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13 Surprisingly Positive Consequences Of Terrible Events

Andrea Meno 1-1 minutes 8/24/2021

13 Surprisingly Positive Consequences Of Terrible Events

You have the ability to go back in time and prevent WWI -- but trick-or-treating would never exist. What do you do???

The eruption of Krakatoa gave us The Scream. CRACKED.COM The cataclysmic 1883 eruption caused dust to linger around the atmosphere and alter European sunsets for years. That accounts for the unsettling sky in Edvard Munch's 1893 painting The Scream.

The 1977 NYC blackout was great for hip hop. CRACKED.COM During 25 hours of chaos, lots of DJ equipment was stolen, and either kept for personal use or sold on the black market. As a result, aspiring hip hop artists suddenly had the hardware to pursue their dreams, and the genre exploded from its native Bronx.

WWI paved the way for women's suffrage. VI/AN RAGE PSSIGN CRACKED.CO As men were drafted into the war, women stepped in to take on what had previously been men's work on the domestic front. After that, it was hard -- though some still found a way! -- - to justify treating them as second class citizens.

9/11 was a pretty good day for whales. CRACKED.COM Increased security measures caused air and sea travel to grind to a near halt. Scientists studying whale songs and whale poop all came to the same conclusion: whales weren't being stressed out by the deafening noise for the first time in decades.

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Hurricane Sandy saved an endangered species. CRACKED.COM The storm leveled a bunch of beachfront property, which the piping plover had previously inhabited. AS the Army Corps of Engineers began rebuilding, they had to build around the endangered birds, who quickly moved back into their old neighborhoods.

The atom bomb gave us bone marrow transplants. CRACKED.COM Radiation poisoning was nearly nonexistent before the US radiated the entire country of Japan. Scientists began studying this new ailment, leading to the first successful bone marrow transplant.

We discovered 60 new species during the BP oil spill. A F CRACKED.COM The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative was created to help mitigate the unending sh *tstorm that BP caused. They've uncovered several entirely new species of squid, anglerfish, and mud dragons.

WWII gave us trick- or-treating. You mean I can have some of each ? CRACKED.COM Halloween used to be much heavier on the pranking, but the whole war thing caused everyone to chill out a bit. Specifically, it was rebranded as a more kid-friendly holiday, and the gifting of rationed treats took center stage.

The Fukushima disaster was a net win for the bluefin tuna. CRACKED.COM It wasn't a particularly good day for anyone, local tuna populations included. But the radioactive isotopes inside the ones who survived have made them easier to track, which has boosted conservation efforts.

The Black Plague was great for the workin' man. CRACKEDO Because SO few workers were alive and healthy, the wealthy were forced to increase wages. That upped the standard of living for a whole generation, and essentially created the middle class.

The fall of Constantinople fuelled the Renaissance. CRACKED.COM Scholars fleeing the Ottomans, while bad news for the Byzantine Empire, brought their knowledge (and their books) to Italy and the West.

Hurricane Katrina saved a community from lead poisoning. CRACKED.COM The hurricane displaced sediment from Lake Pontchartrain, covering contaminated soil in New Orleans. There has been a measurable decrease in lead in children's blood since then.

Global warming is solving itself! APETANS CRACKED.COM The ice that makes up the North Pole is receding at a devastating rate. As a result, new shipping routes have been revealed, creating a more direct route between Europe and Asia, and, technically, shrinking carbon emissions a little tiny bit.

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