Girlie Girl Meets Girlie Girl -

Christine's Adventures 10-12 minutes 11/21/2021

A taste of heaven with a little dose of loveliness.

Christine's Adventures

I was surprised when this very pretty 21-year-old swiped right on the profile I had put on Tinder where I identified my sexuality as Lesbian.

I was kinda bored with it really because I had gone on three coffee dates that didn’t pan out. This was my fourth match, and this time we agreed to meet at a bar.

Good, she’s a fun time gal, like me. We had some fun text conversations and I even sent her a couple of risqué shots of myself to which she reciprocated with some of her own.

I was very horny for her, so I spent about an hour getting ready that night trying to make myself irresistible.

She was femme, like myself. She was exceptionally pretty. I could try to describe her in words, but how passé is that? It’s so much easier for you to just look at her in her Tinder photo, and then look at my profile photo and imagine us together. I know, who doesn’t love a good girl on girl story? Yes, two horny women with a date to meet one another. Feeling very excited between our legs.

In the past I hadn’t had much luck with femme girls — they seemed to be attracted to more masculine types. I have a masculine side, but I also have long fingernails and I like high heels and short skirts. I like to look irresistible! And smell irresistible too.

Anyhow, I made some excuse to my boyfriend at the time and I put on some of the most expensive perfume I had and I took an Uber to this bar in Silver Lake.

Going out like this, I always feel like I’m leaving half of me behind — the straight half. And I’m going into this other place, which is just for girls. And I always feel like I have to be brave or something, to make this journey across the ocean of straightness to explore this other side of me. Because some people might tell me I was wrong to do it. But I wanted to do it. And I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me.

As I walked down the sidewalk toward the bar, I felt like I was setting foot once again on the island where Sappho lived, and where she wrote of the joys of women together intimately — without men. I felt nervous but also somewhat enchanted as I opened the door of the little dive bar in this mini-mall.

She looked so sexy. She had on one of those sheer mesh tops with a black bra underneath that I could see all of. Upon joining her at the bar I felt a tingling between my legs. Was this it? Was I going to finally get lucky with a girl on Tinder?

I tried to behave myself and not say anything outrageous to alienate her — and as a result, I thought I was coming off as boring. But all of a sudden she took my hand and looked me deep in the eyes.

“You’re so sexy,” she said. “I’m really feelin’ it.”

I gulped.

OMG. This hottie was into me!

“I’m not too much of a girlie-girl?” I said, blushing.

“No, you’re just right,” she said. And she moved in for a kiss.

Kissing her I felt the walls of the bar melting around me. It was like swerving down a sexy slide into a safe sexy place with her. Our tongues met and our hands clenched each other. We whispered some things to each other.

“I feel very lucky to be alive right now,” I whispered to her, with my face close to hers, stroking her long straight hair, and inhaling the scent of her perfume, which was musky and a nice contrast to my own citrusy scent.

“Me too,” she whispered.

Soon we were in an Uber going back to her place.

As we made out on her couch, it was like a fairytale dimension opened up in her little apartment on the top of a hill in Silver Lake. I could suddenly hear the birds chirping outside. I imagined a bunch of squirrels looking up at the apartment window, and maybe some fairies and other magical beings smiling bashfully as news spread around the magic kingdom that we lived in.

That’s the way she made me feel, like a magical queen. Who was hooking up with a young noblewoman from the court.

I undid that mesh top and took her bra off as I was kissing her neck. Her breasts were so round and delicious. I started sucking them crazily. Then she pulled her skirt and panties off and lay back on the couch while I kissed my way up her legs and found her pussy.

“Oh my god!” I said as I put my mouth on her clit. “I masturbated imagining doing this.”

“Me too,” she said. “I masturbated all week fantasizing about exactly this.”

I smiled. The reality was turning out to be so much hotter than my wild fantasizing. Now that my face was in her wetness, and I was inhaling the delicious scent of her, and exploring her folds with my fingers as I licked, I was dripping with arousal myself. My left hand went down and pleasured myself as my right worked on her. And as I brought her to her first climax, I came with her, and I heard my voice cracking — I was practically crying at the tenderness of it. We were two strangers until tonight, now sharing this most intimate of pleasures, cumming together. And her moaning so sweetly, “I’m cumming, oh, oh, oh you’re making me cum!”

I suddenly felt the strongest urge to lick her sweet little butthole.

She was shy about it and told me no.

But I assured her it was fine.

And she consented.

I turned her over onto her stomach on the couch and began very lovingly to spread apart her ass cheeks and praise her on the beauty of her bottom, and the gorgeousness of the little hole.

Then my tongue went onto the edge of the hole. And I tasted the earthy center. Sweet it was. My tongue licked and made her cry out in passion. Then I asked her if she wanted a finger in there. She moaned yes. I put in a finger, and soon two. She touched herself and brought herself to the second climax as I finger-fucked her darling ass.

Again I was pleasuring myself with my left hand, and managed to join her in the sweetest, most intense shared orgasm.

Now I was beside myself with desire for her. I embraced her and kissed her deeply, which of course she was shy about again, as my mouth must have carried her taste. But soon she got over that and kissed me back with the same abandon that I kissed her with. And we filled the room with little declarations of our disbelief at our good fortune: “I’ve never felt…” and “You are so…” and “I can’t believe…” and so on.

“I’m so crazy about you,” I told her sincerely, as she finally went down on me.

She was skilled. I was not her first. She knew how to flick my clit just right. And then — surprise — from somewhere she produced a little vibrator and started fucking my ass with it.

“You naughty girl,” I teased her.

“You’re the naughty one,” she said. “Sending me those sexy texts and flirting with me, trying to drive me crazy with desire.”

I blushed.

It was true. “Did it work?”

“What do you think,” she said. “You’re here, aren’t you? And I’m down here, with my face where you wanted it. Isn’t this where you wanted it?”

“Your face is perfect wherever it is,” I moaned, as she brought me to orgasm, fucking me all the way with the vibrator.

I’m not going to describe any more of it. It’s too private. I can’t betray our intimate moments, for instance, the sixty-nine that followed, when we magically managed to lick each other to orgasm at the same instant. When for a second I really wasn’t sure whose tongue was whose and whose pussy belonged to who, and whose clit was throbbing. I got lost in that tight embrace, with our heads between each other’s legs.

Well, alright, I’ll tell you one thing. And I hope it doesn’t make you climax before you get to the end of the story. As you imagine us together. Anyhow, at one point I looked at her pretty face and I just had to do it.

I had to sit on her pretty face.

“I want to fuck your mouth,” I said. “Lie down.”

So naked I got on top of her face and I pressed my pussy down into her sweet lips. I remember how my teeth were almost chattering because it felt so good to fuck her pretty face like this. I pushed down hard on those lips, and felt her tongue with each time I pressed.

“Oh yeah pretty baby,” I said. “You’re the prettiest face I’ve ever fucked. Yes, yes, pretty baby! Lick my cunt! Lick it good!”

And guess what she did afterward?

“My turn,” she said, and I lay down on her bed.

She fucked my mouth good. I grabbed her sweet ass and tried to pull it closer and closer to me. I wanted to swallow her whole. All of her, I wanted to gobble her up.

“Mmm,” she said, after a big orgasm and she collapsed next to me.

I’m not telling you any more, what we did as we caressed and loved on one another after. I’m certainly not going to tell you about the tears I shed either, while we held and stroked each other, and I confessed I’d never been so aroused and that she had taken me higher than I’d ever been. And she told me to shush and she dried my tears and told me not to be so serious.

It should have been a warning.

I know.

So obvious now.

The one you fall for the hardest will obviously be the one who hurts you the deepest.

After three encounters with her, she confessed that she had a boyfriend and had just gotten engaged. She was going to have to end it with me. I’ll never forget that night she told me her boyfriend didn’t want her seeing me any more. He was jealous and possessive.

“Your boyfriend? Don’t be ridiculous. If he wants, let him join us for a menage. Men love to watch their women have sex with other women.”

“It’s not the sex that bothers him,” she said. “It’s the other that’s…getting in the way.”

I looked at her. It hit me then. She was starting to have real feelings for me. How stupid of that to be a problem.

I won’t describe our last time together, my desperate attempt to make such love to her that I could keep her. How I sucked her pussy for more than an hour and made her cum thirty times. A hundred times would not have been enough. She was resolved. She wanted to “make it work” with Tray, or whatever that jerk’s name was.

I cried for a week and thought I was going to die from sorrow. It was so unfair.

But life isn’t fair.

No regrets. I would do it again and again and every time. Because I tasted the heavens with that little dose of loveliness.

It seems to me like a fairytale I made up in my mind, now. A fairytale that smelled like sweet pussy.