with its traditional rousing dance numbers and a...

Mission: Impossible films Derbyshire quarry train crash

Crews had been building the set for months and the nearby village had seen lorry-loads of props appearing.

CEO of South Korea's online retail giant Coupang is facing renewed criticism about working...

Congratulations to the winners of the Potato Photographer of The Year award

The Trussel Trust is a UK-based non-profit that supports food banks in community building. They, apparently, also hold a Potato Photographer Of The Year contest, and just announced the...

Stars and Scars -- You Be the Judge

Britney Spears is now the subject of a criminal battery investigation over a dispute with her housekeeper, and Mike Richards may be the shortest-lived game show host in game show history. So, we...

20 Pics That Seem to Be as Fake as a Flying Cow, but Are Actually Real

Nowadays many of us carry our phones everywhere we go. No matter whether we are going on a trip far from home or if we’re going out to the nearest supermarket, our phone almost always...

Quarky: A fun learning companion for kids to learn about AI

“ Hey there, hunters! 👋 I’m excited to introduce y’all to the latest addition to our family! Meet Quarky, a super fun learning companion that makes learning new technologies like...

FBOY Island' Star Garrett Morosky Calls Out Jake Paul For Boxing Match

"FBOY Island" villain Garrett Morosky is out to make even more enemies ... 'cause he's calling out Jake Paul for a boxing match -- dubbing it "The Battle of the F***boys." Garrett had an infamous...

Rome’s iconic pines, hit hard by a nasty parasite, now face their own pandemic

Rescue efforts involve injections of a bug-killing serum as well as booster shots.

Ex-Angels employee charged in Tyler Skaggs' death supplied other MLB players with drugs, feds say

Federal prosecutors allege Eric Kay supplied oxycodone to other Major League Baseball players and offered team memorabilia and game tickets while buying drugs online.

OC Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Suspect In John Wayne Airport Security Breach

OC Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Suspect In John Wayne Airport Security Breach  CBS Los AngelesJohn Wayne Airport evacuating travelers amid security incident  FOX 11 Los AngelesOC Sheriff's Deputies...

Cardano (ADA) sets price highs ahead of smart contract update

Cardano (ADA) sets price highs ahead of smart contract update  CryptoSlateCardano surges 25% in 2 days to become 3rd-largest cryptocurrency as new protocol upgrade looms  Markets InsiderCardano...

Profile of Cerebras, which made the world's largest chip by using a “wafer-scale” approach that...

In the race to accelerate A.I., the Silicon Valley company Cerebras has landed on an unusual strategy: go big.

How can schools reopen safely? Here’s what an epidemiologist suggests

Vaccines, masking, temperature checks, plexiglass? Here’s what’s effective, and what’s not worth the effort, when it comes to slowing the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Just when schools were...

How photography is bringing justice to war-torn Colombia

Researchers asked people in two villages to photograph examples of justice and coexistence. The results were illuminating. It’s not easy for most people to think about what peace and justice mean...

California judge finds Prop 22 gig worker measure unconstitutional

A California judge has ruled that Proposition 22, the measure that allows companies like Uber and Lyft to keep classifying app-based drivers in the state as independent contractors, is...

Mississippi officials warn against using anti-parasite drug to treat COVID-19

The state health department said at least 70% of recent calls have been related to ingesting ivermectin.

Sandra Oh’s ‘The Chair’ Tells the Rotten Truth About Academia’s Rigged Games

In some East Asian cultures, during a child’s first birthday shindig, parents and celebrants crowd together in an endearing fortune-telling practice to predict the direction of their professional...

Afghanistan: the view from Ground Zero

As the US pulls out of Kabul, Americans are more wary than ever of foreign entanglements

How changing climate and tastes made red wine stronger

Ripe and robust vintages have become the norm but there are signs of pushback

Live updates: Armed Afghans beat back Taliban in some areas as nations wrestle with new political reality

The international community is holding off on recognizing the Taliban – for now.

Haiti Struggles to Dig Out After Earthquake and Flooding

LES CAYES, HAITI—Early in the morning on Aug. 14, the small island nation of Haiti was hit by yet another calamity: a 7.2 earthquake. The quake rattled the westernmost portion of the country,...

Twitter users pounce on CBS News over article titled, 'How climate change helped strengthen the Taliban'

A number of Twitter users pounced on CBS News in response to a tweet linking to an article titled, "How climate change helped strengthen the Taliban."Much attention has recently been focused on...

Tom T. Hall: 10 Essential Songs

From the love story "That's How I Got to Memphis" and the bittersweet "Homecoming" to the radio hit "Harper Valley P.T.A."

I’m Tired of Living in a Clickbait Society

Living in a world with too much informationContinue reading on Medium »

How Homeowners Insurance for Musical Instruments Could Help

If you have a particularly valuable instrument, your standard homeowners insurance may not be enough to cover loss or theft

Mississippi health officials warn against using ivermectin for COVID-19 after surge in poisoning calls

Mississippi public health officials warned the public against ingesting ivermectin, a drug meant for horses, to combat COVID-19 after a surge in poisoning calls involving the drug, The Hill...

Security incident prompts evacuations at John Wayne Airport in Orange County

A security incident at Orange County's John Wayne Airport prompted evacuations Friday evening.

Judge shoots down landmark law that kept Uber and Lyft drivers from being employees

A judge Friday shot down a law that would have allowed app-based companies to continue treating drivers as contractors instead of employees in California, ruling unconstitutional a proposition...

Proposition 22 Is Unconstitutional, California Judge Says

The ballot measure, which passed last November, allowed Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and other “gig economy” companies to bypass a law that sought to reclassify their drivers as employees.

Aaliyah sounded like the future. 20 years after her death, we keep looking back

Twenty years after Aaliyah's death, her record company is releasing all her albums to streaming services, starting this month. For many music fans, it may bring closure to a chapter that has...

Peloton’s app indicates a rowing machine may finally be coming

Peloton’s rumored rowing machine may finally be on the way, according to text that 9to5Google discovered in the Peloton Android app. When looking through the app’s code, 9to5 discovered references...

Google has already discontinued the Pixel 5

Amidst the news of a new Pixel phone this week, Google quietly indicated that it’s the end of the road for two other Pixel devices: the Pixel 4A 5G and the Pixel 5. Both are currently listed on...

Alex Jones' InfoWars Partner Reveals His Capitol Riot Arrest Warrant On Air

A federal complaint filed against Infowars host Owen Shroyer on Friday accuses him of “violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.”

U.S. reliance on the Taliban for safety of its citizens in Afghanistan a ‘risk,’ warns ex-general

Retired Army Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt explains why he's concerned about the agreement with the Taliban to guarantee safe passage of Americans from Afghanistan.

Justice Department seeks high court input on 'Remain in Mexico' reinstatement

The Justice Department has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to delay the implementation of a judge's order reinstating a Trump administration policy forcing thousands to wait in Mexico while seeking...

The Messy History of Emily Dickinson's Black Cake Recipe

In the dark pandemic days of last December, 667 people gathered on a video call to celebrate Emily Dickinson’s birthday—and her black cake. Participants were invited to bake the recipe before the...

Curt Schillling’s Former Video Game Studio Is Finally Sending Employees Their Last Paychecks, Kind Of

It took nine years for Curt Schilling's former video game company to pay their employees their final check.

The Wall Street Journal: FDA is expected to give full approval of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine next week

The Food and Drug Administration is expected next week to grant full approval of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer Inc. and partner BioNTech SE, according to people familiar with the planning, an...

AP Calls On Florida Gov. DeSantis To End Reporter Harassment

“That was a direct effort to activate an online mob to attack a journalist for doing his job," The Associated Press' incoming CEO wrote in a letter.

Rhythm game 'Tetris Beat' is now available on Apple Arcade

In the nearly 40 years since Alexey Pajitnov created Tetris, the game has inspired many permutations. The latest example is Tetris Beat, an Apple Arcade exclusive that adds rhythm elements to the...

Why Mike Richards Quit Jeopardy!

Nine days after being named Alex Trebek's replacement, Richards’ history of offensive and sexist comments spurred a backlash that led him to step down.

Facebook, Fearing Public Outcry, Shelved Earlier Report on Popular Posts

The company praised itself this week for being “the most transparent platform on the internet.”

Civil Rights Legend Lucille Times Dies At 100, Leaving A Lasting Legacy

Lucille Times, a  Montgomery civil rights activist who got into a fist fight with the same bus driver Rosa Parks stood up to, passed away late Monday evening. Her nephew, Daniel Nichols, confirmed...

Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine to get full FDA approval next week

The Food and Drug Administration is expected to grant full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine early next week, sources told Axios on Friday. Why it matters: It would be the first...

Tesla Bot Takes Tech Demos to Their Logical Conclusion

Elon Musk’s bizarre demo laid bare the truth of many new tech demos: They are a storyboarded vision of the future held together by digital duct tape.

First Came an Earthquake. Then a Hurricane. Now, Haiti is Bracing for an Outbreak of Disease

First Came an Earthquake. Then a Hurricane. Now, Haiti is Bracing for an Outbreak of Disease.

New Jeopardy! Host Mike Richards Steps Down Amid Criticism. But He’s Not Leaving the Show Entirely

Jeopardy! executive producer Mike Richards has officially stepped down as incoming host of the long-running game show as multiple controversies from his past have come to light. After emerging...

The Lorde Album Probably Isn't What You Want. But It's What Lorde Thinks You Need

"Solar Power" is filled with good vibes and aspirational lyrics. It's missing big songs.

These People Are Desperate To Flee The Taliban In Afghanistan After Helping The US

"The [American] government is leaving us behind for the enemy to cut our heads off," one interpreter said. "I just need a safe place for now."

OnlyFans’ New Rules On Sex Have These Adult Performers Fearing For Their Income

"I am going to have to rebuild everything from scratch if OnlyFans kicks sex workers and lewd creators off the platform."

How to Test Drive Windows 11 Without Installing Anything

You can now demo Windows 11 from your internet browser, thanks to a new webpage created by a resourceful developer known as “Blue Edge.” Read more...

Halo Infinite’ Will Not Have Co-Op Or Forge Mode Available At Launch

A major time crunch is behind the decision.

Meeting 'The Other Side': Conversations With Men Accused Of Sexual Assault

In 2011, I helped launch a movement to aid survivors on college campuses. That meant I also had to think hard about the rights of those under scrutiny.

Sound Bath' Meditation Might Be Your New Favorite Meditation

After months and months of nonstop bad news, we’re all feeling run-down and looking for ways to destress and center ourselves. Have you considered meditation? Sound baths can help you stay focused...

The New Era of Black Reality TV Feels More Like Real Life

‘Sweet Life: Los Angeles’ and ‘We Got Love’ emphasize Black entrepreneurship and friendship instead of full-blown drama.

Demand for antibody drugs soars..

Sarasota becomes first Trump county to defy DeSantis on school masks

Mundolingua in Paris, France

Mundolingua is a quirky museum of world languages, linguistics, and pedagogy tucked away in a corner of one of the more chic neighborhoods in Paris. At first glance, it looks more like an office...

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s New Beauty Brand Helps Her Manage Adult Acne

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is best known for her fashion aesthetic, but beyond a perfected mirror-selfie stance and an enviable Bottega collection, her business passion is actually fashion and...

Full fda approval of pfizer as early as monday..

Simone Biles Drops In On Pickup Gymnastics Meet In Rucker Park

HARLEM, NY—In a surprise appearance that sent local spectators into a frenzy, reports confirmed that seven-time Olympic medalist Simone Biles dropped in on a pickup gymnastics meet Friday at...

Jenner, Faulconer call on Elder to exit California recall

The Best Sex Lubes That Don’t Smell Like Motor Oil

You'll need a medley of water-, oil-, and silicone-based lubricants to make that horny slip 'n slide.

Mike Richards Steps Down As Host Of ‘Jeopardy!’ Into Reduced Role As Buzzer

CULVER CITY, CA—In the wake of a public backlash over disparaging remarks he made on his former podcast, Jeopardy! announced Friday that Mike Richards would be stepping down from his new job as...

Fox News ignores a DC bomb threat inspired by right-wing conspiracy theory culture

Nothing to see here. A Thursday night news brief on Fox News contained a remarkable claim — that the network doesn’t have enough information to determine what motivated a man spouting right-wing...

Tropical Storm Henri Could Bring Dangerous Storm Surge

The St. Johns River rises from storm surge flood waters from Hurricane Irma on September 11, 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Calling All Dunder Mifflin Fans: Funko Has Announced New Office Pop! Figures

Funko just announced a new line of Pop! figures inspired by 'The Office,' and here's where you can pre-order them today.

The Best Body Wash Won't Make You Smell Like a Gym Shower

Nine top-shelf picks for your shower caddy.

The Milwaukee Brewers Wheeled, Dealed and Fielded Their Way Into World Series Contention

MLB’s top three World Series contenders in our forecast — the Los Angeles Dodgers (29 percent chance to win it all), Houston Astros (14 percent) and Tampa Bay Rays (12 percent) — have all been...

What the Acrid Smoke from Wildfires Can Teach Us

San Francisco, September 9, 2020.

Notorious RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Life and Work Will Be the Subject of a New Exhibition at...

‘Notorious RBG,’ the bestselling book, has inspired a traveling retrospective dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Queen of Delicacies

Liz Shuler Is Named President of the A.F.L.-C.I.O

Ms. Shuler was the No. 2 official before Richard Trumka’s death. A vote to fill the top post for a full term will be held in June.

From Supercomputers to Fire-starting Drones, These Tools Help Fight Wildfires

As climate change worsens wildfires in the West, agencies are tapping into new technologies to keep up with the flames

At Lake Adelle, the Dead, the Missing and Those Left Behind

On the murder at Lake Adelle.

The West’s megadrought is so bad authorities are airlifting water for animals

What do we owe animals suffering under climate-fueled drought? This story is part of Down to Earth, a Vox reporting initiative on the science, politics, and economics of the biodiversity...

Can You Catch The Cricket?

Welcome to The Riddler. Every week, I offer up problems related to the things we hold dear around here: math, logic and probability. Two puzzles are presented each week: the Riddler Express for...

Chronicling Hip-Hop's 45-Year Ascendance as a Musical, Cultural and Social Phenom

The groundbreaking box set "Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap" features 129 tracks, liner notes and an illustrated 300-page compendium

JetBlue launches a low-cost transatlantic flight

It has a better chance to stay aloft than failing forerunners

How Primark makes money selling $3.50 T-shirts

Slower fashion means zippier profits