What’s in her Phone? - IR/Cuckold Avenue - Medium

Damien Dsoul 9-11 minutes 8/18/2021

There was the sound of plodding feet and the unmistakable smell of perfume that drew me awake. I knew instantly that Gale, my fiancée, was getting ready to leave for work. I was recuperating from a fever that had stayed with me through the weekend. Though I had begun feeling better by Sunday, Gale had talked me into informing my office that I won’t be able to make it on Monday. She preferred that I get plenty of rest rather than burn out at work; she always knows what’s best.

My eyes opened to the sight of Gale fussing with her hair while she admired herself in the mirror. She looked gorgeous in her blue suit. I could watch her dress and undress all day while imagining that I was about to stick it to her. She loved it when we got to fuck with our clothes on; to her, it was sexier than getting naked in bed.

I shut my eyes and tried to fall back asleep. She came over and kissed my cheek before leaving.

Two hours later, I got up and decided to get myself breakfast before I starved in bed. I was feeling better health-wise compared to yesterday; my fever was practically gone. It wasn’t too late for me to shower and head out to work, but figuring since I’d already gotten a day off, why chance it. My boss might assume I was faking it if I reported at work, and next time probably won’t hear my plea.

I went and emptied my balls in the toilet before leaving the room.

Gale had forgotten her cell phone in the kitchen. It won’t be the first time she had done such. For someone who was such an organisational freak when it comes to overlooking the apartment we shared, it was baffling that she could be so clumsy when it comes to forgetting important stuff like her phone. The last time such happened was at a nightclub, and it was a good thing we were out in the parking lot when she realised it wasn’t with her.

Oh well, at least she left it on the counter and not in the sink, I chuckled as I picked her phone and began flipping through her photo files.

There were plenty of snapshots of us together, as there were many of her alone. I was familiar with most of the photos; the memory of when they were taken reoccured in my mind as I smiled while flipping through each one.

Gale had several folders in her picture gallery, some of which she had named. I saw there was one in particular that didn’t have a name; it was passworded. At first, I thought nothing about it and dropped her phone on the kitchen counter while I set about looking for what to eat. I heated some water in the kettle to make myself some coffee and then grabbed a bowl out of a cabinet to make myself some cereal.

I settled down at the kitchen table and took turns sipping my coffee while eating my cereal. It didn’t take long for the apartment to seem forebodingly quiet for me. I needed some form of noise, anything to distract my loneliness. This was one of those days that I wish Gale was home with me. My phone was in the bedroom, and I was reluctant to head over there and get it. My eyes went to Gale’s phone, and I thought, why not. She was probably close to her office building already and won’t figure she had forgotten her phone for another half-hour. No worries, I’ll look after it until she returns home.

I brought her phone over and searched through her Spotify account for something soothing to listen to. Gale was a jazz enthusiast and enjoyed a variety of players, from Coltrane to Brubeck. I settled for some Joshua Redman while I lounged in my chair and sipped my coffee. I was contemplating what activity I would start the day with when my thoughts returned to the passworded folder in her phone. Why on earth would she need to password a picture folder if it weren’t important to want anybody looking inside it, anybody such as myself? We have always been open to each other. Gale knew she could entrust me with whatever secret she harboured, and I’ll never judge her regardless of how ridiculous it might seem.

Could this be a new side to her? Some hidden aspect of her life that I knew nothing about?

I assumed it had to do with her work. That seemed fine enough . . . but still, why the password? And if she did, whatever would she use for a password?

I went into her photos folder and started thinking of whatever four digits she could have used for a password. My first attempt was a bust. I thought hard on the second, not wanting to make a mistake this time around, and wouldn’t you know it; I got it right! I successfully unlocked her passworded folder.

No way was I prepared for the stuff I found inside. I’ve never had the wind knocked out of me like I was when I viewed the countless photos and short videos that I unlocked, the majority of them having to do with sex. Not sex with me, but rather sex with other men!

Black men, for that matter!

I had to stop the music playing and then made myself a fresh cup of coffee before sitting back to scroll through the collection.

Apparently, she had been keeping this collection for months now; the earliest photo went back to last year. They showed Gale taking nude selfies of herself. Sure, I have seen several of them as she had sent them to me before, but there were plenty that I hadn’t seen. Those showed her playing with numerous sex toys, including a black dildo. Black dildo? I never knew she had one of those. I would have remembered it unless she had done a great job hiding it somewhere in the apartment where I wouldn’t look, the same way she had done with this folder.

I perused her nude photos until it felt like my eyes were starting to hurt, then I scrolled along to the exotic ones. The ones that showed her frolicking with other men. I had no idea where she must have taken those; none of the setting resembled our apartment. Whoever the men were, I wondered if they had any idea that she was engaged to me. Did she ever bring that subject up with them? Somehow I doubt that. I didn’t want to feel mad, but I could barely contain the rage of emotions building in my head as I flipped through photos of Gale kissing and making love to the variety of men in her collection. The look on her face let me know she was having a fun time doing it. There were even photos of her with several men at once — getting gangbanged!


I felt a deepening knot in my gut, down to my groin. I felt myself growing red in my cheeks. It was tempting for me to keep viewing the photos, and yet I couldn’t make myself stop.

I hurried on through the photos, saving the videos for last.

Those were the ones that did it for me. I watched the numerous clips of Gale getting fucked by different men. However, there was one man especially, whom she seemed to enjoy most as there were several videos of them having sex compared to others. He was black, had a chiselled body, and his cock and balls looked impressively massive. I replayed a video that Gale filmed with her camera that showed her sucking the man’s cock. My jaw came unhinged, and I caught myself uttering a gasp as I watched her choke down on his girth.

My God, how is she able to achieve that?

My hand grabbed at my crotch as I felt myself growing hard. That was another surprising shock to me: seeing myself getting aroused by the actions my fiancée was out there doing with another man. Gale and I have had our share of crazy sex, but never had she sucked my cock with such passion, the way she was doing to this muscled fellow. She sucked the man’s cock like she wanted to wrench it off his body.

Who the fuck was he, and how come I never realised this entire time that my fiancée was living a double life?

I watched the clip to the end before continuing with other videos that showed her getting fucked by the man’s huge cock. He wasn’t merely fucking her; he was pounding her like he wanted to rip her in half!

My hand slid into my shorts, and I was rubbing and stroking my cock while I watched and re-watched the videos. It felt like I couldn’t get enough of seeing Gale suffer the sexual punishment the man gave her in the videos. I increased the volume so I could hear her wild moans and cries. A couple of times, she screamed aloud while pleading at him to fuck her, to go ahead and fuck her harder. The man did fuck her harder; he was unrelenting the way he did. The good thing was that he never climaxed inside her. I felt grateful that he didn’t.

“Hi, honey.”

I was immediately startled and nearly dropped the phone from my hand when I looked up and saw Gale standing at the kitchen doorway staring at me. I felt a wet stickiness running down my legs and was further stunned to see my erect penis sticking out of my shorts, dripping semen upon my thighs.

Gale hadn’t moved from the doorway. Her eyes were burning holes in me as she observed what I was doing. I almost expected her to appear upset at what I had discovered, but instead, she was smiling.

“Hey, hon,” I blurted while my mind quickly tried to think up an answer to me being caught. “I didn’t . . . I thought you’d be at work?”