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Hitler's final order from Berlin bunker found 80 years after end of World War 2

Stephen White 1-1 minutes 10/22/2021

Almost 80 years after the end of World War 2 Hitler’s final order from his Berlin bunker has been found.

Letters, telegrams, and personal effects include the dictator’s last futile military order and an announcement of his decision to kill himself.

They were discovered by French soldier Captain Michel Leroy who broke into the bunker at the end of the war and kept them as souvenirs until his death.

Xavier Aiolfi and Paul Villatoux are presenting the documents in their book, The Final Archives of the Fuhrerbunker.

Hitler commanded the remnants of the German army in Norway, Denmark, and Latvia to turn on their heels and deliver a “victory in the battle of Berlin.”

The book is published by Casemate and costs £22.50.

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