Stripped naked, beaten, forced to shout ‘Viva Fidel!’: Inside Cuba’s crackdown on dissent

The crackdown hangs over Cubans as a major test of dissent looms: a Nov. 15 protest called by actors, artists and dissidents, backed by Cuban exiles but banned by the Cuban state.

How Germany’s far-right gained, even as it lost

The far-right AfD fared worse than its shock surge in 2017. But that doesn't mean it's a waning force.

Apple updates iMovie to adjust focus in iPhone cinematic mode footage

Apple has updated the iMovie app for Macs to let users edit and adjust the focus in videos recorded using the iPhone 13’s new “cinematic mode” — though you’ll need to wait until you can update to...

Every State is Now a Border State

You don't have to live near the southern border to experience the fallout from record-shattering levels of illegal immigration.

This Alien-Probe-Like Vibrator Gives Me Extraterrestrial Orgasms

In a world of air pressure vaginal vibrators, the Zumio X is a direct clitoral stimulation vibe that's good enough to make E.T. phone home.

Hustling: A True Game Changer For Entrepreneurs

There are no rosy lanes in entrepreneurship.

Why NFTs Are One Of The Best Economic Innovations Of 2020

While 2020 was an extremely painful year, it also catalyzed a new era of digital content production and exchange.

What to Do With These Last Three Months of Deferred Student Loan Payments

With the student loan freeze on interest and payments expiring Jan. 31, 2022, there’s still time to use that extra cash to improve your finances over the remaining three months, especially if all...

Test: Prove How Powerful Your Eyesight Is by Finding the Missing Objects

Some people are excellent at mathematical challenges and calculations, others have the ability to see differences when no one else can, and others simply have a detective’s eye and can go beyond...

New Residential Bolsters Its Mortgage Offerings With Fix-and-Flip Lender

New Residential is building its residential lending arm.

Russian region runs out of hospital beds as COVID-19 deaths hit record

Russian region runs out of hospital beds as COVID-19 deaths hit recordMOSCOW (Reuters) - A Russian region near Moscow has run out of hospital beds for coronavirus patients, its governor said on...

What's behind the push for a fourth stimulus check

IRS has distributed almost 170 million payments. But hardship remains widespread as the Delta variant spreads.

The wisdom of Colin Powell

Colin Powell was known for writing aphorisms that stressed the importance of humility, perseverance and minding "the little matters."

United Airlines Maps Ambitious International Expansion

The U.S. airline giant is betting on a huge rebound in transatlantic leisure travel next summer.

The Sun Could Be Dragging Earth Through a Vast Cosmic Tunnel In Space

The fact that the solar system could be traveling through a highly magnetized filament in space may also explain mysterious rope-like structures in the sky.

NY Post Editorial Board: Biden playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants

By not having a set policy, by not forcing people to apply for a visa from the country they live in, President Biden and his administration are making a mockery of our immigration laws.

Mini Tales Of Life!

One thought on a paper turns into many, usually one gets pulled into a river thoughts flow by uncontrollably. Don’t you follow the stream…Continue reading on Medium »

Right-wing media are using Colin Powell's death to push their anti-vaccine agenda

Powell, who was fully vaccinated, died of COVID-19 complications on Monday. But he was being treated for a cancer that makes people immunocompromised.

Mark Hulbert: Big Tech stocks are the market’s superstars but rising rates could bring them down

Mega-cap stocks struggle when borrowing costs rise.

The S.E.C. Weighs In on Meme-Stock Mania

What a long-awaited report on trading in GameStop and other internet favorites says, and doesn’t say, about online-fueled stock-trading booms.

How a COVID pass protest sparked a debate in Italy on its fascist past

Violence at the end of a COVID pass protest in Rome reminded some of Italy's fascist era. Others have rejected such comparisons, calling them an exaggerated conflation.

The Morning After: Introducing Apple's new MacBook Pros and AirPods

Did Apple just make its Macbook Pros interesting again? As expected, its high-end laptops were the star of its Unleashed event yesterday and are the first machines powered by Apple’s new M1 Pro...

Need to Know: Fund managers have turned negative on global growth and profits. Here’s what they’re buying

Bank of America's monthly fund manager survey finds global investors in a sour mood, shedding bonds and piling up cash. They are also buying these assets.

MTV Keeps EMAs in Hungary in Solidarity With Marginalized LGBTQ+ Community

MTV has decided to go ahead with the annual EMAs in Hungary in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community, despite the country passing laws in June that ban them being seen on primetime television. If...

An animal-rights charity is suing YouTube, claiming the site doesn't enforce its ban on...

Animal rights charity Lady Freethinker told The New York Times it had alerted YouTube to 2,000 animal cruelty videos, but 70% of them stayed live.

SoftBank, Amazon, Accel invest $108 million in banking platform Pismo

SoftBank, Amazon, Accel invest $108 million in banking platform PismoSAO PAULO (Reuters) - Brazilian banking and payments tech platform Pismo raised $108 million in an investment round led by...

Ex-Nazi camp secretary, 96, appears in court for indictment

A 96-year-old former secretary for the Stutthof concentration camp’s SS commander appeared before a court in northern Germany on Tuesday to formally hear the charges against her

Fisher-Price’s iconic Chatter Telephone now makes actual phone calls

Apple’s iPhone 4 is often held up as a pinnacle of phone design, but what about the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone? With its friendly features (a big smiley face painted on the front) and mobile...

GHY Culture Deal to Acquire Singapore’s Clover Films Is Canceled

Rising Chinese-Singapore entertainment group GHY Culture & Media has revealed that its proposed takeover of producer and distributor Clover Films is not going ahead. GHY announced plans in...

Lord Janner: Police shut down MP child abuse investigations

An inquiry finds police seemed "reluctant to investigate" claims against former MP Lord Janner.

Singapore-based Geniebook, which uses ML and human teachers to provide personalized learning,...

Founded in 2017, Geniebook is a Singapore-based learning platform that uses a combination of machine learning and human teachers to personalize each student’s education. The company announced...

6 Lessons I Learned When My Father Passed Away

Continue reading on On The Couch »

Pakistan's military: Navy blocked Indian sub from its waters

Pakistan’s military says its navy detected and blocked an Indian submarine from entering the country’s territorial waters in the Arabian Sea over the weekend

Procter & Gamble to Raise Prices on More Staples

The company says the cost of materials and freight jumped more than expected, cutting into profit, though it maintained its outlooks for the year.

For Onboarding Hires These Days, How a New Job Starts Might Be Why It Ends

Conveying a company’s culture is always hard, and often in-office interactions offer cues that no handbook can capture

Colin Powell had mixed legacy among some African Americans

DETROIT (AP) — As an American leader, Colin Powell’s credentials were impeccable: He was chairman of the Joint Chiefs and secretary of state. But his legacy as the first Black person in those...

Apple Now All-In on In-House Chips

The last of the company’s Intel-powered laptops gets an upgrade to Apple’s M1 chip family following a projected record year for Mac sales.

Are you ready for some volleyball? A new women's pro league hopes the answer is yes

"We have 400 girls that have to go abroad" if they want to play pro volleyball, the CEO of a fledgling women's league says. She's trying to fix that problem, starting with youth clubs.

Market bull Jim Paulsen downplays inflation fears, sees rising prices contributing to an economic boom

The Leuthold Group's Jim Paulsen explains why inflation around 3% should juice up the markets and economy.

Parkland School Shooting Families Settle Suit With District

The families of those killed, wounded and scarred in the 2018 Florida high school massacre have reached a $25 million settlement with the district.

How to Make Chip Drink

An overexplained “recipe“ for my favorite endurance fuel The post How to Make Chip Drink appeared first on Outside Online.

When Fakeness Is a Good Thing

Arguably, no mode of writing has influenced the past decade of novels more than autofiction, a catchall term for books that call themselves fiction while claiming to be rooted, in some way, in...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Tell us all about it in your Fark...

Vintage Board Games Are Getting a Modern Revival

The team behind Restoration Games wants to update lost classics for 21st-century players.

The New MacBook Pro Chips Flex the Power of Custom Silicon

The new M1 Pro and M1 Max better integrate the computers’ hardware with their software—much like the iPhone.

Elijah McClain's family reaches settlement with city of Aurora

The attorney for Sheneen McClain confirmed they reached an unspecified settlement, "resolving all claims raised in her federal civil rights lawsuit."

Man falls to death after dangling from hot air balloon in Israel

A man dangling from the basket of a hot air balloon fell to his death onto a road in Israel on Tuesday, police said.

What are the Delta, Gamma, Beta and Alpha Covid variants?

UK officials are keeping a close watch on a new descendent of the Delta variant of Covid.

Canary Islands: Lava flows engulf houses on their way to the sea

The arrival of a second flow to the sea is imminent, according to the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands.

Ranking the Heisman Favorites Heading into Week 8

Iowa's loss to Purdue threw yet another twist into the College Football Playoff discussion, but the Heisman Trophy race hasn't changed heading into Week 8. Seriously. Like, not a thing is different...

J&J Covid vaccine adds $502 million to third-quarter sales

The technologies that could bring America to net zero emissions by 2050

The newest section of a project from Third Way, the Bipartisan Policy Project and Clean Air Task Force examines how energy breakthroughs could accelerate America's transition to reach net zero...

Norway attack victims were killed by stabbings, not arrows, police say

The five victims of last week's attack in Norway were all stabbed to death, rather than killed by bow-and-arrow as previously thought, police said Monday.

44 Beauty Products That Are So Good You May Or May Not Shed A Tear Of Gratitude

There's a reason reviewers can't get enough of these helpful beauty products.

MLB Rumors: Latest Buzz on Fernando Tatis Jr. Injury, Mike Shildt and More

Major League Baseball is firmly entrenched in the championship round, as the Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves all remain alive for a spot in the World Series...

Leveraged loans: investors are as responsible for CLO splurge as buyout groups

A bumpy shift to a world with higher interest rates would leave many companies struggling

Many Doctors are Switching to Concierge Medicine, Exacerbating Physician Shortages

Practices that charge sometimes hefty membership fees promise more personalized care. But the high costs and low patient volumes may limit access for everyone-- Read more on

J&J Covid vaccine adds $502 million to third-quarter sales

J&J Covid vaccine adds $502 million to third-quarter sales  CNBCJohnson & Johnson Reports Q3 2021 Results  Yahoo FinanceJohnson & Johnson Sales Disappointed. Here's Why the Stock Is...

Amazon-owned Zoox to start testing its autonomous vehicles in Seattle

Zoox has been testing its Level-3 (L3) autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas and the Bay Area for four years, way before Amazon acquired the self-driving company in 2020. But to be able to train its...

Newfoundland-based CoLab Software, which offers tools for engineering teams, raises a $17M...

Newfoundland-based CoLab Software, which provides a web-based collaboration tool and issue-tracking platform for engineering teams, announced today that it has raised $17 million in Series A...

How Facebook Hides How Terrible It Is with Hate Speech

P&G earnings top estimates as price hikes help offset some costs. Warns more inflation ahead

P&G earnings top estimates as price hikes help offset some costs. Warns more inflation ahead  CNBCProcter & Gamble Stock Slips After Q1 Earnings Beat; 2022 Forecast Unchanged  TheStreetProcter &...

Eldorado Canyon Climber Killed in Apparent Free Soloing Accident

A 31-year-old climber took a fatal fall last Wednesday in Colorado’s Eldorado Canyon State Park The post Eldorado Canyon Climber Killed in Apparent Free Soloing Accident appeared first on Outside Online.

Looks like I need to be more careful what you wish for. Wait, no, this time I don't care [Dumbass]

The Threat, in Perspective

Colin Powell’s death highlights the continuing Covid risks to older people with medical conditions.

Religious exemptions threaten to undermine US Covid vaccine mandates

In California hundreds of public employees, including police and firefighters, are claiming ‘sincerely held’ objections to the vaccineThis month, California became the first state to require...

20 Users Share the Amusing Facts They Learned, and They May Be a Real Revelation for You

Knowing facts or random useful things can always come in handy, whether it be to help us or to spark a conversation with somebody. People from all over the world discover things that will most...

America’s strike wave is a rare – and beautiful

Labor uprisings are not a spectator sport. They demand not just your attention, but your participationYou may be forgiven for having the strange feeling this week that America has suddenly been...

Covid-19 live updates: Americans can 'mix-and-match' booster shots, FDA to announce

Covid-19 live updates: Americans can 'mix-and-match' booster shots, FDA to announce  The Washington PostF.D.A. to Allow ‘Mix and Match’ Approach for Covid Booster Shots  The New York TimesHere's...

Chicago Sky rally, parade planned Tuesday; Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Gov. JB Pritzker to be in attendance

Chicago Sky rally, parade planned Tuesday; Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Gov. JB Pritzker to be in attendance  WLS-TVDiana Taurasi says 'magic slipped away' from Phoenix Mercury in WNBA Finals...

Hacker steals government ID database for Argentina's entire population

No-code" miracle: Commercial internet jobs have exploded since 2012

Data: Interactive Advertising Bureau; Table: Axios VisualsThe U.S. has reached a tipping point in its shift from the industrial economy — one that relied on the buildout of hardware — to an...

Police officers and unions put up a fight against vaccine mandates for public workers

More than 20 states and many major cities have mandated vaccines for public employees, but police unions are pushing back, warning of staffing shortages amid a nationwide uptick in violent crime.

The Life and Career of Colin Powell

Across three presidencies, he served as America’s top soldier, diplomat and national security adviser.

To Save the Corn Belt, Plant Trees

America’s corn belt—a broad swath of land stretching from Nebraska to Ohio—ranks as the globe’s most agriculturally productive region during the summer months. Its farms churn out the bulk of...

Biden Urged to Act as Democrats’ Climate Agenda Hangs by a Thread

This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. With furious environmental activists at the gates of the White House, and...

Big corporations that claim to support voting rights are still funding right-wing state AGs

Coke, GM, AT&T pay "lip service" to voting rights while funding GOP vote-suppression forces, says watchdog group

Help! I Am Completely in Over My Head at My New Job

I can tell people are catching on to me being out of my league.

Greg Abbott Fears Fox News More Than COVID

Governor Greg Abbott is afraid. Not of COVID-19, which is killing thousands of Texans, but of losing his primary.Last week, Abbott announced that he was banning COVID-vaccine mandates by “any...

Why Democratic Gains In Texas’s Big Metro Areas Could Outweigh Republican Success In South Texas

In his first public appearance after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, then-President Donald Trump sought respite in South Texas. His visit was billed as a way to promote the construction of a wall...

The Fouls You Won’t See On 3-Point Shots This Season (And Some You Still Will)

Over the last several years, plays like these have become commonplace in the NBA: James Harden, one of the league’s most accomplished and well-known swindlers, sensed just the faintest contact...

Ecuador president declares state of emergency over drug violence..

Chinese developer Sinic defaults as Evergrande deadline looms

More companies miss debt payments as country’s real estate sector contracts in third quarter

Dear Care and Feeding: One of My Twins Outshines the Other

Parenting advice on twinhood, gifted and talented programs, and pronouns.

The Richest 10% of Americans Now Own Nearly All Available U.S. Stocks

The Richest 10% of Americans Now Own Nearly All Available U.S. StocksCNBC explains that the pandemic has been a lucrative time for already wealthy investors.The wealthiest 10% of Americans own 89%...

After Steve Bannon's Virginia event, Glenn Youngkin's Trump-adjacent balancing act is wearing thin

Virginia gubernatorial candidate's Trumper two-step may have come unglued after "Jan. 6 flag" fiasco in Richmond

Builderhead: Construction management made simple

Discussion | Link

imgproxy: Fast and secure image processing with ML features

Discussion | Link

China’s New Moon Rocks Hint at a Violent, Wet History

A little less than a year ago, China made history by bringing samples of the moon back to Earth—the first new moon rocks brought back to Earth since the last Apollo mission in 1972. The point of...

Democrats’ Divide: Should Obama-Era Economic Ideas Prevail in 2021?

A more traditional view is competing against a newer approach that has become mainstream among economists.

The Sill's Watercolor Orchids Are So Vibrant, They Don’t Look Real

Scouting Report: The Watercolor Orchid from The Sill is the perfect houseplant. It's gorgeous, long-lasting, and easy to care for.As much time and effort as I put into my outdoor vegetable garden,...

Phish fan falls to his death at san fran concert..

Our entire solar system may exist inside a giant magnetic tunnel, says astrophysicist

Our entire solar system may exist inside a giant magnetic tunnel, says astrophysicistUniversity of Toronto study suggests distant space structures are connected by magnetized filamentsYou and...

Bestselling Author Calls Out 'Senator For Sale' Joe Manchin In Damning Video

Don Winslow rips West Virginia senator for conflicts of interest amid Senate stalemate.

Billie Eilish Urges Climate Change Solutions in ‘Dear Earth’ Trailer

The YouTube Originals special also features BLACKPINK and Lil Dicky

48 Problem-Solving Products To Make Your "I'll Do This Later" List Way Easier

When you get those things done *now*, you can actually enjoy your relaxing time.

Climate report: Africa's rare glaciers soon to disappear

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — Africa’s rare glaciers will disappear in the next two decades because of climate change, a new report warned Tuesday amid sweeping forecasts of pain for the continent that...

Pete Buttigieg Reflects on Campaigning While Openly Gay in ‘Mayor Pete’ Trailer

The documentary was directed by Jesse Moss

Sazerac’s New ‘Hazmat Bourbon’ Manages Nuance At A Very High Proof

A. Smith Bowman's 2021 Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey is what's called a "hazmat bourbon." Here's our review.

Why designers should embrace ‘weird data’

Paying attention to unexpected datasets—and those that are missing—can reveal a lot about the world we’ve designed, writes Mimi Ọnụọha. My interest in missing things began with what I could see....

This startup turns food waste into bioplastic that can break down in the ocean

Full Cycle Bioplastics makes PHA, a building block for plastics that can fully break down in your backyard compost bin or even in the ocean, no industrial compost facility required. At a...

How Afghan E-Commerce Startup Aseel Is Pivoting to Help Its Compatriots In Need

Aseel used to find global buyers for Afghan art. Now it uses its platform to get food to the country's most desperate

Aaron Carter Cops Plea in 2017 DUI Case, 12 Months Probation

Aaron Carter can finally close the book on his DUI case from 4 years ago in Georgia -- and he's gotta be pretty happy, because he's walking away without doing a day in jail. A court clerk from...

Two Dead After 12 Inmates Tried to Get Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

Sri Lanka’s Department of Prisons has since banned the COVID-19 protection measure. “We are giving soap instead.”

Beers That Taste Like Fall In A Bottle, According To Bartenders

From brown ales to barrel-aged stouts to Oktoberfest-style beers to pumpkin ales and even dark lagers, fall is a beer drinker's dream.

Flavor Flav Arrested for Domestic Battery in Nevada

Flavor Flav landed in jail after being arrested for a domestic violence incident earlier this month in Nevada ... TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement ... the Public Enemy co-founder was...

Fatal crash shuts down southbound 110 Freeway north of 101 Freeway

California Highway Patrol officers investigate a fatal crash that shut down a portion of the southbound 110 Freeway in downtown Los Angeles

Are you lost in the world like me?

Are you lost in the world like me?Steampunk Smartphone Alienation Futuro, perhaps... Either it's a bit of WWUID? as What would Ub Iwerks Do? or WWMFD? as in what would Max Fleischer do?An...

Bitcoin funds are reaching the masses. Why crypto critics say it’s dangerous

The move is setting up a conflict between Chair Gary Gensler and investor advocates who are his long-time allies.

A field guide to Covid-19 boosters

POLITICO breaks down the U.S. booster rollout and the big remaining questions.

WSU head football coach Nick Rolovich booted from job after refusing COVID-19 vaccination

Washington State University is dropping head football coach Nick Rolovich and several other coaches who it says are not in compliance with Gov. Jay Inslee's order requiring state workers to have...

The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals

Just in time for the holidays, a camp horror stage musical about a guy who didn't like musicals [1h52m]. NSFW for adult words and adult humor. Find your personal apotheosis.

Mom of three allegedly shot and killed a man after he refused to kiss her, prosecutors say

A mother of three was charged with first-degree murder after prosecutors say she shot and killed a man for refusing to kiss her. The alarming story unfolded about 9:45 p.m. Thursday evening in...

This digital nomad bundle outfits you to work and learn from anywhere

The work from home revolution has rapidly become the work from anywhere revolution. But not everything has caught up to this new style of work, including the technology that powers digital nomads....

Oil company at center of Orange County spill received millions in federal relief

Beta Offshore received a $20-million "end of life" royalty discount. It also received a $11-million discount because it planned to drill new wells.

How HOKAs Became The “It” Sneaker Beloved By Both Marathoners & Fashion People

If you’ve spent any time looking at running shoes (or everyday ugly dad sneakers, for that matter), it’s likely that you’ve already come across HOKA. Known for its extremely cushioned soles, the...

Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, the man who made a deal with the Taliban, out as as U.S. special...

An official said Khalilzad was not fired, explaining that the administration chose "continuity" at the beginning of the year, and that Khalilzad "always said his time would be finite."

WATCH: Blinken meets with IAEA chief for talks on Iran nuclear activities

The IAEA plays a key role in monitoring Iran's nuclear activities, and Monday, Iran's president said the United States should lift the sanctions on Tehran to prove it is serious about restarting...

Walmart’s Black Friday Deals Are Here Early: Up To $100 Dyson, Ninja Foodie & More

Walmart is starting its Black Friday celebration early this year with some impressive doorbuster deals. We’re talking up to $100 off top-rated — like thousands of reviews top-rated! — kitchen...

Watch: A dog comically sits on top of a fence meant to keep her inside the yard

A man built a sturdy tall fence in his yard to keep his dog Lexi from escaping. But Lexi uses it as perch instead, often stepping right on top of it (as her less nimble buddy keeps all fours on...

This Digital Library Contains Answers to All the Mysteries of the Universe, If You Can Find Them

So I figured if I find the cure for cancer, I’ll make a lot of money. I don’t have time to “study oncology” or “learn how anything works,” but I like money, and I have a shortcut: The Library of...

Donald Trump Is Suing To Stop The House Committee Investigating Jan. 6 From Getting His Records

The lawsuit comes as the committee is poised to vote on whether to hold former Trump advisor Steve Bannon in contempt.

Colin Powell's Death Is A Reminder Of COVID Risk To Vaccinated Vulnerable People

The death of former US secretary of state Colin Powell from COVID-19 complications shows the importance of precautions for at-risk individuals.

Colin Powell Was a Nice Man Who Helped Destroy Iraq

As secretary of state in 2003, Powell lied at the United Nations about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. The post Colin Powell Was a Nice Man Who Helped Destroy Iraq appeared first on The Intercept.

Colin Powell, First Black Secretary of State, Dies of Covid-19 at 84

Colin Powell, First Black Secretary of State, Dies of Covid-19 at 84  Smithsonian

The Eventful Afterlife of a Crowd of 19th-Century Skulls

In many ways, the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia is, proudly, stuck in amber. “It’s the 19th century in there,” exhibition manager Michael Keys says of the “museum of a museum” where human remains...

The Absolute Best Colognes For Men

The best scents right now, from brand-new releases to tested classics.

Verdis in Kopačevo, Croatia

On May 30, 2019, the Free Republic of Verdis, a new, self-proclaimed sovereign state in Europe was formed on a piece of disputed unclaimed land between Croatia and Serbia locally known as Pocket 3...

They Ordered A 12-Foot Skeleton Online. They Got A 12-Inch One Instead

Home Depot's viral Halloween decorations are sold out everywhere, presenting lucrative opportunities for internet scammers and scalpers.

Researchers Need Volunteer 'Walrus Detectives' to Help Count the Animals in Satellite Images

Researchers Need Volunteer 'Walrus Detectives' to Help Count the Animals in Satellite Images  Smithsonian

Eight Of History's Most Misguided Anti-Vaxxers

Life-saving medical advances shouldn't be scary, but these notorious anti-vaxxers in history didn't get the memo.

Bush, Cheney Become Last Surviving Members Of Tontine Pledge For Cask Of Brandy

WASHINGTON—Nodding curtly to each other as they both descended into the crypt containing the treasured item, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney became the last two surviving members of a tontine...

How an Adoption Broker Cashed In on Prospective Parents’ Dreams

In just a few years, a Michigan woman took in millions of dollars, faking adoptions and ruining families’ lives along the way.

Pray For Us: We Just Learned The Captain On This Flight Has Never Played ‘Pilot Wings 64’ And...

We have some terrifying news to share with you today—we just learned that the captain on our flight has never played Pilot Wings 64, and so, dear God, we’re going to storm the cockpit. Pray for...

World Waits for Specifics on U.S. Climate Plan

US President Joe Biden speaks during climate change virtual summit from the East Room of the White House campus April 22, 2021, in Washington, DC.

The New Apple AirPods Have Gone Semi-Pro

Apple's new AirPods steal plenty from the AirPods Pro.

ColourPop's Hocus Pocus-Themed Makeup Collection Will Put a Spell on You

ColourPop’s 'Hocus Pocus'-themed makeup collection has arrived just in time for Halloween and features eye shadows, lip crèmes, and more.

Prepare for Stranger Things Season 4 to Be 'Really Messed Up'

According to 'Stranger Things' star Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), we can expect the fourth season of the Netflix hit to be even darker than the previous batch of episodes.

The author whose story inspired Netflix’s Maid on why welfare is broken

How Stephanie Land went from Vox article to book deal to Netflix show. When Stephanie Land moved out of her abusive boyfriend’s house at age 29, she was a single mother, unemployed, with no...

The chaotic, irreplaceable Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams’s rise, reputation, and absence from her talk show, explained. Centuries ago, those accused of gossip, primarily women, were locked into metal headpieces that restrained the mouth....

The Gift of Eihab Falah

In late 2018, Pittsburgh’s Jewish community was mourning the deadliest antisemitic attack in U.S. history. Then a stranger and his family landed in their midst.

The John Deere Strike Shows the Tight Labor Market Is Ready to Pop

The end of the national mobilization around Covid-19 is releasing built-up pressures in workplaces nationwide. The post The John Deere Strike Shows the Tight Labor Market Is Ready to Pop appeared...

Samsung Electronics wants to dominate cutting-edge chipmaking

The South Korean dynasty’s third generation is taking on TSMC and Intel. Can it succeed?

How Adobe became Silicon Valley’s quiet reinventor

From an also-ran to the world’s fourth-most-valuable software firm