Greta Mania’ hits Glasgow as Swedish teen is mobbed upon arrival for COP26 summit

Thunberg says she wasn’t “officially” invited to speak at the climate summit, but she is making her presence known.

The Electric Vehicle Business Isn't Just About Selling Cars -- Here's What Investors are Missing

You might be surprised how your favorite automakers generate revenue.

Roblox’ Still Down After 60 Hours, It’s Reportedly Not A Hack

Good morning, Roblox is still down. In an unprecedented outage, Roblox has now been offline for more than 60 hours, with no indication as to when it might return.

I went to a concert for the first time since the pandemic started as live entertainment makes...

Live entertainment has officially returned since the start of the pandemic, and people are eager to see performers on stage once again.

G20 leaders agree to end public financing for coal-fired power generation abroad; no target for...

G20 leaders agree to end public financing for coal-fired power generation abroad; no target for domestic coal phaseout

Mo Rocca stars in Off-Broadway's "Fairycakes"

Douglas Carter Beane's comic romp mixes the stories and messages of fairytales (such as Cinderella and Pinocchio) with Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream," and features "Sunday Morning"...

Five Recent Korean Indie Films You Can Now Stream Online

Several award-winning Korean indie films released between 2019 and 2021 are now currently streaming.

Americans are depressed. The solution? Throw money at it

As long as millions of people struggle to find work, pay medical bills, and put food on the table, our mental health crisis isn't going anywhere.

G20 leaders agree on climate neutrality 'by or around mid-century' in compromise wording ahead...

G20 leaders agree on climate neutrality 'by or around mid-century' in compromise wording ahead of UN summit

Donald Trump Says His Supporters Will Decide If Glenn Youngkin Wins in Virginia

The former president told Fox News that his base was required for the GOP candidate to win Tuesday's gubernatorial election.

An Open Letter to the Media

We need to talk about your recent coverage of the Democrats’ spending bill.Continue reading on Open Letters To »

Supabase (YC S20) Is Hiring Data Engineers

26 Products To Make Your Home Look Like It's From The Future

Alexa, play "Year 3000" by The Jonas Brothers because that's exactly what a robot vacuum and a hanging cocktail bar will do.

Atlanta's Mental Health Problem

What kind of a society lets a woman live in her own feces on an iconic Atlanta street corner for five months? The post Atlanta’s Mental Health Problem — and Ours appeared first on The Intercept.

Five mayoral races to watch on Tuesday

Voters head to the polls to cast ballots for mayor in key American cities on Tuesday.

Newt Gingrich: Youngkin vs. McAuliffe and a tale of two radical, almost diametrically opposed strategies

There is a distinctly real possibility (I would say a probability) that Glenn Youngkin will become the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

11 Clever Products That Will Make You More Productive

Want to feel more productive? These 11 clever products will help you get stuff done faster and more efficiently.

Help! My Wife Wants to Raise Our Kids to Be Nudists

Are we doing damage to them?

How to Recover Earlier Versions of Files

Want to resurrect that paragraph from a few drafts ago, or dredge up the doc you accidentally deleted? Here are your options.

Neuron Bursts Can Mimic a Famous AI Learning Strategy

A new model of learning centers on blasts of neural activity that act as teaching signals—approximating an algorithm called backpropagation.

How Robinhood Cashes In on the Options Boom

Brokerage firms can profit more from options than from stocks, thanks to surging investor interest and a practice now under scrutiny called payment for order flow.

What Would Happen If You Invested $100 a Week in the Stock Market?

Much more than you might think possible.

Suburb explains how they might blow it..

Under new ownership, 'Ebony' magazine bets on boosting Black business

Ebony magazine is turning 76 years old. With new owners, the legacy publication is rebooting to reach and uplift Black audiences with a focus on financial literacy and building wealth.

Opinion: A timely message from 'The Fly'

"Be afraid," Geena Davis' character said in the 1986 movie, "The Fly."

Gossip Theater

The moral code is chewing gum for gossip. In religious ethics, it must be uprooted, and sometimes even must be fought. It’s always the…Continue reading on Medium »

UK and France to 'work towards rapid de-escalation' of fishing row

The French presidency says Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson, who met on Sunday at the G20, have agreed to work on practical measures to defuse the post-Brexit fishing row, AFP reports.

Biden sends army of aides, Cabinet members to Glasgow climate summit amid major problems at home

The White House said that climate change is an "existential" threat to humanity, and it is putting its money where its mouth is with a show of force in Glasgow, Scotland.

American airlines cancels 1,400+ flights

Biden Faces Tough Tests on G20 Summit’s Final Day

Climate change and Covid vaccines are expected to dominate talks. President Biden met with Turkey’s leader, amid tensions over arms sales. Here’s the latest.

Leave Machu Picchu to the Tourists. Go See Colombia’s Pristine Lost Cities

When you think of epic ancient ruins in South America, what comes to mind? Let me guess: Machu Picchu. You didn’t even need to answer that because I already know that’s what you’re thinking....

New framework bolsters Biden's hand as climate summit begins

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden heads to a United Nations climate conference Monday energized by a new legislative framework that, if enacted, would be the largest action ever taken by the...

When the zombie apocalypse occurs, New York will not be the best place to be [Obvious]

America's 2nd COVID Halloween is looking a lot more normal

The second COVID-era Halloween is upon us, but the festivities look set to be much closer to business as usual across much of America after 2020's disruption.Why it matters: While the holiday is...

It’s Time to Reconsider What Skiers Think Is Cool

No one should have to prove they are good enough at skiing to get an invitation to the conversation The post It’s Time to Reconsider What Skiers Think Is Cool appeared first on Outside Online.

15 People Who Took Their Halloween Game to the Next Level

Trick-or-treating is a Halloween staple that has actually existed since Medieval times with the act of “souling.” But celebrations have come a long way since then! Today, Halloween is the time...

Billionaires back new media firm to combat disinformation

Greta Thunberg: Sometimes you need to anger people, says activist

Greta Thunberg says protesters must ensure no-one is hurt but defends tactics of blocking roads.

Call for world leaders to ‘banish ghosts of past’ with Cop26 climate vows

Conference president, Alok Sharma, says countries must agree on how to tackle crisisAlok Sharma, the president of the Cop26 climate summit, has called on global leaders to “banish ghosts of the...

World Series score: Braves beat Astros in Game 4 with back-to-back homers; Atlanta one win away...

World Series score: Braves beat Astros in Game 4 with back-to-back homers; Atlanta one win away from title  CBS sports.comTrump joins Braves fans in 'tomahawk chop' during World Series Game 4  Fox...

Barbora Sliepkova’s ‘Lines’ Wins at Ji.hlava as Festival Honors Urban Explorations, Creative Crafts

Stories of urban life under pressure dominated the 25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival as the event wrapped Saturday with top honors going to Slovak director Barbora Sliepkova...

La Palma volcano attracts thousands of visitors for holiday weekend

Trips to visit the Canary island over the All Saints' Day holiday weekend have sold out as thousands clamour to see the erupting Cumbre Vieja volcano.

This mother wanted her son to have photos to understand her breast cancer journey

Keyla "Nunny" Reece was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer at age 39. Photographer Angelica Edwards documented the hardships and moments of joy in Reece's experience with cancer.

Man dies after being gored at bull-running festival in Spain

Death of 55-year-old attacked in Onda is first such fatality since events resumed following Covid hiatus

Riders Republic Review: Gameplay Impressions, Features, Videos and More

On paper, Riders Republic from developer Ubisoft Annecy sounds like the perfect experience. That paper has Ubisoft, open-world extraordinaire, tackling extreme sports by letting ...

UK and France seek solution to Brexit fishing row

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron discuss the ongoing tensions in Rome and agree to work together.

The Films We Can’t Wait to Stream from Banff’s Virtual Festival

These five documentaries from the famed mountain film festival feature everything from daring ski descents to an adorable Alaskan Husky The post The Films We Can’t Wait to Stream from Banff’s...

They would help me write, as cats do, by climbing on to the keyboard’: Margaret Atwood on her...

From the tragic disappearance of beloved first pet, Perky, to Blackie the con artist kitten, the writer recalls how cats have long crept into her workI was a cat-deprived young child. I longed for...

Fighting climate change is an economic opportunity for Iraq

The country can generate green industries and sustainable energy to combat threat of drought and desertification

Glenn Youngkin: the private equity multi-millionaire aiming to run Virginia

The Republican former co-chief of Carlyle is in a neck-and-neck race for governor

Lego adds 'Luigi's Mansion' sets to its Super Mario World collection

Now that Luigi is part of Lego Super Mario, the toymaker is ready to show the other heroic plumber a little more respect. Lego has introduced a trio of Luigi's Mansion expansion sets that give its...

What abortion access would look like if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Data: Axios Research; Cartogram: Sara Wise and Oriana Gonzalez/AxiosAbortion would immediately become illegal in at least 12 states if the Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade, and more...

Michael Dell Has Been a Tech CEO for 34 Years. He Has Some Advice For Younger Founders

(To receive weekly emails of conversations with the world’s top CEOs and business decisionmakers, click here.) In today’s youth-centric tech industry, Michael Dell, at 56, is somewhat of an elder...

Dear Care and Feeding: I’m So Worried About My Son’s Plans After High School

Parenting advice on college, coming out, and bad influences.

U.N. envoy to Sudan discusses mediation options with ousted PM after major protests

A senior U.N. official discussed mediation options and possible next steps for Sudan with its ousted prime minister on Sunday, a day after hundreds of thousands of protesters hit the streets to...

43 Problem-Solving Products For Parents Of 4-Year-Olds

TBH, this is my favorite age so far (hello hilarious convos, sassy dance moves and endless energy). But if you're dealing with some common 4-year-old problems, these useful products are here to help.

Lincoln Project co-founder doubles down on 'Unite the Right' stunt at Youngkin rally

Lincoln Project co-founder doubles down on 'Unite the Right' stunt at Youngkin rally  Fox NewsA post-Trump test for Democrats looms in Virginia election  Associated PressVirginia Democrats see...

A Canadian neo-Nazi was sentenced to 9 years in prison for trying to start a civil war in the US

Russia hits new high daily coronavirus cases

Russia has recorded a new daily high number of coronavirus cases as much of the country's businesses remain closed in an effort to counter a weekslong surge in infections. The national...

Biden to tell Erdogan that US and Turkey must avoid crises

ROME (AP) — President Joe Biden plans to tell Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a Sunday morning meeting at the Group of 20 summit that the two nations need to find ways to avoid crises...

American Parents Don’t Get How Much Life Is About to Improve

In 1971, the United States came within a pen stroke of having a functional child-care system. With bipartisan support, Congress passed the Comprehensive Child Development Act—which would have...

Urban Meyer Rumors: Jaguars' Shad Khan 'All In' on HC amid Reports

A 1-5 start and an <a...

Coverage of the climate summit in Scotland

Here’s a look at the COP26 summit occurring in Glasgow.

As Biden Heads to Crucial Climate Talks, Allies Wonder if US Can Deliver

This story was originally published by the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. With no major climate legislation firmly in hand and international allies...

Joe Manchin May Not Have Destroyed the World Yet After All

But now a lot will need to go exactly according to plan, an influential climate model suggests. The post Joe Manchin May Not Have Destroyed the World Yet After All appeared first on The Intercept.

The war on Halloween: Why the right's moral panic over '80s horror movies still matters

A Halloween fable: When the Christian right tried to suppress a slasher movie — and famous film critics helped

The Never-Trump Case for Ron DeSantis

Donald Trump is trying to hang on as the doddering boss of the Republican Party. Earlier this month, he threatened that his supporters may stay home in 2022 and 2024 unless others in the GOP...

Why Many Police Traffic Stops Turn Deadly

Officers, trained to presume danger, have reacted with outsize aggression. For hundreds of unarmed drivers, the consequences have been fatal.

15 Soul-Pleasing Pics That Will Make Your Day Warmer

No matter how busy our days are, sometimes we all need the soul-warming effect that a few delightful pictures can provide. Whether it’s a duckling sunbathing, a puppy feeling really proud of the...

Investors' Inflation Fears Fuel Oil Rally

An oil rally that is showing no signs of slowing down is now exerting a pull on traditional money managers who run portfolios of stocks and bonds, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy in the process.

This is not some crazy idea," the 97-year-old billionaire weirdo insisted, as he moved forward...

Facebook's 'Meta' rebrand means 'dead' in Hebrew, Israelis mock name

Facebook's 'Meta' rebrand means 'dead' in Hebrew, Israelis mock name  The Jerusalem PostHebrew speakers mock Facebook's corporate rebrand to Meta  CNNGravitas | Facebook renamed to Meta: Reform or...

Experts say sourcing chips has turned almost into a lottery amid the global chip shortage, as...

The global semiconductor shortage is worsening, with wait times lengthening, buyers hoarding products and the potential end looking less likely to materialize by next year.

Saudi Arabia foreign minister denies a diplomatic 'crisis' with Lebanon

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister has said that the country sees any engagement with Lebanon as not "productive or useful" at the moment.

G-20 strikes deal to keep temperature target ‘within reach’

Agreement comes as COP26 negotiations begin in Glasgow.

University reneges on invitation to historian Jon Meacham after students hold anti-abortion protest

A talk by historian Jon Meacham was cancelled at Samford University after he appeared at a Planned Parenthood event

Swap Swipe: Tinder for exchanging items with others

“ Hi Hunters, Swapping goods isn't easy because you have to find someone who wants what you have and who has what you want. So instead we use money because it is easier. In the meantime...

Climate politics have shifted, and that gives scientists and activists hope

COP26 in Glasgow is a very different scene than COP1 in Berlin.

MLB's Luis Robert Tricks Out $1 Mil Lambo W/ Glow-In-The-Dark Naruto Wrap

Luis Robert's $1 million lambo now officially matches his flashy game -- 'cause the MLB player just got the ride covered in a Naruto wrap ... and it's awesome!! TMZ Sports has learned ... the...

Saudi Aramco posts 160% rise in third quarter profit, chairman calls for 'stable' energy transition

Aramco reports a 160% surge in third quarter net income to $30.4 billion, free cash flow jumps 131% as the oil giant capitalizes on market recovery.

In such vast ocean of matter and tumult strange"

Christine Riding, "Shipwreck, Self-preservation and the Sublime": Being "a subject that encourages the spectator to imagine 'pain and danger' and 'self-preservation,' 'without being actually in...

Saudi Aramco posts 160% rise in third quarter profit, chairman calls for 'stable' energy transition

Saudi Aramco posts 160% rise in third quarter profit, chairman calls for 'stable' energy transition  CNBCSaudi Aramco Q3 profit soars on higher prices, volumes sold  Al Jazeera EnglishSaudi...

Stars In Skeleton Costumes -- Bad To The Bone!

It's Halloween but these famous faces have no body to celebrate with! This year, be on the prowl for ghosts, ghouls, witches and skeleton stars that are taking to the streets! These bone-chilling...

Read Paul McCartney’s Tribute to Dave Grohl at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

When you think of Foo Fighters, do you think of… Wings? Paul McCartney does. He gave an induction speech Saturday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony in Cleveland comparing his career after...

The Murdaugh Mysteries

Five deaths with a connection to one family. "48 Hours" contributor Nikki Battiste investigates.

SPOOKY Design System: Free Design System for Halloween

“ Hi Hunters 🧛 🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃 We are excited to introduce our new, free, and totally editable Design System for Halloween! - Design Tokens - 17 Web Components, build with Lit and...

Beijing-based Huice, a SaaS provider that helps e-commerce businesses manage orders and more,...

The Series D round followed Huice's Series C round in December 2020, in which GIC led a transaction of almost $100 million in the firm.

Foo Fighters Celebrate Unity, Longevity in Rock Hall Speeches: ‘We Stick Together Like a Family’

"I didn't prepare any sort of speech because I figured I'd make it short because the last 25 years has been me, just like, 'Blah, blah, blah … rock & roll … blah, blah, blah,' " Dave Grohl joked

Foo Fighters Jam With Paul McCartney, Blaze Through ‘Everlong’ at Rock Hall Induction

2021 inductees join the Beatle on a show-closing "Get Back" and decimate Cleveland's Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse with Foo hits like "Best of You" and "My Hero"

Yes, emojis are appropriate for work. Keep these research-backed tips in mind when using them

A survey of over 1,000 U.S. employees reveals the latest etiquette and which emoji you should never use. Not all modes of communication are responded to equally in a professional environment. To...

The Black Horror-Movie Canon Is So Much More Than ‘Get Out’

William Crain recalls being surprised by the amount of autonomy he enjoyed while working on the beloved Blaxploitation film Blacula—but he still faced plenty of frustrating arguments along the...

Write and read music in no time with this master class bundle

We thank our sponsor for making this content possible; it is not written by the editorial staff nor does it necessarily reflect its views. There's nothing quite as useful as being able to read...

Homeless veterans prepare for move onto VA grounds in West Los Angeles

The encampment, adjacent to the historic Veterans Affairs campus in West Los Angeles, has become a focal point for homelessness in the city, with mayoral candidates making visits regularly over...

Colin Kaepernick equates being an NFL player to slavery in Netflix special, gets obliterated...

Colin Kaepernick has a new special on Netflix, where he equates being an NFL player to slavery. The internet unmercifully ridiculed the comparison. "Colin in Black and White" is a six-part...

Texas officials tried to mow an unkempt lawn; Austin man shot at them, engaged in hours-long...

What started as Austin city workers attempting to trim a Texas man's unkempt lawn resulted in the homeowner shooting at landscapers, a house fire, and a standoff with police that ended with a...

Clown shows, Satan, and of course masks fuel this woman's list of concerns in a School Board...

Taking the school board rant to an all-new level this woman raved about cannibalism, clown shows, refuted the effectiveness of masks, and of course, invoked Satan. SATAN!!!!!!! Woman at Traverse...

Two men killed in separate shootings in Los Angeles

Two men were killed in separate shootings in Los Angeles overnight.

The criminal complaint against Andrew Cuomo, briefly explained

The former New York governor was charged with forcible touching, a misdemeanor. More than two months after his abrupt fall from power, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now facing a criminal...

Democrats hope for House budget votes as soon as Tuesday

Talks among White House, House and Senate officials were being held over the weekend, said the Democrats, who described the plans on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak...

Juno probe provides the first 3D view of Jupiter's atmosphere

NASA's Juno probe has provided a better, deeper look at Jupiter's atmosphere. Researchers have produced the first 3D view of Jupiter's atmospheric layers, illustrating how its turbulent clouds and...

Alec Baldwin Opened Up About The Shooting Of Halyna Hutchins, Saying, ‘She Was My Friend’

'She was my friend,' the actor said about the cinematographer accidentally killed on the set of the Western 'Rust.'

Steven Donziger now in federal prison for his work against Chevron

After already serving 2 years house-arrest for a misdemeanor contempt of court charge, Donziger will now serve 6 months in prison. The charge stems from his refusal to hand over his cell phone and...

Critical infrastructure is vulnerable to flooding from climate change--why it's not just coastal...

When we think about flooding, it's usually in coastal towns and cities, or places right next to large rivers. Taking into account rising sea levels and severe weather events, a non-profit research...

Biden Rolls Back Trump's Metal Tariffs On European Union

The deal, which comes as U.S. and E.U. allies meet in Rome, will keep some trade protections in place in a nod to metalworking unions that supported President Biden.

Listen to Device Orchestra cover the Ghostbusters theme using electric toothbrushes and a steam iron

An inspired musician can use pretty much anything as an instrument, but this just-in-time for Halloween cover of the Ghostbusters theme song goes in an unexpected direction. Device Orchestra is...

Next Avenue: Should you move in your 50s or 60s? How to choose where to live in retirement

The author of 'Right Place Right Time' has some smart ideas to help you answer two critical questions about where to live in the second half of life.

Brett Arends's ROI: Want to beat pension fund experts? Think like an idiot

If you had ignored the experts who told you to avoid seven major sectors, you would be outperforming them by a lot

University of Florida Bars Professors From Testifying Against Ron DeSantis’ Voting Law

In June, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new law requiring state universities to conduct a survey of “viewpoint diversity” and “intellectual freedom” on their campuses. It was an effort, he...

The Coming Age of Climate Trauma

Three years after a devastating wildfire, a California community faces another crisis: PTSD. Is what’s happening there a warning to the rest of us?

These Photos Of Halloween In 1970s Brooklyn Are A Spooky Treat

Larry Racioppo photographed Halloween in Brooklyn for years, capturing classic costumes from Star Wars characters to the bride of Frankenstein.

How to Quiet Creaky Floors in an Older House

Living in an older house is, for many reasons, an experience. From architectural details you don’t see anymore, to layers of paint and wallpaper, to custom built-ins, there are features hidden...

U.S. and EU Near Trade Deal to Remove Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

The move toward getting rid of the metals tariffs marks a significant rapprochement between the allies

3 People Were Killed And 1 Was Injured After An Amtrak Train Ran Into A Car

No one on the train was injured, officials said.

Trump Wants Call Logs, Aide’s Notes Hidden From Jan. 6 Panel

Trump has sued to prevent the National Archives from transmitting those documents, and thousands more, to the House committee investigating the attack.

Speed Of Texas Abortion Cases Has Few High Court Precedents

The Texas law bans abortion once cardiac activity is detected in the fetus, usually around six weeks and before some women even know they are pregnant.

Spending Bill Marks Largest U.S. Climate Investment, 'But the Job Is Not Done'

Smoke covers a landscape where hundreds of thousands of trees have been stressed or killed by years of drought and beetles as the Windy Fire continues to grow on September 26, 2021 south of...

The Nikon Z9’s new sensor could be the start of a big shift in photography

Nikon recently announced its new flagship camera, the Z9. This camera represents Nikon’s first mirrorless camera fully geared towards professional photographers and hybrid shooters, with a huge...

How to Spot Monarch Butterflies on Their Annual Migration

Like some humans that live in the northern parts of the United States (or any part of Canada), monarch butterflies like to head south each winter. And who can blame them? Living here during the...

Roblox' Has Been Down For More Than A Day And It's Not Because Of Chipotle

Roblox is having some server issues.

Kat Norton's Spiritual Journey To Becoming A Microsoft Excel Influencer

Kat Norton is dancing her way to internet fame—but not in the way you're probably thinking.

Money Talks: The couple who used lessons from 2008 to navigate 2020

Bennie and Krystal Covington have found themselves in a far different place financially than the crash that defined their earlier lives together. Welcome to Money Talks, a series in which we...

A Frothy Mucus Nest Protects Frog Eggs from Drought

Mucus nest and sandpaper frog.

Keanu Reeves Surprised His John Wick Stuntmen with Rolex Submariners

Also this week, Drake got a very special Richard Mille for his birthday.

How Should Billionaires Be Taxed?

A proposed ‘billionaire tax’ appears to have been shelved, but questions about how to best tax extreme wealth remain.

This Weekend's Best Amazon Deals Include the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Yours Cruelly, Elvira:...

How emotional intelligence can help find a career that really works for us

These attributes can make all the difference when trying to find work that feels meaningful. It’s clear from the Great Resignation that is happening across industries that a lot of people are...

Grocery Store Snacks You Need To Pick Up On Your Next Market Run

Pick up these new (and new to us) snacks on your next market run.

Lincoln Project Posed as Charlottesville White Supremacists at GOP Event

The Lincoln Project acknowledged they were behind the stunt after VICE News identified one of the people in the photo as a Democratic operative.

This Halloween's Scariest Horror Movie Is a YouTube Series By a Wisconsin 18 Year-Old

Let The Mandela Catalogue show you how pandemic-inspired horror should be done.

The TikTok Famous Binder Alternative From Girlfriend Collective Actually Works

TikTok has become an online destination for all the need-to-know fashion tips, tricks, and hacks you weren’t expecting. Depending on your For You page, you may already know about the now-famous...

Wolves, Bats, and Parthenogenesis In This Week's Earth Optimism

Wolves, Bats, and Parthenogenesis In This Week's Earth Optimism  Smithsonian

How Breast Cancer Research and Treatment Has Evolved

"We understand much more what's happening at a molecular level" than we did 15 to 20 years ago.

All The Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In October

At least once a week, the writers and editors on Refinery29's Life team get into a long Slack conversation about some cool new item that's been absolutely saving or changing or elevating our...

The CDC Adds Mental Health Conditions to High-Risk Covid-19 List

The CDC Adds Mental Health Conditions to High-Risk Covid-19 List  Smithsonian

The Famous Fight Over the Turn-of-the-Century Trend of Spirit Photography

In 1923 and 1924, Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini both toured the United States. They both sold out theaters, often in the same city within days of one another, and neither of them was...

Wayside Country Store in Marlborough, Massachusetts

General stores for many people invoke a sense of nostalgia and thoughts of simpler times. Indeed there is an appeal to a location that has served the community for many generations and still...

Popular Halloween Treats People Used To Give Out Before Candy

What, you think Celtics used to hand out processed sweets 2,000 years ago during the festival of Samhain? Here are popular Halloween treats people used to give out before candy.Read more...

Rare ‘Penis Plant’ Blooms For First Time In 25 Years

A two-meter tall Amorphophallus decus-silvae, or “penis plant,” which reeks of decomposing flesh and looks vaguely phallic, recently flowered at the Leiden Hortus Botanicus in the Netherlands, the...


American history begs the question: Can immigrants possibly inherit the mythology of the U.S.?

Why Is It Called the Placebo Effect?

What is a placebo? Technically, a Latin phrase meaning ‘I will please.’ It’s also a Catholic prayer and a clever insult.

Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase And The Bengals Are Ahead Of Schedule

Zac Taylor was a young, lightly qualified Sean McVay acolyte entering this season on the hottest of hot seats. Quarterback Joe Burrow was an exciting prospect with a lot of question marks and an...

Can You Survive Squid Game Riddler?

Welcome to The Riddler. Every week, I offer up problems related to the things we hold dear around here: math, logic and probability. Two puzzles are presented each week: the Riddler Express for...

An activist investor targets Shell

The plan to break up an oil major

The rapid growth of retail subscription services could be coming to an end

Box-sellers are trying to adapt