Australia's Mountain Of Death AKA Queensland's Bermuda Triangle Is Downright Spooky

By Pat Donahue | October 12, 2021 9:32 pm ET 3-3 minutes 10/12/2021

Australia's Mountain Of Death AKA Queensland's Bermuda Triangle Is Downright Spooky

Kalkajaka National Park or Black Mountain National Park is located in Northeast Australia. Black Mountain, also known as the Mountain of Death, is located in the park and has been the location of numerous disappearances, paranormal activity, and aboriginal lore. This eerie pile of rock has also been dubbed “Queensland’s Bermuda Triangle”.

The Mountain of Death is essentially a pile of thousands of black boulders. According to an article in Top Tenz, the pile of boulders creates very deep channels beneath some areas of the mountain. This leads some to believe there are labyrinths and passageways through the mountain. These very deep channels can produce very eerie noises and bizarre wind patterns from the depths of the mountain. Frightening. Hiking in the area is extremely dangerous as a misstep can easily send you deep into one of these rocky crevasses. Oh yeah, it’s Australia so there are also a number of poisonous animals in the area.

Now, on to the spooky stuff. The mountain has been reported to cause navigational equipment on airplanes to fail. Much like the Bermuda Triangle, some believe there is some strange magnetic phenomenon occurring in the area. In addition, there have been reports of very strange turbulence over the mountain causing pilots to avoid the area.

The most prominent phenomenon is the high number of disappearances. People climb the mountain and are never seen again. Only one body of a reported disappearance on the mountain was ever recovered. Of course, the most likely scenario is that they fell into the depths of the mountain, but that is still frightening. Multiple campers have reported very strange sounds and encounter with shadow figures.

There are stories from the Aboriginal populations about spirits haunting the area. These stories include a flesh-eating spirit who lived atop the mountain as well as bad juju created by tribal battles in the area.

Form your own opinion about what might be going on here. Regardless of whether or not anything paranormal is going on, it would be a good idea to avoid the Mountain of Death.

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