The Loud American Woman in the Dorm Bed Next to Me -

M. E. de los Establos 9-11 minutes 10/4/2021

After that beer, I said goodnight and started for the stairs. Nora tapped her ear and winked.

Upstairs, I could hear the American woman sawing logs through the closed door. I’ve worked on oil rigs, on cattle ranches, and I’ve heard some snoring. The woman sprawled on her back with her mouth open was Top Five all-time.

I stripped down to my boxers and slipped under my sheets. Earplugs helped, but not enough. A fifth of whiskey taken intravenously would be enough.

I dug in my backpack and dry swallowed some antihistamines, hoping they’d knock me out.

The guy in the far corner was Swiss. Lucky bastard was furthest from the lady lumberjack. He let out a snore every now and again, but it was nothing like my neighbor.

I wondered if Nora was in the bed next to mine.

The way her dark brown eyes danced when she was cracking a joke, the way her lip curled just before she started to laugh…

I hadn’t gotten a real good look at her figure under her flowing black dress, but her legs at least were lean and muscular.

I was scrolling on Instagram and waiting for the antihistamines to kick in when Nora sauntered in. She put her hand to her mouth and widened her eyes in mock surprise when she saw me sitting up in bed with my earplugs in.

I raised my eyebrows and nodded, acknowledging that she’d been right.

Nora performed a mock bow, set her shoes by her bed, and took her toothbrush into the bathroom.

Her figure was definitely better than I had given her credit for. Plus, she carried herself like she had been a gymnast or a dancer.

A few minutes later, the toilet flushed, water ran in the sink, and Nora came out.

I was thinking about asking her out the next day when something landed on the sheets in front of me.

It was a bra. A black and lacy bra. I looked up in time to see a pair of matching panties arc over the half-wall between Nora’s bed and mine.

That was more than enough of an invitation for me.

Nora was sitting upright with a pillow between her back and the wall. She looked every bit the naked ex-dancer. Poised. Confident. Sexy.

Words like lithe and willowy ran through my head. So did ones like holy shit she’s hot. How could I have even wondered?

Nora had one leg laid out flat on the bed and the other raised. With her reading light on, her sex was hidden in the shadow.

Her hands covered her small breasts.

Even sitting in bed she had a six-pack. The thought of running my tongue down those abs into her wet folds caught my attention and held it.

“Not so fast,” Nora said, smiling. “Before you take another step, you need to lose those boxer shorts.” Her smile widened. “And the earplugs.”

I tossed them over the wall without caring where they landed. Just looking at her I was at half-mast and rising.

“Good boy.” She picked up an unlit cigarette from her bedside table and opened the window. “How this is going to work is I’m going to smoke and you’re going to eat my pussy. You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

“No problem at all.”

“Good.” She turned so she was facing the window and opened her legs. “Here,” she said, dropping a pillow on the ground between her knees.

I stepped sideways between her bed and the wall. She reached out and squeezed my shaft. “So hard already,” she said. She held my cock and leaned backward slightly.

“You’re sexy as hell,” I said. “And you know it, which is even sexier.” I knelt on the pillow. I could smell her, faintly. Sweat. Ocean. Musk.

“Thank you,” she smiled. She lit her cigarette. Her first drag was a sexual act in itself. I felt like a voyeur watching it.

The way her lips puckered, the way her ribcage expanded, the pleasure flickering across her face as the nicotine bit into her lungs.

She exhaled slowly, the smoke pooling in her mouth before spilling over her lips. My cock twitched.

Nora scooted forward so her ass was on the edge of the bed and opened her legs. She was hairless. Her glistening pussy lips were partly open in anticipation.

I leaned forward to kiss her breasts.

She put her free hand on my forehead, softly, but definitely stopping my lean. “No. Don’t do that. Get straight to the point.”

I leaned back, cocked my head, and looked at her.

Her eyes met mine. “I’m unusual. I just want my pussy licked. I don’t like getting touched much otherwise.”

I shrugged and went with it.

I started at the edge of her outer lips, kissing the skin between her thighs and her pussy, flicking my tongue in and out. She shivered with pleasure as I made my way to the top of her mound and down the opposite lip.

I felt her take another drag on the cigarette and hold the smoke in. With my tongue I slowly parted her inner lips, carefully working my way up to the base of her clit.

When she started to exhale, I slipped my tongue inside her warm, wet folds. Her stomach muscles contracted as the exhale gained force. She knotted her fingers in my hair and pulled just a little.

A rush of wetness greeted my probing tongue. I slipped a finger inside her. She was so wet there was no need to lick it first. I found her G-spot and started moving my finger in a slow circling pattern.

Nora rocked her hips forward and moaned.

I kept my finger moving and looked up at her. “You’re not worried they’re gonna hear us?”

She smiled at me, her eyes a little vacant, her hips moving in concert with my finger, sometimes grinding, sometimes lifting, maximizing her pleasure.

“The Swiss kid is on smack. He won’t wake up until noon. And I don’t give a fuck if that human chainsaw wakes up and sees us.” She took a drag and set her smoke on the window sill behind me.

“No more questions, Nicky, you’ve got a job to do.” She put both hands on my head and pulled my face into her.

My mouth was on her again. Impossibly, she was even wetter, even hotter. I licked her pussy from bottom to top and when I got to her clit softened my tongue and massaged her clit with it.

My lips melded with hers and I caressed her clit with my tongue. She started to moan. Her hips rocked forward and her hand shifted toward the back of my head. She was starting to moan.

I started sucking in addition to licking and the pressure on the back of my head increased. I stiffened my tongue and licked in circles around her clit, then up and down.

Nora’s moans were louder now. Her stomach muscles contracted rhythmically as she ground her pussy into my face.

I slipped a second finger between her swollen lips and synched the motion of my fingers with my tongue on her clit. She let out a sharp cry. Her hips shot forward and she threw her head back and gasped for air.

I sucked hard on her clit then flattened my tongue and went back to the up and down motion she’d responded to earlier. Her fingernails digging into my scalp let me know I was on the right track.

I kept my fingers moving inside her. Her breath was coming in little gasps, so I knew she was close. I put everything I had into my tongue.

Nora’s muscles went slack then all contracted at once. The walls of her pussy pulsated against my fingers, nearly immobilizing them.

Her legs crushed my head and her fingers smashed my face into her. My tongue cramped so I used my head and neck to keep it going while her orgasm ripped through her.

I was almost out of air when she opened her legs and eased the pressure on my head. My face was dripping with her juices.

Nora re-lit her cigarette. “Damn, Nick, that was really something.” She blew a stream of smoke past me and out the window.

In one smooth motion, she rolled onto her back and rotated her body so she could stretch out in the bed.

I stood up, my cock throbbing in front of me, and started to climb into her bed.

Nora raised a hand. “That was fun, Nicky, but these beds are way too small for two people.”

I’d probably never been more disappointed in my life.

I looked at her for a long moment.

Nora looked back at me, relaxation personified: her taut figure stretched out on the bed, her elegant fingers holding the cigarette, her dark eyes almost black in the shadow from the bedside lamp.

She sighed. “What did I say at the very beginning?”

“You were going to smoke and I was going to lick your pussy.”

“And that’s what happened, right?”

I nodded. “That’s what happened.”

“You enjoyed yourself, didn’t you?’

“I did. For a while there I couldn’t even hear any snoring.”

Nora grinned. “Okay then. You’ve got my underwear over there on your side of the wall.” She looked at my trembling cock then back at me. “You can use it for whatever you want.” She paused. “I’ll be listening.”

Nora smiled and took a last drag on her cigarette. “Too bad I probably won’t be able to hear anything.” She blew a stream of smoke out the window and clicked her lamp off. “Good night, Nick. And thanks.”

I followed my erection back to my side of the wall and scooped up Nora’s lacy black underwear. I lay down in bed, one hand stroking my dick, one hand rubbing Nora’s panties against my skin.

The American woman in the bed next to me was snoring louder than ever…