The G-20 becomes the showpiece for a dysfunctional global order

The differences within the bloc and its inability to take on any semblance of an ambitious, collective agenda reflects a deeper drift in international politics.

This 1 Strategy Could Save You During a Stock Market Crash

Worried about a downturn? Here's a key move to make.

GOP 'Outrage' Over Biden Talks to Pay Migrant Families Separated at Border

The administration is reportedly negotiating settlements of $450,000 per person for those who suffered under Donald Trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy.

UK pledges retaliation to French fishing threats

Britain’s environment minister has pledged to retaliate if France carries through on threats to block U.K. ships from French ports

After reevaluating humanity's fossil record, a group of experts designated a new species of...

Experts reevaluated the human fossil record from the era between 129,000 and 774,000 years ago. That yielded a new species of human ancestor.

Fossilized Poop Shows How Ancient Dogs Adapted to People

Microbe DNA trapped in 3,500-year-old fossils shows canine adaptation to agricultural diets-- Read more on

Microsoft PowerToys get Windows 11 UI updates, universal mic mute, and find my mouse feature

Microsoft is updating its PowerToys for Windows with new UI changes for Windows 11, a universal video conference mute, and a find my mouse feature. The software maker has been gradually improving...

Atlassian stock price target raised to $525 from $440 at Mizuho

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit or the quote page for more information about this...

Anthem stock price target raised to $450 from $385 at Mizuho

This is a Real-time headline. These are breaking news, delivered the minute it happens, delivered ticker-tape style. Visit or the quote page for more information about this...

Glenn Youngkin: What to know about the GOP Virginia governor candidate

Republican Glenn Youngkin, a wealthy 54-year-old Virginia former private equity executive, married father of four, and political newcomer is on the ballot to be Virginia's next governor on Nov. 2.

China's Inner Mongolia quarantines tourists over virus fears

More than 2,000 tourists visiting China’s Inner Mongolia region have been sent to hotels to undergo two weeks of quarantine following the detection of new cases of COVID-19 in the area. The...

U.S. In Talks To Compensate Families Separated At Border

The U.S. may pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to each child and parent who was separated under a Trump-era practice of splitting families at the border.

Revealed: The Real Reason Why Xavi Hernandez Didn’t Want To Become FC Barcelona Head Coach Until Now

Following the firing of Ronald Koeman this week, another club legend, Xavi Hernandez, looks set to take his place in the FC Barcelona hotseat. Only now, though, has the reason for his reluctance...

Compher scores twice in Colorado's 4-3 win over St. Louis

J.T. Compher scored two goals, leading the Colorado Avalanche to a 4-3 victory over St. Louis on Thursday and handing the Blues their first loss this season.

Paralyzed Cheerleader Makayla Noble Says 'I Love Life More' After Accident

The 17-year-old Prosper, Texas, resident said her perspective on life has changed since the freak accident in September in which she was paralyzed.

Family of Charlotte man killed by police appeals after judge rules shooting justified

Ruben Galindo was holding an unloaded gun when he was fatally shot outside his north Charlotte home in 2017. Here’s an update on the lawsuit.

Apple, Amazon, Lucid, Chevron: What to Watch When the Stock Market Opens Today

Apple and Amazon shares slip premarket after their earnings reports; Electric-car maker Lucid’s shares extend Thursday’s gains.

Mila Kunis Reveals 'Really Dumb' Thing That Hospitalized Ashton Kutcher Twice

“It’s so stupid," the actor said of her husband's intense preparation for a role.

LG TVs can now automatically disable motion smoothing for Prime Video

LG’s 2020 and 2021 4K and 8K TVs can now turn on Filmmaker Mode automatically when you’re watching content from Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service, LG has announced. Filmmaker mode was...

The Tesla $1tn dilemma for investors

Now that the carmaker is such a big part of the S&P 500 index, fund managers face rising pressure to buy the stock

ME and Graded Exercise

NICE has updated guidelines on ME/CFS and warned against recommending graded exercise as part of the treatment of ME/CFS because it can…Continue reading on Medium »

How This Good Unicorn Saved 225 Million Pounds Of Food From Going To Waste, All While Saving...

Misfits Market provides suburban families and communities in food deserts, areas with little or no access to nutritional foods, sustainable groceries at 40% off traditional grocery prices. All...

Italian leaders to host Biden on first day of European summit trip

President Joe Biden on Friday will meet with Italy's President and Prime Minister in Rome on the first day of his second major foreign trip since taking office.

Charted: U.S. at bottom on guaranteed parental leave policies

Reproduced from AP. Chart: Axios VisualsWith paid family leave out of the Build Back Better framework released by the White House yesterday, the U.S. remains one of seven countries without paid...

Spirit of Texas Bancshares (STXB) Q3 2021 Earnings Call Transcript

STXB earnings call for the period ending September 30, 2021.

Perspectives on Wellbeing

1. Introduction.Continue reading on Medium »

Attention drivers: Salmon crossing [Strange]

Is Exercising Outside the Same as Meditation?

No—and here’s why The post Is Exercising Outside the Same as Meditation? appeared first on Outside Online.

American Airlines' CEO says unruly behavior on planes 'has to stop' after a man was accused of...

An association that represents American Airlines staff said the incident left the attendant with broken bones in her face.

Human remains found in car of mom, daughter missing since 1998

"We are thankful to have been a small part of helping bring this 23-year-old case to closure," the sheriff said.

Pope Francis and President Joe Biden Meet Behind Closed Doors

ROME—On the eve of the first in-person G20 since the pandemic changed the world, the second Catholic American president met the first Argentine pope in a closed-door meeting. Biden arrived...

U.S. Sanctions Cut Huawei's Revenue for Fourth Straight Quarter

Huawei said its revenue fell 38% in the most recent quarter, as U.S. restrictions on its access to global chip supplies continued to take a toll on the Chinese company.

The Spookiest Letters Ever Written to Dear Prudence

Haunted houses, mandatory gravesites, and the reincarnation of an evil witch.

Biden’s Framework

Don’t confuse legislative sausage-making with substantive impact.

Chevron reports highest free cash flow on record as rebound in oil boost results; shares gain

Chevron said Friday that it generated the highest free cash flow on record during the third quarter as commodities prices surged.

Troubled Chinese developer makes delayed bond payment

A newspaper reports a troubled Chinese developer whose struggle to avoid a multibillion-dollar debt default has rattled global financial markets made an overdue $45.2 million payment on a bond one...

Column: The sexually violent predator next door

A man with a record of raping underage girls may move into a three-bedroom house near Lancaster. But he's got to live somewhere, doesn't he?

Golden State Warriors lose unbeaten record as Ja Morant puts on a show for the Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies ended the Golden State Warriors' unbeaten start to the season with a 104-101 overtime win thanks in large part to another box office performance from Ja Morant.

DC-Baltimore region braces for tidal flooding that could be the worst in two decades

DC-Baltimore region braces for tidal flooding that could be the worst in two decades  CNNFirst Responders and National Weather Service Urges Citizens to Stay Safe While Our Region is Impacted by...

These 4 charts explain why the stakes are so high at the U.N. climate summit

How hot will the planet get? What nations negotiate at the international climate summit will help determine that. Here are 4 things to know about what's being decided.

Villain or victim? Property magnate Cevdet Caner steps out of the shadows

Austrian entrepreneur denies short-seller allegations that he is at the centre of ‘secretive, kleptocratic cabal’

Why America’s Corporate Boards Keep Failing to Diversify

Corporate America is making some gains in expanding its commitment to diversity. According to a new study from The Conference Board, 2021 marks the first time that a majority of S&P 500...

For a Decade, Elizabeth Warren Waged War Against a Student Debt Goliath. She Finally Won

In 2006, a Harvard Law School bankruptcy professor named Elizabeth Warren went on 60 Minutes to talk about a student loan company called Sallie Mae. At the time, Sallie Mae was functioning as both...

How to Prevent Bluetooth-Enabled Vehicle Break-Ins

At trailheads and on city streets, thieves are stealing more gadgets than ever. Here’s my solution for stopping them. The post How to Prevent Bluetooth-Enabled Vehicle Break-Ins appeared first on...

Finally, It’s Your COP26 End-of-the-World Playlist

This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. As COP26 opens in Glasgow, we provide the soundtrack, ranging from Gojira’s...

Big Oil CEOs just lied before Congress. It’s time they’re held accountable

The top oil executives claim they never approved a disinformation campaign. That is simply not true.For the first time ever, the executives from four major oil companies and two of the industry’s...

Capitol attack panel faces pivotal moment as Trump allies stonewall

Questions about Trump’s role in 6 January may go unanswered unless House investigators can secure a breakthrough to obtain documents and testimonyThe House select committee investigating the...

French Ambassador says U.S. and France are "rebuilding trust"

On "The Takeout" podcast this week, French Ambassador Philippe Etienne discusses the submarine contract spat that torpedoed U.S.-French relations over the summer.

A Delicate Compromise in the Capitol

President Biden’s ability to win legislative consensus is being tested by his social spending and infrastructure bills.

Pro-pharma Democrats kill bill to lower drug costs

How will Kyrsten Sinema be rewarded for killing off Democrats' prescription drug plan? History offers some clues

Op-ed: Here's how President Biden can fix the supply chain

We need to be looking at how the federal government can act right now to help alleviate the strain in the supply chain, writes Mick Mulvaney.

Can You Solve This Puzzle About An Alien Planet?

How far away is the alien planet from its star? Quiz yourself with this brain teaser! For more puzzles, check out our Riddler column every Friday morning.

White Supremacists Have Returned to Charlottesville in Another Attempt to ‘Unite the Right’

The defense team for the organizers of the 2017 far-right rally turned jury selection into a partisan battle over masks, antifa, Black Lives Matter.

How You View Climate Change Might Depend On Where You Live

President Biden and his entourage will be headed to the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this weekend to demonstrate where the country stands on addressing climate change. If they wanted...

The Roll-Out of Windows 11 Is the Perfect Time to Decide to Switch to Linux

COP26: Has Boris Johnson got what it takes to get a deal?

The UN climate summit is a huge test of diplomacy for the UK prime minister, with considerable political risks.

Facebook's long, bumpy road to the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg painted an expansive view of the metaverse on Thursday, but the "embodied Internet" he envisions is still years off, while the concerns about the company's present are both real...

Just give us our money': Taliban push to unlock Afghan billions abroad

'Just give us our money': Taliban push to unlock Afghan billions abroad  reuters.comFour U.S. Intelligence Agencies Produced Extensive Reports on Afghanistan, but All Failed to Predict Kabul’s...

Nypd preparing for potential crush of retirements ahead of vaccine mandate... developing..

Congo to ban log exports to reduce pressure on its forests

Democratic Republic of Congo's environment minister said on Thursday the country intends to ban all log exports and implement other measures to lessen threats to its carbon-absorbing tropical...

Why the Julian Assange case is the most important battle for press freedom of our time

If Assange goes to prison for exposing war crimes, it will mean the death of real national security reporting

River Thames plastic cleanup operation yields 819 drinks bottles (3 with dead voles inside), 533...

20+ Pics That Prove Vintage Things Can Win Over Any Mass-Market Item

Oftentimes, vintage items are of higher quality and cost a variety of prices, and this lets people build a wardrobe in any taste and on any budget. Moreover, these items add something special...

Economic Growth and Carbon Emissions Used to Go Together. In Some Countries, That’s Changing

When negotiators from almost 200 countries gather in Glasgow from Oct. 31 for the most important U.N. climate summit since 2015, the priority will be agreeing on how fast each country should cut...

Tolgee: Open-source tool for easy software localization 🇩🇪🇺🇸🇯🇵

“ Hi Hunters 👋 Translating an App to multiple languages (localization) is tricky part of many applications. Tolgee is simplifying the localization process and saves developer's time...

Flooding in Cumbria: Clear up begins as rain continues

Some 40 properties were affected and road and rail travel was disrupted due to torrential rain.

U.S. presidents have met with the pope since 1919. It all started with Woodrow Wilson

President Biden's meeting with the pope is a fairly recent tradition for U.S. presidents. His meeting will mark the 31st time a U.S. president has met with the leader of the Catholic Church.

Euro zone inflation rises to 4.1% for October, hitting a new 13-year high

Euro zone inflation rises to 4.1% for October, hitting a new 13-year high  CNBCLagarde: Bets on ECB Hikes Not in Line With Guidance  Bloomberg Markets and FinanceEuro-Area Inflation Tops...

ABBA, Julio Iglesias, two Beatles, and dozens of other stars used the Netherlands to avoid paying taxes

It is no secret that U2, The Rolling Stones, and AC/DC have kept their music rights in the Netherlands. But does this also apply to other artists who sold millions of records? Yes, it does! From...

MetaJoke: Meta jokes that went viral on Twitter

“ So early morning at 12:00 am IST Facebook rebranded itself as "Meta" and right after they announced twitter was buzzing with jokes around Meta and Zuckerberg. Many tweets expressed...

Half of Americans want the U.S. to do more on climate change

Younger people, who will inherit the choices of previous generations, were much more likely than others to feel that the global community is not doing enough to prevent climate change from getting...

Joe Biden’s Catholic Identity Politics

Father William Kelley delivered a blunt message to his parishioners in his homily earlier this month at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.: “You may think that we are already a...

Antitrust Needs to Be Simple

Americans have gotten far too used to the idea that corporate behemoths are free to acquire any company they want, engage in predatory behavior, and bully, squeeze out, or demand kickbacks from...

How a Clinton Associate Bankrolled the Anti-Vax Underground

For more than a decade, New Jersey businessman Barry Segal has lived a double life as a philanthropist, underwriting public health in sub-Saharan Africa even as he has undermined it in the United...

ESPN College GameDay 2021: TV Schedule and Predictions for Week 9 Location

Who's going to win the Big Ten championship and likely secure a berth in the College Football Playoff along with it? Week 9 could give us a better idea of which team from the conference is the...

In Virginia, McAuliffe brings big names, Youngkin goes solo

NEW YORK (AP) — Democrat Terry McAuliffe has brought in the biggest names in Democratic politics to come to his aid in Virginia's hotly contested gubernatorial race: Obama, Harris, Abrams, Biden...

EXPLAINER: What's so big about the G20 besides economies?

ROME (AP) — The Group of 20 has morphed from its creation in the late 1990s as an international body to grapple with financial crises into a forum for addressing urgent problems like worldwide...

Watch The Kid Laroi Peform Hit Single ‘Stay’ on ‘Kimmel’

The song comes off his EP F*ck Love 3+: Over You

UK's Johnson seeks 'G20 bounce' for key climate conference

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try to persuade G20 leaders to make bigger commitments ahead of the UN climate change conference in Glasgow next week.

Update: flight attendant suffers broken bones in 'one of worst displays of unruly behavior'..

Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin’ Review: This Time It’s Amish

At the movies, I don’t scare easily, but the “Paranormal Activity” films have usually found a way to get under my skin, at least for a few moments. They’ve been coming out since 2007, and in all...

Millions of Pills and Tons of Meth Make Up Asia’s Biggest Ever Drug Seizure

Drug busts in and around Asia’s Golden Triangle have exploded in recent months, with this week’s record haul the latest indication of a larger trend.

Walter Presents to Launch on Scandinavian Streamer C More

Walter Presents has inked a two-year deal with Scandinavian streaming service C More to launch a curated selection of international scripted series across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland....

John Mayer Gets Intimate on ‘Last Train Home (Ballad Version)’

The song comes off his album Sob Rock

Reviewers Say These 23 Products Produce Results That Are Nothing Short Of Amazing

Because you don't deserve anything less.

Chilling Letter Details Execution of 'Intellectually Disabled' Inmate

"A letter informing a family that their loved one is going to be hanged, followed by pages of COVID travel regulations and measures, is just awful."

17 Stunning Runway Outfits That Look Very Different on Celebrities and Models

Not all clothes that are shown on runways actually look good in real life. But some celebrities are okay with that. When they put on dresses by famous fashion designers, they bring something new...

Stock futures slide following Apple, Amazon results

Stock futures slide following Apple, Amazon results  Fox BusinessU.S. stock futures fall as Apple, Amazon drop after disappointing earnings  CNBCOpening Bell: Earnings Boost Futures But Equities...

Twitter now lets hosts record and share audio Spaces

Back in September, Twitter announced that it was planning to add recording and playback features for Spaces so that listeners can access shows after they air. Now, the website has rolled out the...

Celebrity Pets All Dressed Up For Halloween!

Hollywood's best costumes don't stop at the hottest L.A. clubs ... celebrity pets have always gotten into the spooky season with some treat-worthy looks too! Queen Latifah's cute canine is taking...

Erika Jayne Shares Qualifications for the Perfect New Boyfriend

Erika Jayne is very much in the market for a new beau, and she's breaking down the qualifications to become her match with some specifics on what makes her dream dude. The "Real Housewives of...

PhotoRoom (YC S20) Is Hiring a Computer Vision Lead (Paris/Remote)

Macron and Biden to meet in person for first time since Australian submarine crisis

The meeting between Biden and Macron on Friday is their first since last month's announcement of an Australia-UK-US security pact in the Indo-Pacific that resulted in France losing a multi-billion...

Nebraska-based CompanyCam, which offers a photo documentation and communication app for...

CompanyCam, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based photo documentation and communication app for contractors, closed a $30m Series B funding round

TikTok is testing a tipping feature to let select creators accept money outside of Live streams;...

TikTok is testing a new in-app tipping feature on its platform that would allow creators to accept money from fans outside of TikTok LIVE streams, where gifting is already supported. The company...

He mocked a disabled boy in a comedy bit. Was it discrimination? Canada’s Supreme Court will decide

The case touches on the balance between freedom of expression with the right to dignity and protection from discrimination.

You might hate Facebook’s new name, but branding experts (mostly) love it. Here’s why

‘I so wanted to hate this.’ Forget Facebook. Meet Meta.Read Full Story

How to fight our collective work burnout crisis

The new book ‘The End of Burnout: Why Work Drains Us and How To Build Better Lives’ examines what about U.S. work culture is breaking people’s will to keep working. In the next phase of the Great...

Bereft’: How Operation Warp Speed’s decisions left the world waiting for a vaccine

U.S. officials bet on Novavax to provide a shot that could easily be shipped overseas. But its manufacturing problems have left global distributors without enough shots for poor and middle-income...

This battery storage case proves you can, in fact, have a place for everything

We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor necessarily reflects their views. Whether it's loose papers, electronics, or work-related...

Biden, pope to talk virus, climate, poverty at Vatican

The White House press secretary said she expects a “warm and constructive dialogue” between the two leaders.

Jay-Z And Kid Cudi’s ‘Guns Go Bang’ Collaboration Is A Standout On ‘The Harder They Fall’ Soundtrack

Jay-Z co-produced the Western film, which stars Idris Elba, and also helmed the accompanying soundtrack.

What Streaming Service Offers The Best Options This Weekend?

Lots of Halloween spookiness, along with good food from Selena Gomez. Here's where your streaming dollar goes the furthest this weekend.

Kliff Kingsbury: Kyler Murray, A.J. Green Had 'Miscommunication' on Game-Ending INT

The cliche "roller coaster of emotions" was invented for games like Thursday's between the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals. It seemed as if Kyler...

This is a striking example of white supremacy': Rep. Cori Bush scolds energy execs for dealing...

Democratic Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri rebuked energy company executives during a Thursday congressional hearing, claiming that they are peddling fossil fuels that kill millions of people.The...

Leaked photo of Facebook's Meta smartwatch shows camera notch

Meta — that is, the company formerly known as Facebook — may be developing a smartwatch that can take photos and videos. Bloomberg has published an image showing a smartwatch with rounded corners...

One person in custody after incident at LAX; air traffic holding on the ground

One person was taken into custody by Los Angeles International Airport Police Thursday night, but police said there was no active shooter

New poll finds Republican Glen Youngkin taking the lead over Dem Terry McAuliffe in pivotal...

A new poll finds former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe trailing Republican challenger Glen Youngkin among likely voters in the pivotal race for Virginia's governorship. The Fox News poll released...

The sick moon

A couple of creepy/scary/uncanny classical pieces that don't tend to make it to the mainstream classical music halloween lists. The finale from Salome where Salome kisses and and sings to the the...

The Exquisite Meekness Of Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci's long, winding life and career contains moments of incredible vulnerability, upending American mythologies around failure and success. And there is nothing more romantic than the...

Zuckerberg Announces Fantasy World Where Facebook Is Not A Horrible Company

Facebook's new name is "Meta," and its new mission is to invent a 'metaverse' that will make us all forget what it's done to our existing reality.

Behold the beauty of this Bioluminescent Bio-Orb

We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor necessarily reflects their views. If you like the idea of owning houseplants but always struggle...

These Disgusting Food Photos Made Me Lose Faith In God

What did we do to deserve this?

AOC And Other Members Of Congress Called Big Oil’s Climate BS In A Historic Hearing

Democrats questioned big oil executives about their role in spreading misinformation about climate change and their role in hindering climate change legislation.

American torpedoes during WWII

"I still can't believe the U.S. entered a naval war in 1941-42 without working torpedoes, and didn't even realize that they didn't work until 1943." U. S. Torpedo Troubles During World War II, a...

Program to Lend Billions to Aid California’s Supply-Chain Infrastructure

The Transportation Department and the state are teaming up on the program, which aims to prevent a repeat of the supply-chain crisis by bolstering ports and other sources of bottlenecks.

White Supremacists Used Racist Slurs And Cursed In Bizarre Opening Statements For The...

They contrasted greatly with the attorneys for the “Unite the Right” survivors, who carefully laid out for the jury how they plan to prove a conspiracy to commit racially motivated violence.

WATCH LIVE: How social media platforms impact kid and teen mental health

What responsibility are the companies taking to remedy these concerns and what do parents and caregivers need to know about how the use of these platforms may impact young children and teens?

The Liberty Way”: How Liberty University Discourages and Dismisses Students’ Reports of Sexual Assaults

The school founded by evangelist Jerry Falwell ignored reports of rape and threatened to punish accusers for breaking its moral code, say former students. An official who says he was fired for...

What the oil industry still won’t tell us

House Democrats grilled Big Oil executives about decades of disinformation. Here are five unanswered questions. Four executives from Big Oil — “the richest, most powerful industry in human...

Are billionaires best at deciding what to do with money?

Rich guys, unsurprisingly, not into taxes. Lawmakers are again talking about taxing billionaires, and billionaires have some feelings about it — namely, they’d rather not. It looks like they’re...

15 Plus-Size Nordstrom Styles That Are R29-Editor-Approved

We are collectively coming out from under our pandemic-shaped rocks in a big way, planning everything from post-vaccine gatherings to concerts and pool-side Airbnb getaways. If you feel woefully...

How $2 Trillion in Tax Increases in Biden's Bill Target Companies and the Rich

The proposal to fund the president’s sprawling spending plan mostly turns up the dial on more conventional tax policies, while trying to curb maneuvers that allow tax avoidance.

Bubble Beach Spa in Soufriere, Dominica

Dominica is a hotbed of the weird and wonderful things that nature has to offer. One of the most striking examples is this mineral-rich sea that fizzes like a vat of champagne due to volcanic...

Rodents of Unusual Size Take Over Gated Community in Argentina

Rodents of Unusual Size Take Over Gated Community in Argentina  Smithsonian

The Haunted Houses Designed to Scare Spooks

The wooden building looked like something out of a child’s drawing: a squat rectangle topped by a pitched roof, with a darkened window on either side of the central door. It stood at the edge of a...

10000-Year-Old Rare Prairie Land and Rusty Patched Bumblebee Threatened by Airport Construction...

10000-Year-Old Rare Prairie Land and Rusty Patched Bumblebee Threatened by Airport Construction in Illinois  Smithsonian

How to Change the Gender on Your Passport to ‘X’

On Wednesday, the U.S. State Department announced it had issued the first passport with an X gender marker for “non-binary, intersex, and gender non-conforming persons,” a milestone for the rights...

Look Over Here, Kids, It’s the Metaverse

Facebook's vision for the future of computing comes with some shiny new branding.

32 Very Soft Cashmere Sweaters For Every Budget

For seekers of cozy, cashmere is the holy grail of fibers. When fall temperatures drop and the sweaters come out, knitwear connoisseurs among us reach for their secret stash of prized...

Will America Act to Address the Climate Crisis?

President Joe Biden speaks at an event at the Electric City Trolley Museum on October 20, 2021, in Scranton, Pa.

Is Your Kid Ready to Trick-or-Treat Without You?

It’s that time of year again. To help your kids brainstorm, choose, and procure their costumes, alter the sleeves, finagle the belt, get the sword, take approximately one bazillion pictures and...

Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of 2021

Jamaal Bowman on His First Year in Congress

From the Capitol riot to budget negotiations, the first-term New York representative talks 2021. The post Jamaal Bowman on His First Year in Congress appeared first on The Intercept.

Paid Leave Struck Down By People Who Do Combined 4 Hours Of Work Annually

Facebook’s Name Change Goes Meta

Mark Zuckerberg would like you to call his troubled company something else now.

121 Massive Fall Menswear Deals to Shop Right This Instant

Serious savings on Todd Snyder, Nike, Patagonia, and more.

Julian Assange’s Health Is Central to Upcoming Ruling on Extradition to the U.S

In a case that puts press freedoms on trial, a British appeals court is considering the suicide risk should Julian Assange be sent abroad. The post Julian Assange’s Health Is Central to Upcoming...

Love a Good Jump Scare? These 20 Horror Movies Have the Most of Them

Is ‘The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia’ one of the best horror movies ever? Based on the number of jump scares alone, yes.

How Did Cubes of Solid Tungsten Become A Trophy for Cryptocurrency Bros?

The metal blocks, which weigh way more than you expect, have become a tactile, real-life flex for some extremely-online guys.

These Microfiber Sheets Have Over 100,000 Reviews on Amazon

This Amazon deal on Sonoro Kate's ultra-popular microfiber sheets will help make your bed feel even cozier this fall.

I Fell in Love With Motorcycles. But Could I Ever Love Sturgis?

A New Yorker who started riding during the pandemic travels to the heart of biker culture.

An activist investor targets Shell

The plan to break up an oil major

The rapid growth of retail subscription services could be coming to an end

Box-sellers are trying to adapt