For Biden and the United States, 9/11 anniversary offers a grim symmetry

On Saturday, it was the Taliban that made the more pointed statement.

Guinea opposition leader urges junta to hold vote soon

Guinea’s longtime opposition leader says he welcomes the coup that deposed President Alpha Conde

Need to Know: There’s a growing wall of worry developing for stocks to climb, says Deutsche Bank

A survey of more than 500 market professionals see a 5% to 10% pullback by year's end.

Why a 401(k) Isn't the Wonderful Savings Tool You Think It Is

Though 401(k) are very popular, they may not be the best savings option for you.

Alibaba Shares Drop As China Reportedly Seeks To Break Up Jack Ma’s Alipay

Chinese regulators want Ant to spin off its lending business and hand over its proprietary credit scoring data to a company part-owned by the state.

Solar 'Superflares' Rocked Earth Less Than 10,000 Years Ago--and Could Strike Again

A stream of plasma rises from the sun’s surface in this image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. Such minor outbursts are routine, but ones far larger can occur—and can wreak havoc if they...

Texas Under Hurricane Watch And Louisiana Declares Emergency As Tropical Storm Nicholas Heads...

The National Hurricane Center forecasts Nicholas approaching Texas on Monday, when it will possibly have strengthened into a hurricane before landfall.

A Google manager recommended the company fire 7 temporary workers rather than give them...

A Google manager said giving benefits to contract workers in the Netherlands was a "situation we ought to avoid," per The New York Times.

Tether cofounder William Quigley says there's no real reason for the altcoin surge except for hype

"There's no real reason... People are excited about it, and it goes up," William Quigley said of the altcoin surge in a Bloomberg interview.

First trial in U.S. college admission scandal to begin

Two high-powered business executives were set on Monday to become the first people to face trial in the "Operation Varsity Blues" college admissions scandal, charged with paying bribes to get...

Financial News: Wall Street banks seeing surge of applicants as pay rises

The world’s largest investment banks have seen a surge in applications from younger candidates, showing the enduring popularity of the sector despite its brutal, long-hours culture.

1 Big Stock Investment Warren Buffett Got Wrong

Even the best make mistakes from time to time.

The Latest: UN official slams Taliban over reprisal killings

The U.N. human rights chief says her office has received credible allegations of reprisal killings by the Taliban of former Afghan security forces, as well as instances in which officials in the...

Needs: Self-Discovery Oracle Card

As a child, you relied on other people to meet your needs. Now, as an adult, it is your responsibility to get your needs met.Continue reading on Just Jordin »

Football fans use American flag as net to help save falling cat

The most notable catch in a game between the Miami Hurricanes and Appalachian State didn't even happen on the field at hard Rock Stadium.

America mourns as FBI releases declassified 9/11 documents

FBI documents show no evidence of Saudi government involvement in the 2001 attacks. Plus, Britney Spears gets engagedGood morning.The FBI has released a newly declassified 16-page document related...

Marathon Leader Overtaken in Home Straight After Race Mistakenly Extended

Organizers have apologized after the overly long course resulted in confusion at the finishing line.

Who Is in the Cast of 'Lucifer' Season 6?

There are some new faces in Lucifer Morningstar's world to help bring his story to an official end.

Fauci Says He Would Support Vaccine Mandate For All U.S. Air Travel

“If you want to get on a plane and travel with other people then you should be vaccinated,” Fauci said on a podcast.

Bridgerton’ Outfit Shondaland’s Training Program Part of $1.6 Million Netflix U.K. Careers Scheme

Netflix is investing £1.2 million ($1.6 million) in a new careers initiative for the U.K. creative industry, which will include a training program with Shondaland, the production company behind...

PHIBER: NFT backed digital apparel with AI based try-on

“ I came across Phiber and company who developed it, earlier in the year. We connected and realized there was a fit and I joined the team. There is a group of brilliant and...

Biden outpacing predecessors with ambassadorships for donors, political supporters

A majority of President Biden's nominees to ambassadorships thus far have been political appointees, frequently for big Democratic donors and key party players, at a rate higher than his predecessors.

First foreign commercial flight since Taliban takeover lands in Kabul

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane carrying a handful of passengers touched down at Kabul airport, the first international commercial flight to land since the Taliban retook power in...

2nd "murder hornet" nest of year destroyed in U.S.; 3rd located

The world's largest hornet can sometimes be lethal to humans but is much more of a threat to honeybees that are relied on to pollinate crops.

Amazon’s Bushfire Documentary ‘Burning’ to Reignite Debate About Political Response to Climate Change

“Burning,” Amazon’s first original feature-length documentary from Australia, about the devastating ‘Black Summer’ of 2019-20 Australian bushfires makes its world premiere at the Toronto...

Met Gala 2021: A look back at some of the most eye-catching looks

As the the 2021 Met Gala approaches, take a look back at some of the most eye-catching looks.

Greece begins mandatory testing for unvaccinated workers

Some 56% of Greece’s residents have been fully vaccinated, while the average rate in the EU is just over 60%.

How To Show Up As the Person You Wish To Become

Unpopular opinion: To change who you are is to change your mindContinue reading on Change Your Mind Change Your Life »

Beijing Is Going Around Telling People Not To Call Taiwan a Country

The Chinese government has demanded small non-profit groups, including a bicycle association and a Jewish religious group, to clarify their stances on Taiwan.

The soccer team co-owned by Ryan Reynolds is coming to FIFA 22

Wrexham AFC is a non-league club in the fifth tier of the English soccer pyramid (the much-more-famous Premier League is at the top), which means it’s an unlikely candidate to feature in a FIFA...

Energy Prices in Europe Hit Records After Wind Stops Blowing

A sudden slowdown in wind-driven electricity production off the coast of the U.K. in recent weeks whipsawed through regional energy markets.

The Tech Crackdown Bites Korea Inc

Traumatized tech investors shouldn’t let the drama in Beijing blind them to developments elsewhere. Korean regulators—and politicians—are sending signals of displeasure.

Uber drivers are employees, not contractors, says Dutch court

Uber drivers are employees rather than independent contractors and are entitled to greater workers' rights, a Dutch court ruled on Monday.

Inside the effort to resettle thousands of Afghans in the United States

After the biggest military evacuation in history, the Biden administration will now resettle more than 60,000 Afghan refugees inside the US over the next several weeks. To accommodate them, eight...

More than half of Americans support vaccine mandates for workplaces, classrooms and sporting events

Americans have grown more supportive of coronavirus vaccine mandates for workers, students, and in everyday public life, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. The shift comes amid renewed...

Biden, Newsom team up seeking COVID-19 momentum: The Note

California Gov. Gavin Newsom went from offering a cautionary tale to charting the kind of course that Democrats may want to follow.

A Cheap, Low-Tech Method That Could Slash Farm Carbon Emissions

This story was originally published by Yale E360 and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. On a hot and humid August day near Geneva, New York, Garrett Boudinot stands in a...

How to (Finally!) Take That Kid-Free Vacation

For one pandemic-worn parent, the key to staying close to her family is getting some distance The post How to (Finally!) Take That Kid-Free Vacation appeared first on Outside Online.

News Analysis: As recall campaign closes, Californians might be ready to change the system

Academics and activists alike say that improvements to the rules and reasons for a recall contest are long overdue. And polling indicates voters might be ready for changes too.

Texans find themselves on the frontline of US culture wars

Restrictive abortion and voting laws introduced as state’s cities become increasingly liberal and diverse

Brazil’s first gay governor aims for the presidency

Eduardo Leite is pitching a third way between political extremes with a liberal economic agenda

Google, Apple and Amazon back major leap in smart home technology

Starting next year, consumers will be able to buy smart home devices — like thermostats, lighting systems and kitchen appliances — that can talk to one another through a new connectivity standard...

Ivermectin frenzy: the advocates, anti-vaxxers and telehealth companies driving demand

Health authorities have warned there’s no proof for Ivermectin’s use to treat Covid-19. Still groups are touting the drug as the way out of the pandemicAt the top of a Florida-based telehealth...

Pandemic-Proofing the Global Order

There is never a good time for a pandemic, but the coronavirus may have hit the world at the worst possible moment. In the decade before the virus, China had grown more dictatorial and assertive;...

The Unwritten Rules of Black TV

I. “You Can Hear a Pin Drop”Carl Winslow, the protagonist of the ’90s sitcom Family Matters, wore his badge with honor. On the show, about a middle-class Black household in Chicago, Winslow...

Detroit Is The Capital Of Bad Sports Right Now

For much of the first decade of the 21st century, the Detroit sports faithful were living the mid-market dream. The Pistons and general manager Joe Dumars assembled a defensive juggernaut with...

Everything You Need To Know About The California Recall Election

On Tuesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s future will be decided by California voters in only the fourth recall election of a governor in U.S. history. The vote comes after a wave of criticism over his...

Uber Loses Battle over Drivers’ Rights in the Netherlands

UN Is Seeking $606 Million In Emergency Aid For Afghanistan After Taliban Takeover

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is leading the world body's call for more than $600 million for the rest of this year in a "flash appeal" for Afghans after Taliban takeover last month.

New York City Schools to Reopen Fully After 18 Months

Roughly one million children will return today — most of them for the first time since the school system closed in March 2020 because of the pandemic. Mayor Bill de Blasio has cast the reopening...

Who Hung the Colorado River Out to Dry?

Forty million Americans, give or take, depend on water from the Colorado River—and that doesn’t even account for its agricultural role.

Dear Care and Feeding: My Teen Is Faking a Disability on TikTok

Parenting advice on social media, abusive parents, and stepchildren.

CNN's Peter Bergen on the "dotted line" from Osama bin Laden to Donald Trump

Longtime CNN correspondent says we're not done with Afghanistan, and that Osama brought America "back into history"

Hacker News Disease

First Pakistan International Airlines flight since foreign troop withdrawal lands in Kabul

First Pakistan International Airlines flight since foreign troop withdrawal lands in Kabul  CNNJohn Simpson: Afghanistan, its future, and why China matters  BBC NewsFrom pariah to partner: How...

Tanya Fear: British actress reported missing in LA

Tanya Fear, 31, who has appeared in Doctor Who, has not been seen since last week.

Uhive: Uhive is a decentralized, creator-first social metaverse

Discussion | Link

COVID-19 Delta Variant Breaches China Again, Just Weeks After Last Outbreak

The latest wave comes less than a month after China contained its broadest outbreak since the virus’s initial emergence in Wuhan

Nintendo lowers Switch price across Europe ahead of OLED model

Nintendo is lowering the price of its base Switch model across Europe ahead of the OLED version’s launch next month. The Nintendo Switch is now priced at €299.99 in Europe, down €30 from the...

Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire

Israel hits Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire  Fox NewsLapid outlines ‘economy for security’ plan to stop Hamas terror in Gaza  The Jerusalem PostRocket fired from Gaza intercepted...

House Democrats will consider $2.9T in tax hikes

House Democrats will consider as much as $2.9 trillion in tax hikes for the next 10 years — mostly on the extremely wealthy and corporate America — as they scramble for ways to pay for President...

Why It Might Not Be a Good Idea for Mothers to Be Friends With Their Daughters

Some people say that their mother or their daughter is their best friend. And it might seem like a perfect scenario for the already very close bond between a mother and daughter. However, this...

WhatsApp reportedly developing transcriptions to tame chaotic voice notes

WhatsApp is reportedly developing a feature that’ll offer transcriptions of received voice messages, letting you easily read what’s been said without having to play it out loud. The feature...

Aggressive': Tempers fray during heated German election debate

Germany's election race stepped up a gear on Sunday night during a heated TV debate between the three contenders vying to lead the country after the Sept. 26 vote.

Experts say China's gaming regulations for young players will hurt esports development in the...

News, analysis and comment from the Financial Times, the worldʼs leading global business publication

North Korea Declares Success in Long-Range Cruise Missile Test, Alarming the US

The U.S. called North Korea’s activity ‘threats to the international community.

The U.K. Prepared for a Jobs Crisis, but Got the Unexpected

Instead of a surge in unemployment, businesses are struggling to fill positions, presenting a new risk to the pandemic recovery.

China will reportedly break up Ant Group's Alipay and force creation of new loans app

Beijing plans to break up Ant Group's Alipay and create a separate app for the fintech giant's loans business, the Financial Times reported Monday.

The real mystery is how they could tell [Obvious]

What We Know About Breakthrough Infections And Long COVID

As the Delta variant causes more vaccinated people to get "breakthrough infections," concerns are rising that even the vaccinated could develop long COVID symptoms in rare cases.

M25 junctions blocked by Insulate Britain campaigners

Insulate Britain is demanding government action on home insulation.

First declassified documents from FBI investigation into 9/11 released

"Multiple connections" were found between two Saudi nationals living in the U.S. and some of the hijackers

There’s Nothing but Love For Tennis Player Clues

The US Open winds up today, and it's been a good one, for both tennis fans and crossword fans alike.The men's side has mostly seen the big guns emerge on top -- DJOKOVIC, ZVEREV, and MEDVEDEV all...

X-Wing Fighters landscape oil painting by me

North Korea Says It Test-Fired New Cruise Missiles With Range to Hit Japan

The missiles flew some 930 miles, the Korea Central News Agency said. That range would be sufficient to strike most of Japan

25 Problem-Solving Products From Chewy That Pet Owners Truly Love

These *paws-itive* reviews speak for themselves.

John Oliver Pokes Europe's Pettiest Dictator Over His Sorest Of Sore Spots

Alexander Lukashenko thinks no one can insult him. John Oliver begs to differ.

That's interesting because where subby is from pizza places don't have a lead organist [Interesting]

Trump Politicizes Soldier Deaths. Gold Star Families Call It 'Disgusting.'

“Gross.” “Disgusting.” “Without honor.” These are the descriptions families of fallen soldiers are employing to describe how former President Donald Trump is using the recent deaths at Kabul’s...

Netflix's 'Buried by the Bernards' Accused of Giving Family Wrong Ashes

The funeral service featured in the Netflix reality comedy series "Buried By The Bernards" is being accused of a colossal screwup ... a family claims they were sent the wrong ashes. Alfred...

Chris Brown's Security Files Battery Report After Man Allegedly Spits on Him

Chris Brown's home got another visit from cops ... but this time, he wasn't the one causing the problems. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... police were called to CB's San Fernando Valley home...

Bitcoin investors are reportedly exempt from taxes in El Salvador

Bitcoin investors are reportedly exempt from taxes in El Salvador  CointelegraphEl Salvador Runs a Bitcoin Scam  The Wall Street JournalIf You Had $5,000 Right Now, Would You Put It On Solana,...

China's booming electric car industry is much bigger than just Nio and Xpeng

China's booming electric car industry is much bigger than just Nio and Xpeng  CNBCChina Industry Minister: There are 'too many' auto companies now, consolidation needed  FXStreetChina's comments...

UN seeks $606 million for Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

GENEVA (AP) — The United Nations is hosting a high-level donors conference on Monday to drum up emergency funds for Afghanistan after last month's Taliban takeover of the country that stunned the...

15+ Sneaky Things That Made Us Think They Were Something Else

There is always that one in a million case that tricks our brain and makes us infinitely question our own eyes. Whether it’s a fruit that looks like something completely different or a pure mix...

27 Products That Work Seriously Well (And We Have The Proof)

These pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

Can a Green-Economy Boom Town Be Built to Last?

The race to make electric vehicles is turning some places into winners. Normal, Ill., is one of them. But it has seen good times go sour in the past.

California couple dies of covid, leaving five kids behind. Their newborn is three weeks old

A mother and father died before they were able to name their newborn baby.

Pope in Slovakia to honor Holocaust dead on Day 2 of tour

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — Pope Francis opened his first full day in Slovakia on Monday by meeting with the country's president ahead of an encounter with the country’s Jewish community to honor...

Beijing to break up Ant’s Alipay and force creation of separate loans app

This is just the latest in a long line of moves Chinese regulators have taken to dampen the power of Big Tech in the country. China’s crackdown against its homegrown tech giants continues,...

Struggling to get your point across in meetings? Try these 5 tips

Effective leadership requires effective communication.  When communicating in meetings, leaders generally fall into one of two categories: those who methodically think through their ideas and...

Do You Know Who Sings These Frequently Banned Wedding Songs?

See if you can name the artists behind frequently banned wedding songs like “Macarena,” “Cotton Eye Joe,” and “Cha Cha Slide.”

Matthew Stafford Is Everything Rams Hoped He'd Be and More

The intro to Sunday Night Football set the table perfectly for what everyone was about to see with Matthew Stafford making his first start as a member of the Los Angeles Rams...

GOP 2024 hopefuls tread carefully around Trump

Top Republicans are trapped in political limbo, always aware they are operating under Trump’s watchful eye.

An uneasy return to the classroom in New York City

Newsom slams GOP, while Elder targets governor's wife as recall campaign closes

Gov. Gavin Newsom and Republican front-runner Larry Elder fanned out across L.A. on Sunday to make their final push to voters in California's recall election.

A look into crypto-backed loans, which holders have used to buy houses, cars, or even ramp up...

Upstart lenders are making it easier for people to take out loans backed by their cryptocurrency holdings. Regulators are watching.

2016 NBA Re-Draft: Is Ben Simmons Still No. 1?

In the instant-analysis culture of today's sports media, many expect to know who won the NBA draft the moment it's over. NBA teams are immediately graded on every pick they made...

Machine Gun Kelly Channels Nirvana for ‘Papercuts’ Performance at 2021 VMAs

Singer and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker showcase first Born With Horns single at Brooklyn's Barclays Center

Check Out All the Action on the MTV VMA 2021 Red Carpet

Get a Samsung Galaxy A32 with a month of unlimited talk + text for over 65% off

It seems like smartphones are advancing by the day at this point. New tech is being developed faster than we can keep up, and some manufacturers like to gouge their customers by charging them...

The Best—and Wildest

Shiny suits galore at the perennially outfit-forward awards show.

I don't know how that cat got wedged in an American flag or why

At the Miami Hurricanes home opener, a cat dangles for its life and then is rescued. 2LYT

After the 9/11 Attacks, Boston Found a Focus for Its Anger

Terrorists boarded two planes in Boston and flew them into the World Trade Center. Massachusetts zeroed in on its top airport official, who has never quite recovered.

Tearful ethics professor delivers emotional 'lesson' on vaccine mandates before being placed on leave

An ethics professor in Canada gave what could be her final lesson at the university she has been employed at for the past 20 years. The lesson was regarding vaccine mandates. The professor's...

The last one, Don Maddox, goes to Hillbilly Heaven

The Maddox family walked and rode freight trains from Alabama to California. They came to California with $40 dollars and a dream. They worked the fields and orchards. When they decided to play...

Why Democrats’ immigration hopes rest on a decision by the Senate parliamentarian

Democrats are pushing to include immigration reform in an upcoming reconciliation measure. As congressional Democrats renew their push to pass a sweeping budget reconciliation measure, the Senate...

Join Us for a Conversation on Greening Cryptocurrency

On Oct. 5, Andrew Ross Sorkin and the DealBook team explore the environmental impact of digital currency and efforts to make it more sustainable.

Against Kids Sports

"We have lost sight of the idea that play is how we become people, and replaced it with the anxious understanding that play is how we become careers."

Surgeon General says Biden administration will 'monitor' exemptions to COVID vaccine mandate

Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy revealed Sunday the Biden administration will police exemptions to President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.What is the background?Biden announced last...

Al Michaels Confident He Would Completely Nail It If Player Died On Field

LOS ANGELES—Daydreaming about the heartbreaking moment that could secure his legacy as one of the all-time great broadcasters, NBC announcer Al Michaels confirmed Sunday that he was confident he...

59 Percent of Republicans Say It’s Important to Believe Trump Won the Election

Donald Trump definitely did not win the 2020 presidential election, but nearly six in 10 GOP voters polled by CNN say it’s at least somewhat important for Republicans to continue believing that he...

20 years later, a remembrance for the NYFD's fallen chaplain

When the two towers fell and the New York Fire Department rushed in to save victims, Father Mychal Judge, chaplain of the NYFD, entered the burning buildings, too: he prayed in the lobby for...

Climate change is making extreme weather events more common: study

Scientists and forecasters who study the connection between climate change and extreme weather say the rapid rates of sea-level rise are accelerating the frequency and intensity of severe weather...

Defense Department seeks nuclear propulsion for small spacecraft

The US Defense Department's ambitions beyond Earth just grew a little clearer. SpaceNews has learned the department recently put out a call for privately-made nuclear propulsion systems that could...

This bundle includes a lifetime of Rosetta Stone and VPN Unlimited for over 75% off

We know your wallet may be a little emptier these days, but that doesn't mean you should put the kibosh on knowledge. There are a lot of things out there you could spend your hard-earned money on,...

20 Years On, 'The Falling Man' Is Still You And Me

My family calls it "the picture that won't go away." Most newspaper editors refused to print it. Those who did, on the day after the World Trade Center attacks, received hundreds of letters of complaint.

California voters: less republican and white..

Restaurants close dining rooms again..

How to Tell If a Car Was Previously Damaged in a Flood

Flooding can do some major damage to a car, even if it’s not immediately visible (once it has been cleaned). Unfortunately, this means that some vehicles that are irreparably harmed may be shipped...

NBA 2K22’ Lets Your Create-A-Player Rap And It’s Extremely Unsettling

The MyPlayer in 2K22 can not only rap but do so in a State Farm outfit. This game is weird.

The Most Common Email Keywords That Everyone Should Know to Avoid Phishing Scams

Email phishing scams are in no way new, but with people living so much of their lives online during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are increased opportunities for it to happen. In fact, 2020...

What Is Zero Trust? It Depends What You Want to Hear

The cybersecurity world’s favorite catchphrase isn’t any one product or system, but a holistic approach to minimizing damage.

Opioids and Cigarettes Are Both Harmful, but Opioids Have Valid Medical Uses

We mustn't apply the same harm reduction strategies to both-- Read more on

The Fight Over Texas’s Abortion Ban Shows The Reach Of Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Judges nominated by Donald Trump have staked out strong anti-abortion stances in their short time on the bench.

Cordae's Twists Prove Blondes Have More Fun

And more from the week in celebrity grooming.

A Stroke Study Reveals the Future of Human Augmentation

A successful clinical trial on stimulating the vagus nerve shows that it could change everything from medical treatment to Olympic training. Are we ready?

How to end the American obsession with driving

To fight climate change, cities need to be designed with much more walking, biking, and public transit use in mind. This summer’s series of extreme wildfires, hurricanes, and tropical storms have...

Lions Fan Displays Supernatural Ability To Determine Every Draft Pick A Bust

NOVI, MI—Stunning friends and family with his inexplicable ability to divine the future, local Lions fan Barry Porter once again displayed his supernatural ability Sunday to determine every draft...

Runners, Ignore These Popular Training Tips

There are lots of ways to find your running potential. These tips may not be helpful in that process. The post Runners, Ignore These Popular Training Tips appeared first on Outside Online.

An FBI Informant's Unlikely Role in Upcoming Supreme Court Case on Surveillance of Muslims

Craig Monteilh's affidavit is central to one of the most significant legal challenges to the FBI’s post-9/11 surveillance of Muslims. The post An FBI Informant’s Unlikely Role in Upcoming Supreme...

Mama Mia! It Appears Wario Took Over Nintendo’s Twitter Account

As if Mario didn't have enough on his plate already, the little red guy is now facing a PR nightmare.

11 Fascinating Facts About Denzel Washington

Since making his acting debut in 1977, Denzel Washington has appeared in more than 50 movies, where he has awed audiences and garnered critical acclaim by delivering one powerful performance after...

Twitch Is Suing Two Users For Alleged Harassment Against People Of Color And LGBTQ People On The Platform

The lawsuit alleges that the users bombarded streamers with a torrent of racist, sexist, anti-gay content, and kept creating new accounts to avoid being banned.

The Guantánamo Bay Internment Camp Is an Unresolved Vestige of the American Occupation of Afghanistan

The 20-year conflict will not be fully resolved until the issue of prisoners of war has been justly settled. The post The Guantánamo Bay Internment Camp Is an Unresolved Vestige of the American...

The Tragedy of America’s Rural Schools

Outdated textbooks, not enough teachers, no ventilation — for millions of kids like Harvey Ellington, the public-education system has failed them their whole lives.

Apple wins a court battle with Epic Games

It is not the end of a regulatory war

The Sales You Should Shop According To Your Zodiac Sign

September is chock-full of astrological events that will no doubt impact all of us. From the new moon in Virgo to Mercury going into Retrograde, we're certainly in for a wild ride. Some of us will...

19 Travel Duffel Bags To Freshen Up Your Travel Style

Finding a good duffel bag should be priority number one when it comes to travel gear. A duffel/weekender/hands-free carry-on should be just oversized enough and just flexible enough to fulfill all...

Meet the Woman Writing the First Garifuna Cookbook

When Isha Gutierrez-Sumner cooks, she’s often swept away by memories of her grandmother, who taught her how to prepare cassava—a tuberous root packed with cyanide. She remembers how her...

Inside the Company Printing America's Community Cookbooks

Kearney, Nebraska, is best known as a stopping point for migrating sandhill cranes. Other than seasonal birdwatchers, the town doesn’t get too many other tourists. But some people make the...

Smithsonian's Chris Browne Was the Manager at Ronald Reagan National Airport on 9/11

The acting director of the National Air and Space Museum reflects 20 years later on the rapid grounding of air traffic across the US

Is This Weed-Spotting, Yield-Predicting Rover the Future of Farming?

The robot, developed by Alphabet Inc.'s X, will make its public debut at the Smithsonian

Direct-to-consumer retailers try to bring pizzazz to dull goods

E-merchants also put profitability ahead of growth at all cost